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Chapter 1

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When the supernatural begins wreaking havoc in New York, the Avengers find themselves at a loss of what exactly they’re up against. Saved by 2 brothers with guns and a knife, the Avengers open th...

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Sam and Dean both winced at the earsplitting shriek the 125 year old spirit unleashed as it was consumed by flames. It's end moments spent futilely reaching out towards the burning locket containing the last of it's remains. Despite having witnessed the death of countless spirits, Dean and Sam still found the burning sight of deceased Edward Brahams, terrified and howling in pain, tragic. In those moments it didn't matter that he had caused terror and mayhem to a family with young children. When Edward was finally gone, Dean stubbed out the glowing embers of the charred locket with the toe of his boot. The brothers took a moment to collect themselves and wait for Edward's screams to stop echoing in their ears. Dean was the first to break the silence.

"Well, that was friggin' horrible."

Sam tiredly rubbed a hand over his face and took a deep breath, "Yeah."

Bending down to retrieve the iron rod he had dropped during his fight with Edward, Dean continued, "I don't know, man, shouldn't we be desensitized or some shit to burning monsters by now?"

Sam frowned as he gathered the salt and lighter and began packing their gear away, "Edward wasn't really a monster. He was a little kid whose asshole parents abused him. Anybody could have become the same if they had been brutally beaten to death by their own family at just 10 years old."

Sensing Sam was about to embark on a psychological spiel and wanting to nip it in the bud, Dean hurried towards the stairs that would lead them out of the basement, "Whatever. Let's just go tell the MacAllen's their house is clean so we can get out of here. I'm starving and wanna grab some greasy pizza before we leave the city. Maybe they know a place in our price range."

Sam shook his head at Dean's stunted response to the discussion of anything remotely chick and followed him out.

This latest hunt had brought the brothers to New York. A family living in a Manhattan brownstone had reached out to the brothers, having been referred to them by the Ghostfacers. Turns out Ed and Harry retired after the debacle with Slenderman and had, surprisingly, recommended the Winchesters to deal with the haunting. When Sam had called Ed to confirm the case, he confessed that he and Harry were mild-mannered now; he was the branch manager of his local Kinkos and Harry was working with his father-in-law. They kept the website up in case anyone needed help. Sam nodded in agreement to Dean's commentary of how non-douchey that was of them.

Dean's grumbling began almost immediately after they left the MacAllen's and turned onto the sidewalk, "I don't like leaving Baby behind." He looked over his shoulder at his beloved Impala sitting in the family's open garage, "All alone in a new city while I'm blocks away. Anybody could snatch her." He scanned the upscale residential area with a squinted eye, clearly expecting Baby Snatchers to be lurking behind the trash cans just waiting for the opportune moment.

"Dude, nobody wants your gas-guzzling piece of -" Dean glared, affronted "- fine craftsmanship." Sam huffed out a finish. "Seriously, it'll be fine. It was actually really great that they let us leave it there. Street parking would've been a nightmare. And hey - free pizza! You love free pizza" he coaxed. " love free anything."

Dean scoffed, "Oh yeah, what a deal - 'save our lives and we'll give you pizza money'." Dean stopped, rethinking his words, "Actually, that is awesome. We should start charging in food - free pizza!" His eyes grew large when he was struck with brilliance, "Goddamn free pie! What a wasted opportunity! Aren't you supposed to be all educated or lawyer-y, Sam? Where the hell were you on that?"

Sam rolled his eyes and shoved at him to continue moving, "Just keep walking, food whore."


"If you weren't long, you'd still be a pig."


"Cause we're long-pigs, get it? If you weren't a person, you'd be a pig."




Flying above the fight, Tony could see one of Dr. Doom's science fair rejects approaching Steve. Tony called out "Cap, on your 6!" through the comm and then launched a mini-rocket at a bot trying to grab Natasha's right leg.

"Thanks Ironman", Steve returned as he ripped the head clean off the tottering robot that had been behind him.

Looking around Union Square Park at the scene, Steve was happy to note there were only 5 bots left to take out - 4 were being taken care of by the rest of the team and one was on the ground about 20 meters to his right, slowly, but surely, making it's way towards him.

When the alarm to assemble had gone off 30 minutes prior and Coulson informed them Dr. Doom had made yet another appearance in the city, Steve and the rest of the team were mostly just annoyed. Luckily no civilians had been injured. The most severe casualties were a few yellow cabs dented in the scuffle. At this point, Dr. Doom was a D-list villain at best and Steve was admittedly a little grumpy that his Bob Ross had been interrupted for this ruckus.

Coulson had correctly described Doom's robotic entourage as "underwhelming", but Doom himself clearly didn't agree as he continued to brag they were indestructible while they were being destroyed. It made for strange and pitiful commentary. His robots walked like they were all suffering from inner ear infections and only about 1/3 of their hits actually landed within the vicinity of any avenger. The rest of their shots accidentally hit fellow bots or, on several occasions, their creator.

There was a cheer through the comms from Clint as he took out his last bot, "Fucking finally. We can go back to watching Dog Cops." Steve watched as Bucky and Clint high-fived over their love of their favourite show and turned to him and simultaneously let out out a sarcastic "Language!"

Don't get him wrong, Steve loves that Bucky has become so close with the rest of the team so quickly, but he kind of wishes that the bonding medium hadn't been embarrassing Steve stories. Trading mortifying events from Steve's rather eventful life had yet to get old with the rest of the team, especially when they found Bucky to be a veritable goldmine.

A noise at his feet caught his attention. Remaining Robot #5 had finally reached him. Using his shield he decapitated the last of Dr. Doom's minions - a legless bot that had been slowly dragging it's torso towards Steve for the past few minutes. Where it's legs were, Steve had no idea. At this point of Dr. Doom's obvious decline, he wouldn't be surprised if the mad scientist had just plain forgotten to give his creation legs. Attaching his shield to his back, Steve made his way to the rest of his team.

Tony landed in front of Dr. Doom, who was looking around at the mess the avengers had made of his 'indestructible' robots (his babies!), and addressed him,

"Doom, man-"

"Doctor", Clint mockingly interjected.

"-are you alright?" he flipped his faceplate up and picked up a crushed robot cranium. Doom let out a soft little sound of grief at the action. "Because I gotta say, these are not your best work." He wagged the mangled head for emphasis and an eyeball fell off. "And that is saying something, considering your best work is still worse than something my bot could cook up. And his name is literally Dummy."

Clint took over, "Have you ever thought of a more productive career in a different field?"

"I hear McDonald's is hiring." Bruce suggested as he approached the group, wearing nothing but stretchy purple shorts.

Dr. Doom let out indecipherable noise of rage and made to attack them all, but Natasha threw three widow bites at him and he went down like a tranq'd rhino. Bucky snorted and muttered something in Russian at her and she smirked.

Tony gave one clap of his hands and addressed the group, "I propose leaving the metallic moron and his metal minions here for Shield to stumble upon while we go eat. All in favour of pizza?"

Both of Clint's arms shot into the air in favour, coming down only long enough to yank Bucky's metal arm up alongside his. Steve opened his mouth to intercede, but Tony cut him off, "Cap, you lost your vote when you used a bad-language word two days ago. Remember that? Something along the lines of the Red Sox going to Hell. So crude. So vulgar. You have a problem and forcing you to eat pizza and avoid a Shield debriefing is the only way I know how to get through to you." At this he put his hand on Steve's shoulder and in earnest stated, "My name is Tony and this is an intervention so prepare to be intervened."

Steve still looked like he was going to object so Natasha uttered something in Russian. In response, Bucky looked at Steve and laid it on thick with his best brooklyn accent,

"Come on, Stevie. We can go to that joint in Brooklyn we used to go to when we were kids. Two blocks down from Mrs. Carol's place. Remember we went on a double date with Stacey and that redhead? Talk about gams for days." Steve rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what his bestfriend was doing.

"You're a jerk and that accent is shit."

Bucky smirked at him while Tony gasped in the background and grabbed his chest, 'Steven! I never!'.

"And you're a punk. Pizza?"

Steve swung his arm around Bucky's shoulder and started walking, "That place is closed now, my date's name wasn't Stacey, it was Susan, and you should remember the redhead's name, Buck - she was your date."

Bucky shrugged, "As far as my memory is concerned, she was literally a pair of gorgeous legs growing out of a head of beautiful red hair with lips like octopus suckers."

Bucky's hair flew forward as Steve knocked him upside the back of his head. "Real classy, James. Imagine if Patty's grandchildren could hear you (your date's name, by the way)."

Bucky ducked Steve's hand again as he cackled, "Think any of her granddaughters inherited her deep-sea mouth?"


The group made their way towards where Happy was parked in an SUV. Tony had called him as soon as he had taken out his last doom bot and was hankering for pizza. Happy had just hopped out to greet them when the screams began.

Steve turned towards Tony, who spoke before Steve could, "I'm on it!" Tony immediately flew off in the direction of the screams, "I'll let you know what's happening." The rest of the team followed on foot; Steve and Bucky tore down the street much faster than the others.

As Tony approached the pandemonium a few blocks away, people were fleeing in the opposite direction - away from what appeared to be a random guy in a red, white, and blue tracksuit just standing still and laughing maniacally.

"J, what's the deal? Alien? Mutant? Good old fashioned psychopath?"

Jarvis took a second to assess, "He appears to be completely human, Sir, and unarmed."

"Yay, psycho for the win!"

"Hooray." Jarvis' dryly supplied, "Nonetheless, may I suggest caution being exercised going forward."

Tony landed about 20 feet behind the man, "Caution is only good for throwing at aggressive air, J. Have you learned nothing?"

Jarvis didn't deign to respond and Tony could practically feel the A.I.'s disapproval as he took a few steps towards the crazy who had yet to notice Tony's presence.

"Greetings, Patriot! I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but you're coming across as slightly unhinged. You suffering from an extreme case of Runner's High gone bad or something?"

The man's head whipped around to look at him. Tony's genius noted the degree was exactly 180. As in, the back of his body was facing Tony, but the front of his face was now also facing Tony. Tony let out a startled "Fuck!" and stumbled back a few steps.

"Ironman! We're a block away. Report!" Steve's voice was in his ear.

Tony took flight as the man twisted around so his entire body was now facing Tony,

"I don't know! He looks like a normal guy, but he just Linda Blair'd his freaking head" - he ignored Steve and Bucky's confused 'what?' 'who?' and Clint's excited 'awesome!' - "so I'd say he's officially abnormal. Jarvis, zoom in on Linda's face." Tony felt a chill go down his spine as he saw the man's eyes, "His eyes are completely black. No whites. Just black. Jarvis says his physiology is human and he's unarmed. I'm assuming some sort of mutant we've never seen...or just the anti-christ."

He flew over to where Bucky and Steve had just rounded the corner and landed. The man was facing all three of them, still standing and chuckling at nothing. He made no move to confront them. Steve decided to wait for Bruce, Natasha, and Clint to catch up before taking action. Looking around he saw people still huddled inside stores and restaurants, watching the scene from behind the window fronts with their phones out recording everything. Bucky shook his head in disgust,

"What is with people and filming everything? Goddamn internet is sucking the commonsense right out of humanity's brains."

"Alright, Grandpa, don't break a hip." Tony calmed, "Remember the internet is also responsible for your ability to buy all that Dog Cop paraphernalia you think we don't know about."

Steve added, "Which actually reinforces your commonsense statement."

Rounding the corner, the three remaining avengers were met with the sight of an embarrassed Winter Soldier lightly blushing under the teasing stares of Tony and Steve. Bucky just liked dogs, okay?

"Guys?" Bruce prompted.

Bucky's semi-frantic pointing and desperate yell of "Monster! Over there!" was very suspicious. For all the smooth charm and silver-tongued way with words his past self had, present Bucky could be just as bad as Steve when it came to hiding something from people close to him.

Natasha took in the scene and asked, "What's the play?"

"And did we figure out what's so funny?" questioned Clint, staring at the manic, tracksuited 'monster'.

"He doesn't seem interesting in sharing the joke", Tony replied.

"Stay back and cover me." Steve instructed as he approached the smiling, but now silent 'man' with caution, "State your name and business". No response. Steve was now within 5 feet "I'm going to have to insist you state your name and business or else you will be coming with us to Shield." Quicker than even Steve's heightened senses could detect, the man crossed the distance and with a shove of his hand sent Steve sailing all the way back to his team. The hit rendered him unconscious.



Immediately the rest of the team drew their weapons and began firing. The thing just laughed and let the hits land. If it was knocked down it simply got back up. The Avengers fought fruitlessly for almost half an hour when the entity spoke for the first time,

"Pathetic. You're supposed to be the most powerful this race has to offer, but you're all so powerless. Running around like vermin. I can't wait until you're all under our rule. It's going to be so easy."

The man charged at them, but before he could reach them several gunshots rang out and he fell to the ground, howling in pain. Looking for the source revealed 2 men in their 30s crouching behind a yellow cab approximately 40 feet to their right. A tall one was holding holding a sawed-off shotgun while the other had a gun and a medium sized hunting knife in his hands.


Sam could only stare in horrified rapture at the unsightly scene that was Dean eating pizza - cheeks stuffed full to bursting with each morsel on display as he chewed with his mouth wide open. Emitting stomach churning slurping sounds as he sought to suck up the pizza-tanged saliva that dribbled down the corners of his mouth.

Completely unaware of what a disgusting sight he was to behold, Dean paused mid-chew to attempt a salacious wink and smile at a couple of women who stiletto'd by as the brothers ate outside of Joe's pizza in Manhattan. Sam could only assume the look of revulsion they threw at his brother was currently mirrored on his own face as they stood eating. Dean's food-mangled, "Hello Ladies!" was accompanied by a chunk of half-devoured pizza, which spewed forth as if to grab the females as they hurried away.

Looking surprised at the reaction, but not at all put-out, Dean simply shrugged and continued to shovel his second favourite kind of pie down his gullet.

Noticing Sam had only eaten half of his first piece while he had almost finished his second, Dean spoke up, "You don't like the pizza?"

"You are disgusting."


"You're like a pig eating slop. A pig with the unholy ability to unhinge his jaw and hoover the whole world down his throat as it tries to escape the gravitational pull of his stomach."

Dean frowned and looked down at himself and his remaining bit of pizza, " like the pizza?"

Sam exasperated, "Dude!"

"Sammy, you should know by now that your primadonna routine is wasted on me." He once again focused on Sam's food, "If you don't start eating your hard-earned free pizza within the next two seconds, its automatically forfeit to my slop bucket."

Sam let out a distressed sound as he tightened his hold on his plate and moved back a few paces out of Dean's reach. "Stay away! Just because I prefer to savour my food like an actual person instead of guzzling it down like an animal, doesn't mean you can steal it."

Sam was about to take another bite when the screaming began.
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