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Haunted sonic game.

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My first creepypasta.

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Alright, I was at a garage sale in some place I can't remember. I was looking for a Sega Genesis because I wanted to start a classic game youtube channel. All I saw at first was a SNES and a PS1. I asked the garage salesman if he had a genesis.
"Ummmmmmmmmm".He looked scared.
"Meh,I guess a SNES could work."I said.
Then, he shot himself. I got fucking freaked out.
So then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a Sega Genesis popped up. I then saw a note on it.
I took it.
Fuck,was that a mistake.
So I took it home and I hooked it up to my TV. There was one game:
I plugged into my Genesis. I noticed right off the bat that instead of saying Sega, it said Sonic in the Sega voice. I then got EXTREMELY scared when I saw the graphics on the title screen.
It..... was like a modern game. Sonic was in modern day CGI, the landscape was in modern day graphics. And... it was running on Genesis. I looked at the copyright date.
So before Genesis, before TV's, before modern computers.... this game was made.
Just wow.
I pressed start game when I noticed that it had Online Multiplayer.
I clicked play.
It said WELCOME TO HELL!!!!!!. Then....
I saw souls who were burning. It was so loud I had to turn down the volume. Then it turned itself back up.
Billions of souls.
And a weird figure came on the screen. It said "can't wait to see you here, my name"
What. He knows who I am.
I then saw a bullet fly through my window. It missed me and hit my wall.
"Aw, I missed. Don't worry, keep playing this game. Hey, go to single player."
I got out of online, then I went to single player. It had one difficulty setting:
"You can't win".
I then spawned in a level called "the butcher of the town"
I had a machine gun and the directions said. "Kill".
The town looked familiar, but I decided to just play along.
I shot several people in the game. Hundreds of people littered the streets.
Then, the TV switched itself to the news. It said "hundreds dead in mass shooting,"
It then switched back to the game.
The strange figure showed up again.
"Sup, my man. That shooting was badass."
I.... was a mass murderer.
I puked.
"If you stop playing, ill call the cops". The figure said.
I just decided to keep playing.
Level 2: Her.
I was at what looked like my girlfriend's house. The directions said "rape" I walked in and raped my girlfriend. I then cut out her intestines and choked her with them.
It switched to the news again. "Local woman raped and murdered."
The figure said "LOL".
It then said final level: you.
It was Sonic outside my house. I moved him inside.
I saw him.
I pressed move. He moved. I pressed punch, he punched.
The level then just ended.
Th figure said "Come back tomorrow for DLC".
The Genesis then just shut off.
I decided to clear my mind with a basketball game. I then noticed a couple of guys who were up to no good. I got in a fight and I got scared. I decided to move to the west coast. I looked for a cab and when it came near I saw a license plate that said fresh and had dice in the mirror. The cab was definitely rare. I then said "Bel Air"
I then went to a fancy mansion to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air.
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