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One Late Night

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Based on a true story... Nothing is ever as it seems.

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It was exactly 12:00am, there was no light aside from a lonely candle atop a table. She held tightly to the back of your pelvis as the feeling of your Beyblade™ tucked safety in your pocket pushed up against her pancreas. With her eyes glistening from the light of the candle, she spoke only a few words...

"Mama mia."

Your heart started pounding, you knew what she wanted, what she was begging for. You stood up, removing your Yu-Gi-Oh!™ Duel Disk Accessory. She started looking intently at you, licking her beautiful crimson lips. You go lower and start removing your fanny pack, full of your favorite condiment for hotdogs. After placing it down gently, not to disturb the man you have locked downstairs, you start to remove your pants. She looks at you, as if she was subliminally saying "I wonder what people in China are doing?" You drop your cargo pants to the ground, exposing your secret Rigatoni recipe. She moans...

"Time for some gravy."

She comes closer to you and presses her lips against your groin while pushing you down. You lay your back against the wall as she removes your underwear. Your Hot Wheel™ Sto and Go Playset was now exposed and reacted to even the faintest touch. She licked the top of the ramp and slowly went down.

"WARNING: choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs."

You said thinking you'd be funny. She didn't laugh, but that didn't stop her. She opens her mouth wide and stuck your whole Playset in.

"Wow..." you thought.
"How could she fit something with the Dimensions of 10.000 inches H x 4.000 inches W x 22.000 inches L so easily?"

She held it in her warm throat for a decade before removing it for some air. She started gasping...

"You're turn." She said looking at you.
"Wrong 'your'" you corrected her.

But before you knew it a 12in penis was in front of your face. But you weren't scared, in fact you were all too familiar with this...
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