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Da Qiao remembers Sun Ce, whilst Gan Ning tries to cope.

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Da Qiao woke early next morning, to the sounds of birds singing in the trees and the Sun shining brightly down upon their hundreds of tents. She rubbed her eyes and the memory of what occurred the previous night floated through her mind. She shook her head and stood up. Her sister stirred beside her, but they still had awhile until they would have to start their long journey to Jian Ye. Of course Lu Xun, Zhou Tai and Taishi Ci were to stay and fend of anymore enemies that were left alive.

Da stood outside the tent and breathed deeply inwards. The cool September air filled her lungs. It was the falling season and the leaves from the trees had started to flutter down beside her. She looked upwards. The sky was a pale blue, not a single cloud was to be seen. She smiled and started to walk forward. It seemed oddly quiet after the racket from the battle yesterday. Something moved beside her, and since she was unharmed it would be impossible to attack, it would be foolish.

"Who's there?" She said loudly, looking around.

A shadowy figure was approaching, holding a long scimitar, which shone from the Sun's intense rays. A slight jingle of bells sounded from the figure's hips as it took each step.

"Hey, Da. It's just me, Gan Ning." He replied, coming in to focus.

Da Qiao smiled a little and turned back to start walking again.

"Look. About last night, I didn't mean to trip you or anything; I was answering your question." Gan Ning said looking nervously at her.

Da Qiao stopped and turned to face him once again. Her pale cheeks had gone a little pink once again. Gan Ning was scratching the back of his head. Da Qiao opened her mouth to speak but found herself lost for words once again. Her husband, Sun Ce, had died only six months earlier, she couldn't do this to his memory. She felt tears forming in her eyes; she didn't want to appear weak in front of a Pirate. She turned around and faced one of the Blossom Trees. She heard Ning's footsteps getting heavier as they approached her.

"Da...Da...Are you okay?" He asked, a note of anxiety quivering in his voice.

She was doing her utmost best to keep the tears back, but she felt them drop from her dark eyes.

"Da! You're crying...!"

Gan Ning grabbed hold of her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes. Tears were now streaming down her cheeks, one after the other. The memory of Sun Ce had shaken her. She missed him so much, and still she loved him with all her heart. Xiao Qiao, her sister, had been the same. She had lost Zhou Yu a year from now; she still heard her crying at night in her room, crying his name.

Gan Ning seemed to of understood. He dropped down his scimitar and turned to face her.

"You don't have to worry. I...Wanted to tell you what I felt for you Da. You don't have to do anything about it, I swear. I realize...Sun Ce...Great man..." Gan Ning stuttered, looking around.
Da Qiao continued to cry, Sun Ce's face came flashing into her mind, his last moments, his last words. She felt as though her world was coming to and end the day he died, and yet Gan Ning stuck by her, made sure she got through the terrible ordeal. He was the one who had saved her life on numerous occasions that she ended up loosing count. He was the one who stopped her harming herself after his death, and she felt rejecting him was like rejecting help.

She looked up at him. Her eyes red and her cheeks paler than usual. She took a deep steadying breath and wiped her eyes.

"I...I...I'm sorry..." She whispered, hiccoughing. Gan Ning shook his head but she stopped him from speaking since she had not yet finished.

"I...Didn't want to appear...Weak..." She continued, "But...I couldn't help it...It...Was...Awful." She said, sniffing and stuttering every now and again. Gan Ning nodded and picked up his scimitar again.

"It's okay. Honestly." He sighed. "Come. The horses are ready..."

He walked alongside with her to the stables where hundreds of horses were tethered. Xiao Qiao was already there. She was talking to some of her troops and when Da came into view she ran towards her.

"I was wondering where you got to!" She said, in her usual happy self. When she noticed that Da had been crying, however, she toned down. She glared at Gan Ning.

"What did you do? Why did you make her cry?" She said, immediately suggesting that it was Ning who had made her cry. Gan Ning opened his mouth to speak but Da Qiao was the one who spoke.

"He was not the one who did it." She said loud and clearly. "It was...A memory." She said sadly, looking at her sister who too understood straight away.

Taishi Ci approached them with three gleaming white horses.

"Here. Lady Da, Lady Xiao and Gan Ning. You are to arrive at Jian Ye quickly. Reinforcements will be arriving if you take longer then expected. Have a safe journey."

Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao nodded and mounted their horses. Gan Ning muttered something to Ci, who nodded before Ning mounted his own horse.

"Ready?" He said loudly, turning to face the troops who had gotten onto horses themselves.

"Ready!" They shouted back.

Then the long journey to Jian Ye begun.
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