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This I Love

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Jazmin Stradlin, the Younger sister of Izzy Stradlin, goes to live with her brother

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Jazmin’s POV

Hi, I'm Jazmin Stradlin, as in Izzy Stradlin, he's my big brother, he promised to never leave me, that promise was broken by Izzy joining Guns ‘n’ Roses, I was only ten at the time and now I'm 16, nearly 17, and it's been nearly 7 years and he hasn't spoken to me.

My Mum has decided to send me to live with Izzy, I wondered what I did wrong, I must not be good enough to be her daughter anymore, I was in my room, looking at my poster of Steven Adler, the drummer of GnR, Mum came in, “have you thought about my suggestion?” Mum asked, “ugh, fine, I'll go and live with Izzy, but I'm coming home if I don't like it there, and I don't know what I've done to deserve being sent away” I snapped.

Mum sighed and left the room, probably so she can tell Izzy, I stood up and started packing, I hate leaving my friends, but I don't think I have a choice, after I packed, I went to my friend's house, “Jazz, what's wrong?” my friend, Elizabeth, asked, “my Mum is sending me to live with my brother” I said as tears cascaded down my cheeks, “i think it would be a good thing to live with Izzy for a while, I know you miss him” Elizabeth said hugging me, Elizabeth is the one person I could always trust, she knew that Izzy is my brother, she figured it out herself and never treated me any differently, and she's practically my sister.

Anyway, Mum turned up in her Corvette, “time to go Jazmin” Mum called, I sighed, “i hate that woman at times” I muttered as I walked over to car, I jumped in and put my seatbelt on, Mum sped off, I ignored her.

Izzy’s POV

I got of the phone, I could believe that Jazzy was coming to live with me, hopefully, I can make up for not speaking to her, my heart shattered when I remember how Jazzy had reacted to me leaving, I can never forget those big green eyes staring up at me as they filled with tears. I smiled at how Jazzy would react around Stevo, Mum told me that Jazzy had a thing for Steven, I trusted Steven, I know that he's a good man.

“Yo, Izzy, what's got you smiling mate?” Duff asked, they all know about my sister, though they've never seen a picture of her, “my baby sister is coming to live with me for a while” I told the bassist as Steven, Axl and Slash came in to the room, “you can finally be happy with your sister bro” Slash said, with the others nodding in agreement before they wet to do their own things, I walked up to Steven, “Steven, I think you should know that Jazmin has a crush on you and if you decide to go down that path with her, then I approve” I said.

“Y-you’d trust me with her?” Steve asked me almost shocked, “yes, you're a good man with a good heart and I know that you'd treat her good, you deserve someone who actually loves you, and I know that Jazzy will love you for who you are, money doesn't matter to her” I said smiling at my friend.
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