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Link has had enough.

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I have had enough.....
I am currently fighting gannon. I don't know why i do it. Zelda will never put out. I mean, I have killed thousands of monsters, defeated Gannon multiple times, used up so much of my time....
And she won't put out.
Alright, Gannon's dead. He will come back alive soon, though.
I have broken the lock on Zelda's jail cell. She has came out.
"Thanks,Link", Zelda said.
"Can we fuck now",I ask.
"Um, nah, but Ill kiss you".
She gives me a very brief kiss. She could at least make out with me, but no, a few seconds.
"That's it, I'm raping you", I say.
"GASP! You wouldn't!"Zelda screamed. "I know you wouldn't".
I take off my pants.
"'re..... serious."Zelda said, crying.
I push her against a wall. I lift up her dress. She is trying to escpae, screaming and crying. I put my dick in her vagina. I begin to throb brutally. I can feel her vagina. She starts crying so hard, I slap her and tell her ill kill her if she doesn't quiet down. I ejaculate inside her. She looks at me.
"You..... impregnated me." Zelda said,crying.
"What are you going to do" I say.
"Well, I don't believe in abortion.".
"Do you want to be a single mother".
"Well, no" Zelda said. "Sigh.... so I guess ill have to marry you."
We get married. Since marital rape is legal in Hyrule, I can fuck her whenever I want. And divorce isnt legal, either, so I have a sex slave for life that can also cook and clean.
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