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Humiliated by The Divas Part 1

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You are a new booker in the WWE and a bunch of the Women backstage decide to break you in by humiliating you. Not for everyone, this is a gas fetish.

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"Listen, you are exactly what we are looking for in a booker, we'll hire you." Triple H says on the phone.

"Thanks sir, you won't regret it." you say excited.

"We better not, we're counting on you to put on a good show." he said.

"Thank you again." you said before he hung up.

You put your phone away and look around your hotel. You got the job, You were in the city for Raw for interviews and were going to head in tomorrow at 8:00 AM for your first meeting. Nothing could go wrong. Just then you get a knock at your door. You walk over and pull it open, only to be hit over the head with something and be knocked out cold.

You wake up to find yourself stripped naked and tied to the headboard, and a bunch of the WWE Women performers standing around you.

"What... What do you want?" you said nervously.

"Isn't it obvious, we're here to humiliate you." Natalya said laughing, "We do this to every new backstage employee. Now, who wants to go first?"

"I got this." Eva Marie said as Nattie moved out of the way for Eva to stand over you.

"What... What are you going to do to me?" you gulped out.

"It's okay, you'll love this. Close your eyes." Eva said. you listened knowing how bad this could be if I refused.

"Good boy, now wait for your surprise." Eva said as the other women laughed. you then heard her back up and sit on my face.

I started screaming in surprise as she let out some horrible smelling farts on your face. After about 30 seconds she got off smiling. As she high-fived and booty bumped the others, you tried not to puke.

"You loved that didn't you?" Eva said mockingly.

"No, that was horrible." you said in shock.

"Why, not enough ass?" Eva said as she turned around and pulled down her shorts revealing a red thong. "Ah, you'll love this." Eva said backing up.

"No, please, n mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" I said panicked as she backed up her big bare butt onto your face and let out some more horrible gas. She got off to let you have some air so you would stay conscious and then backed up onto it and farted some more. After about two minutes she finally got off and you then promptly puked.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" Eva said laughing.

"No, please no more, what did I do?" you say begging.

"Nothing, we just need some fun." Eva said, "Now who wants him next?"

"Oh, Nikki, I bet he'll enjoy your ass." Sasha Banks said as Nikki nodded.

"I think your right Sasha." Nikki said as she pulled down her shorts, revealing no thong and all of her big butt. "You know, many people would pay good money to be facesat by me, it's free for you." Nikki said as she stood over you and twerked some, reluctantly turning you on.

"Please no Nikki, please let me go." you say begging for mercy.

"You know, I would, but where's the fun in that, and plus, you're obviously so excited about it." Nikki said indicating your boner.

"No please, mmmmmmm!" I scream as Nikki steps back and starts farting some of the worst gas ever on your face. Just then you feel someone start stroking your cock and cause you to cum. Nikki gets off after this and laughs.

"Oh see Nikki, he really enjoyed your big ass, I mean, who wouldn't?" Sasha said laughing.

"Still saying your not enjoying this?" Nikki said laughing and nodding at your erected dick.

"No!" you say defiantly.

"Hey Sasha, you have a nice ass, I bet he'll cum under yours as well." Nikki says nodding at Sasha.

"Yeah, and I bet in half the time it took you to make him cum." Sasha says cockily.

"Hmm, a bet, what do you suggest?" Nikki asks.

"Loser takes a Stinkface, just like we're giving this guy, from the winner." Sasha says offering a hand.

"Fine, if you make him cum faster than I did, I take a Stinkface from you, you make him cum slower, I give you a Stinkface." Nikki says accepting.

"Please no." you beg as Sasha gets in position and takes off her shorts, revealing no thong and all of her big ass. You have to admit, it turns you on a little, but that goes away as she backs up and starts twerking on your face. She starts stroking your cock and you eventually cum.

"How do you like the Legit Boss' ass?" Sasha says cockily.

"Hate it." you say.

"Then why'd you cum?" Sasha says cockily, "Admit it, you love it." You puke in response.

"Don't get to cocky Sasha, I still won." Nikki says laughing, "Sit down and receive your 'Sweetface,' because it's so sweet." Nikki says cockily as she points at the wall and Sasha goes pouting. "Enjoy." Nikki says as she backs her bare butt onto Sasha's face.

You hear Sasha scream as Nikki grinds and presumably farts. It turns you on and surprisingly makes you feel sorry for Sasha, even though she deserves it.

"Any other takers to take a 'Sweetface?'" Nikki says using her coined term for it and laughing cockily.

"Your ass stinks!" Sasha shouts as Nikki turns and looks at the downed Banks.

"Aw, that can't be right, you should take another taste." Nikki says as she starts to back up again.

"Enough, the bet has been fulfilled, she hasn't deserved this." you croak out.

"Aw, it sounds like someone's jealous, okay, you can have another taste." Nikki says as she backs up and gives you another one of her horrible 'Sweetfaces.' She gets off at around two minutes and sees you slumped down and faking being out.

"Aw, that's no fun, who wants to wake him up?" Nikki says laughing before Sasha holds up a hand.

"No, he's out, give him a break." Sasha says to questioning looks, "And besides, he has a meeting tomorrow, they'll get suspicious if he turns up stinking and looking exhausted, besides, there's always tomorrow." Sasha finishes as everyone nods.

"Fine," Nikki says after a scathing look at Sasha, "But if you help him, what we've done so far will seem like a dream as to what we'll do to you." Nikki says turning to leave, "Wake him up and tell him if he tries to escape we'll be guarding the door."

"They gone?" you whisper as Sasha walks over.

"Yeah, for now, listen, I can get you out and through the window." Sasha says starting untie you.

"No, if you do, you'll be next." you say as she stops.

"Seriously, you'd turn down freedom to help me?" she asks shocked.

"Yeah, no one deserves that." you say.

"Thank you." Sasha says.

"No, thank you, why would you help me?" you ask.

"Like you said, no one deserves this." Sasha says, sitting down next to you, "And besides, I've always hated how Nikki, Natalya, Alexa, Eva, Carmella, Lana, and Dana always do this. Not everyone likes this. Notice how I didn't even fart." Sasha says.

"I knew something was different and better." you say laughing.

"Yeah, I know for a fact that Bayley, Becky, and Charlotte are only here because they would be humiliated, and Summer, Naomi, and Mickie aren't exactly thrilled with this." Sasha says.

"Yeah, hey listen, make sure you stay on good terms with all of them, and bring the fight to Nikki and all of the humiliators, they'll never see it coming if you seven agree to play their game until the time is right, then humiliate them." you say.

"Yeah, that sounds good, hey, you should really shower before the meeting tomorrow." Sasha says unbinding me.

"Yeah, thanks Sasha." you say.

"No prob." Sasha says as she hangs back on my bed.

"Why are you staying?" you ask.

"You need a guard, and you don't want it to be one of Nikki or her gang." Sasha says as you head to shower.

"Thanks again." you say.

"No problem." Sasha says as you head for the bathroom.
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