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Mulder helps out a 15 year old girl after she is abused by her father, very touching moments

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Mulder helps out a girl after he witnesses her father abusing her, and he discovers that she's not as tough as she seems


The girl was crying.

So many tears.

"Hey, it's ok, I know it hurts. I'm gonna get you out of here ok"
Mulder calmed the 15 year old girl as he examined the slash on her cheek that her father had placed there not minutes before. "It's ok"

The girl nodded, "thank you" the girl whispered through tears

Mulder nodded and then proceeded to examine the red mark that was starting to bruise by her rib cage. If someone had told him an hour ago that he'd be here comforting a girl in her bedroom after she was beaten he would told them they were lying. "May I?" He asked as he started to roll the girls shirt up, just enough so he could see her rib cage.

The girl nodded with tears trickling down her cheeks.

I need to change the subject Mulder thought, "so, what's your name?"

"Aubrey" the girl replied, she looked like she was in pain.

"That's a nice name" Mulder said as he eyed the bruise on her rib cage

" thanks". She winced as Mulder place his hand on her bruise.

"Sorry" Mulder said, there's no way this girl is big enough for her age, she's like 20 pounds

" we need to go" he said.

"Where?" Aubrey asked

" a motel, anywhere?"

"Embers motor inn" the girl said "its a couple minutes west" she said as she got up and went into the lane excuse for a closet. She came back out holding a bag full of clothes.

"You're prepared" Mulder teased

"I was gonna run away tomorrow" she chuckled.

Mulder smiled "ok let's go"

10:54 pm
Embers motor inn

"2 rooms please" Mulder said as he held up 2 fingers

"That'll be 150 for both combined" the hotel clerk said

"Wait" Aubrey said softly touching mulders arm as she moved to the front, she reached in her coat, near her chest and hanged the hotel clerk 75 dollars cash, that'll cover my room.

"You're kidding right" Mulder said as he turned his head to face Aubrey

"No" she said softly and smiled

She reminded Mulder of Alison from the breakfast club, dark and mysterious, he just didn't know if she'd ever get the chance to meet someone like Claire

The hotel desk handed Aubrey the keys and she headed out

Mulder shook his head and chuckled softly

1:55am embers motor inn

Aubrey heard a knock on the door, must be the pizza she thought to herself

She opened the door, Mulder was standing right there

"Oh hey" she said "come in"
She opened the door a little wider

"Thanks" Mulder said as he walked in, "I have a question" Mulder said

"Yeah?" Aubrey asked

"Where'd you get the money to pay for the hotel room?" Mulder questioned

"Oh I thought you already figured that out" Aubrey teased

"I didn't actually" Mulder breathed

"Think about it" she said as she sat down on the edge of the run down, dirty old bed "what's a job, where a girl would keep spare change in her bra strap?" She she reached into a pocket and pulled out a flower "go out late at night" she continued as she reached over to the night stand " would usually wait on the curb" she opened the bible and put the flower in between the pages and pressed down "and can never back down or chicken out?" She sighed as she placed the bible back in the night stand

"No,you're kidding right?" Mulder asked seriously

"A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do" Aubrey continued casually

"You're a-uh -a" mulder stuttered

"A prostitute?" Aubrey said as she smiled

"I'm sorry" Mulder managed

"For what?" Aubrey asked, suddenly there was a knock on the door

"Late night call?" Mulder joked trying to lighten up the mood

"Ah unfortunately no.." Aubrey continued "just pizza" she said as she opened the door to the delivery man " thank you" she said as she took the pizza and closed the door "want some"

"Uh no thanks" Mulder said "I'll leave you to yourself" he sighed as he walked towards the door

"Ok suit yourself" Aubrey shrugged "I'll be up all night so feel free to drop by"

"Ok bye" mulder chuckled as he closed the door behind him and shook his head

Aubrey sighed as she took a bite out of the pizza

Embers motor inn 3:43 am

Mulder lay down in his bed watching the animal channel,"hornets attack", when he heard a knock on the door
He got up and answered it to a shivering soaking wet Aubrey she had a new cut on her collar bone

"What happened" Mulder said as he pulled her inside closing the door behind her and sat her on the bed

"He found me" Aubrey said hugging her self trying to warm herself up
"I don't know how but he found me, you need to show him your badge or something, something to keep him away" she begged Mulder as she stood up and took off her windbreaker and hung it up,she sat back down.

Mulder looked deep into her vibrant green eyes, the mascara she put on this morning running down her face

Aubrey quickly wiped away her tears, "please?"

"Yeah for sure" Mulder snapped out of his gaze "where is he?"

"Walking around, outside, waiting for me" Aubrey breathed

"Ok sit tight, I'll be right back"
Mulder said as he walked out of the room getting his badge ready, he walked outside and a man approached him

"Who are you?" Mulder asked

"Get me back my daughter" the man said "you have no right to be holding her away from me"

"Sir" Mulder showed the man his FBI badge "please go away,you've done nothing to deserve her"

"FBI?" The man asked "no I don't buy it, I'm callling bs"

"Sir" Mulder said again "see for yourself" he handed his badge to the man

"It-uh uh" the man stuttered

"Seems legit? " Mulder finished his detente for him and snatched his wallet back " you're not getting you're daughter back anytime soon, you're a lame excuse of a father" Mulder walked back into the hotel room to see Aubrey drying her Bob cut,slightly wavy, brown hair with a towel, "hey" he said,"you ok?"

"Yeah I just uh need to dry off,get a Change of clothes, is he gone now?" Aubrey asked, placing her towel on the hook

"Yeah he's gone now, you're good to go" Mulder assured Aubrey

"Ok I'll come back though, to uh, I don't know I'm kinda lonely, if that's ok? Of course"
Aubrey said

"Yeah, yeah of course YouCam come back" Mulder told Aubrey

"Ok I'll be back" she smiled as she closed the door behind her

Aubrey chose out a loose black t-shirt and a lighter tone of black cardigan, black tights, with a grey short skirt, and her black creepers. She left her room and ran to mulders, on the account of the rain.

"Hey" Mulder opened the door

"Hey" Aubrey said "I brought pizza" smiling

"Hey" mulder welcomed her in "you feeling a bit better?"

"Yeah I'm fine" Aubrey replied "pizza?" She asked changing the subject

"Sure" Mulder said as he took a piece from the box "thanks"

"No problem" Aubrey said as she placed the box on the table

She didn't seem as perky as she had before Mulder thought, oh well she had a long night

"I'm uh gonna take a shower ok? Mine isn't working" Aubrey said as she walked towards the bathroom

"Yeah, for sure" Mulder said as he locked the rest of the pizza sauce off his finger "let me know if you need anything,ok?"

"Yeah for sure" and with that she was gone into the shower

Mulder heard the water start an hour and a half ago now, he didn't mind her using his shower but, this cheap hotel, the water would just have to be cold by now, I'll check on her he thought to himself

He knocked on the door..... no answer
Maybe she couldn't hear him
"Aubrey?" He called in "you ok?"

No answer.

"Hey,Aubrey can you hear me?" He called again "can you hear me?" He called a but louder

No answer.

"Aubrey" he yelled while knocking "can you hear me?"

No answer.

I'm telling as loud as I can he thought to himself, I'll knock once more

"AUBREY?" He yelled "CAN YOU HEAR ME, SAY ANYTHING" he sighed. "IM COMING IN" he opened the door he could barely make out her silhouette sitting down behind the curtain,"Aubrey? Can I pull back the curtain?" He managed to make out a nod
"Ok" he said softly as he pulled back the curtain, Aubrey was sitting with her knees to her chest, shivering she still had her underwear and bra on Mulder didn't know why , "oh no..." Mulder breathed. The water was freezing cold, "come on, come on, he said softly trying to coax her out of the water "come on, let's put some clothes on" she wouldn't budge.
"I uh...." he sighed. Mulder reached his hands under the girls arms and pulled her out, he grabbed her a towel and wrapped her up "ok, it's ok" he guided her to his bed "I'll get your clothes"he returned with her clothes and saw


So many tears


More tears

Than before.

"Oh, hey it's ok" he tried to comfort her. She didn't move. "Here uh" he dried her off. "I'll get a towel for your hair ok?"

She nodded

It's weird to think that just 2 hours ago she came to my door offering pizza Mulder thought to himself

Aubrey sat shivering, and crying on the bed, no thoughts were going through her head it was just


The sadness rolled through her

"Ok, here are your clothes, do you need help?" Mulder asked as he set her clothes out

Aubrey shook her head no, she just sat there

Mulder crouched down in front of her "here" he said as he grabbed her tights, he looked up at her, and she nodded her head in approval, he slipped the tights over her legs, the only movement she made was when Mulder pulled her tights over her hips, he grabbed the skirt and repeated the same process, he took the loose black t shirt and helped her into it, pulling the cardigan tightly around her, trying to warm her up that's when it started


Sobs racking her tiny frame

"Did he do something to you?" Mulder asked

Aubrey nodded

"What did he do?" Mulder asked concerned

"He... he uh.... took these..... he took these pictures" Aubrey managed

"Of what?" Mulder asked

"Of me" Aubrey looked down "of places that you don't usually take pictures of"

Mulder sighed and sat down beside Aubrey "it's ok" Mulder put his arms around her "it's ok"

Aubrey started to cry

"I know,shhhh" he laid down partially dragging Aubrey down with him but letting loose so she had her own choice

Aubrey laid down beside Mulder

Mulder put his arm around her and tucked her hair behind her ears "shhh,it's ok"

Aubrey started sobbing,


Her breathing got faster

Her sobs got louder

She held onto Mulder with a death grip

She loosened her grip

Let go of his hand

And started hitting the bed

She was full off anger

She sobbed

"It's ok just breathe" Mulder calmed

She couldn't breathe

Her sobs were louder

She was shaking harder

She lifted her head up in agony

She was completely hysterical

"I'm here, it's ok" Mulder held her

Her sobs were so loud

It was like she was screaming

"I'm ok, you're ok, we're ok" Mulder tried

Her sobs stayed the same

Her feet kicking

It hurt Mulder

But she was already in much more pain

"Just breathe, it's ok, I'm here for you, it's ok"

Her kicking slowed

Her sobs got quieter

And held on for dear life.


Aubrey awoke to find herself alone in the bed

She remembered the events of last night

The sobbing

The kicking

The hitting

The holding

She remembered it all

Too vividly

"Hey" Mulder chirped
"Continental breakfast is downstairs"

Aubrey sat up and tucked her hair behind her ears "I'm ok, thanks"

Mulder nodded "ok"

"That doesn't mean you can't get it"

"Oh,me? No i already ate" Mulder said casually

"Oh" Aubrey said getting out of bed, she placed her legs on the ground, as she stood up her left knee nearly gave out

"You ok?" Mulder asked rushing to her side

"Yeah" Aubrey breathed, "past injury"

"What did you do?" Mulder asked

"I used to be in cheerleading and I was doing a backwalkover during tumbling practice, my coach was watching me, and I landed funny, it hurt, not too badly though, I didn't cry, I told my mom, we went to the doctor, long story short my muscle is sorta forever damaged, I used to have a brace but"

"But what?"

"My dad took it away" Aubrey sighed "but anyway"

Mulder looked down and nodded "so I was thinking, we could hit the road today, maybe we could stop in Virginia , there's not much to do there we'll get there late but it's too far to drive to Washington all in one go"

"Yeah, that sounds good, we can stop at the Howard Johnson there, it's 38$ for a single room" Aubrey said as she chose out an outfit consisting of black ripped jeans a white t-shirt with a UFO on it and her black creepers

"That's a nice shirt" Mulder joked as he contemplated her knowledge

"You're a fan of UFOs? Aubrey asked

"It's my job" Mulder said

"What are you doing in Georgia then? Were you on you're way to Iowa? Lake okaboji?" Aubrey asked

"You know, I was just passing through I had the week off" Mulder explained

"Sorry for taking up your vacation space" Aubrey said

"Don't worry about it" Mulder assured her

"Ok uh" she chuckled a bit "I'm gonna pack my bag"

"Don't worry about it, it's already done" Mulder said as he held up a black duffle bag

"Awe, thank you, you didn't have to do that" Aubrey blushed

"Oh don't worry about it" Mulder said once again "lets go"

7:02pm just outside Virginia

"So, you're FBI, do you have a partner?" Aubrey asked out if the blue

"Yeah, I do" Mulder replied

"Why isn't she with you?" Aubrey asked, knowing she founded like a little kid

" uhhhh..." Mulder sighed the laughed "that's a uh a story for another time"

Aubrey could see Mulder blush "is it because you love her"
Aubrey teased

"Noo,no no no" Mulder blushed even more

"It so is!" Aubrey gaped at Mulder wide eyed "it totally is because you love her, you didn't want something to happen on you're vacation"

"What do you mean" Mulder asked trying to seem clueless

"Oh you know how the story goes," Aubrey said
"She would probably get hurt or something, maybe something would hit close to home, so she comes to your hotel room for comfort, and before you know it, you wake up the next morning next to each other"

"Be quiet" Mulder teased

Aubrey teased
"Tell me what's so special about her"

"You don't wanna hear it" Mulder said

"C'mon girls love hearing About love" she pried

Mulder sighed "fine" he adjusted his position and began "the first day I met her, she was sent to de-bunk my files, there was something about her, the way she moved, the way her voice sounded, anyways 9 years later I'm in love, but they closed down our files, but a couple months ago, we reopened and, well now, I'm in love again" Mulder blushed realizing what he'd just said

"Aged like fine wine huh?" Aubrey teased "that's sweet,what's her name?" Aubrey asked

"Scully, Dana Scully" Mulder said

"And will I get a chance to meet this legendary scully?" Aubrey asked

"Probably" Mulder said



9:03pm Howard Johnson inn, Virginia

Mulder sat on his bed, sad, he wasn't longing for scully, for his sister, for anybody. He was sad for Aubrey. Just getting out of an abusive situation, to only be found again, this girl just needed to settle down, she wanted to meet scully so bad, he hadn't the heart to tell her that she was away, on her own vacation. Then he heard a knock, he got up from his bed to see Aubrey

"Hey how are you settling in?" Mulder asked

"Good, it's good" Aubrey replied "do you want to go for a walk?"

"Express our deepest darkest fears?" Mulder teased

"Exactly" Aubrey smiled

9:54pm Tina's pathway

"So" Aubrey asked "what is your deepest darkest fear"

"Uhmmm" Mulder sighed "being taken away from the people you love, and being forgotten by them"

"Hmm" Aubrey nodded

"What's yours?"

"Not being good enough? You know, meeting someone only to have them leave you because you let too much emotion or true feeling show" Aubrey said

"I hope you know that if you broke down in tears right now I wouldn't think of you any differently" Mulder assured her

Aubrey sniffled she REALLY was going to break down in tears

"Hey, it's ok" Mulder comforted Aubrey

"I don't even know anymore" Aubrey managed "it's like the world is just sort of floating around me and I'm standing still"

"It's ok" Mulder said

" can I.... can I sleep in your room tonight? I'll take the couch" Aubrey asked nervous if mulders answer

"Of course, of course you can"
Mulder assured her

"Thank you so much-" Aubreys breathing got faster and faster

"Aubrey, you ok?" Mulder asked extremely concerned

She swallowed hard " yeah I just need a place to sit down"

"Okay" Mulder said as he helped Aubrey over to a bench dedicated to one Marcie Smith

"Here lean into me" Mulder said as he noticed Aubrey struggling to sit up on her own

Aubrey leaned on to Mulder helping with her balance "thanks" she says breathlessly

"You're welcome"

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