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My legs are tied to a chair, I don't know what's going on beyond my blindfold, that is until last nights drinks kick in.

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I wake up drowsy. Was I drugged last night? Ugh I knew I shouldn't have trusted a shady club like that. OUCH my head is pounding! Wait is this a blind fold? HEY what's with my legs being tied to the chair's legs? And the restraints on my hands a are way too tight. I have the feeling someone's watching me. "HELLO? WHO THE HELL DID THIS TO ME?" Suddenly an unknown voice booms from my right, "good morning sleepyhead." It almost sounds sudductive. I hate it. "Ok this morning is anything but good who the hell are you" he only replies, "all in good time." I suddenly feel a slight pulse in my bladder and realize I was probably kidnapped before I could even use the bathroom. Peachy. "Hey could you let me go I kinda gotta pee here." "Oh so our game has begun." What is that even supposed to mean? "I will take away your hand restraints for the holding session but if you even think about undoing your legs they are padlocked and I have the key." "Holding session...what the fu-" "oh you'll see." I feel the pressure leave my wrists as the rope around them is untied. The sensation in my bladder returns, only a bit stronger now. "This isn't funny I really have to pee you pervert!" I say, but wanting to grab my crotch in front of this stranger who I have yet to actually see. "Aw does someone need to pee? Perfect." You know what talking to the creep is pointless so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. I feel like my bladder is slowly filling. I suddenly feel myself standing with my legs untied. I think you standing will be so much more amusing. I feel my wrists being reshackled to a pole and I immediately cross my legs from the sudden pressure that stance added. "Shit" I mumble under my breath. I really have to pee now. It doesn't help that whoever is beyond my blindfold obviously dressed me into a really short skirt, and silky panties "so I feel at least." With what feels to be a silky button down blouse. The classic school girl kink attire. Great. My legs are tightly wrapped now, I don't want to pee in front of this moron. My bladder is nagging me to release the sloshing liquid inside of me but I refuse. I feel beads of sweat prick on my forehead and above my upper lip. I keep crossing and uncrossing my legs in a cruel pattern of desperation. I'm now jumping up and down, holding back tears. Damn this hurts. I wonder if it's unhealthy to hold it but what else can I do? I suddenly feel a spurt come from my pee hole and a drop of pee lands on my left knee. "Fuck." I mumble. I really have to pee and it's taking every inch of strength I have not to piss all over myself. Another spurt, this time bigger and I can't control myself, the warm liquid gushes down my legs as I desperately cross my legs to stop the flow. It's no use. It feels so good to let it out and I let it flow. "NOOO" I yell. Tears sting my eyes as I realize that the man is watching me make a mess. I feel pee in my shoes and all over my legs and realize it's still going. How much vodka did I even have? There is now a sizable puddle that I am standing in when the piss finally stops and I feel a finger sliding my panties down. Oh no. No this can't be happening. He slides my skirt off next then unlatches my hands. I make an effortless attempt to run away but it's useless I'm already lying on a table as he slips off the remainder of my clothes. He gives my breasts a quick squeeze (typical) and then sits me in a weird feeling chair. He hooks something to another thing with a click and lowers it to my clit. Oh no I know where this is going. It turns on at about middle speed and there it goes. I feel the vibrations creeping into me. It feels so good but I won't show it. He yells "crank up the speed I don't think she's enjoying herself yet." No no no this isn't happening. It feels so good I almost moan. But no I won't show this man that I feel good. No. I feel a drop fall from my pee hole and I know I'm about to squirt. I'm not letting that happen either. Without realizing it I start thrusting against the vibrator and immediately stop myself. "I saw that pretty girl." Oops. I can't hold it in anymore. The squirt flows out of me so satisfyingly that I moan with pleasure. "MORE" I yell. WHAT WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT I DONT WANT MORE, I WANT OUT AND AWAY. "If you say so" I feel something in my vagina and realize he is fucking me. "STOP" " you want more I give more" no no no. "Mmmm ahhh mmmm" I moan. No I hate this stop moaning Amber STOP get a grip and do something. I feel it instantly. A substance fill my vagina. " you like that. UGHHHHHHH. Yeah yeah you like that FUCK!" I hear him saying. "Yes more MORE." I DONT WNAT MORE WHAT IS THIS JERK DOING TO ME? I feel his dick enter my mouth and bite it. He slaps my face and says "play nice and I'll let you go." Oh if nice is what he wants, and if I can leave after I guess I may as well enjoy myself......[to me continued]
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