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My Heart

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My heart

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Published: 2006-09-09 - Updated: 2006-09-10 - 190 words - Complete

The knife you stabbed
Through my heart
Has brought me back
Straight to the start

Every so often
You'll give it a twist
And that is how
I wound up like this

I hope that I
Made you realize
That every night
It's me that cries

And if you think
That it won't hurt
The fact that you
Treat me like dirt

Single me out
And make me speak
And tell you the things
That you can't see

The things that lie
In the depths of my soul
Eating me until I'm
No longer whole

The things I wish
That you would know
The things that I
Just can't show

For if I did
Than you would laugh
But you'd finally
Know at last

Please listen to me
Please hear me out
Don't make me scream
Don't make me shout

Do what you want
Believe this is true
If that's what you feel
Is the right thing to do

I put my heart
In your hands
For you to hold
Or you to stab

Decide on your own
Without help from me
I already know
My soul won't be free

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