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Trying to Adapt

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High School Girl Willow has never had much luck with guys, not even undead ones.

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Here is a "Buffy Vampire Slayer" story.

High school girl Willow has never had much luck with guys; not even undead ones.

I do not own any of the characters in this story. They belong to whoever produced the TV Series "Buffy Vampire Slayer."

There is violence, but no bad language, or nudity. I'll give this story an R 13 rating.


By MrBillyD

My name is Willow. I'm a Sunnydale High School Girl, and in Sunnydale, high school girls are always getting killed by vampires!

Tonight it's my turn, and Cordelia's turn and Harmony's turn!

We were asking for it. Dressed to kill (not a figure of speech in Sunnydale), in shorts and halters, looking to pick up guys, and do the deed. We put ourselves on the menu tonight.

Three vamps have us pinned down, pressing our bare backs against the pavement, in the parking lot behind the Laundromat. It's one of the local spots, where Sunnydale's vampires prefer to dine.

In the dark shadows behind the Laundromat, Cordelia and Harmony are dying beside me. Warren's fangs are stabbed deep in Cordelia's neck, and Jonathan's fangs are killing Harmony; but my vamp Andrew, is taking forever to get started.

"Come on!" I tell him, "Get on with it already!"

Now his cold mouth is against my neck. His heavy sharp fangs begin stabbing.

I squeal!

I feel his fangs pull out, and his cold tongue licking the puncture holes.

He hasn't killed me? He's nibbled and he's taking sips?

"Andrew," I ask, "what the hell are you doing?"

"I can't kill you Willow." He says, "It'll put me in too much danger."

"Ahrgh!" I bellow, "I don't believe this!

"Every time I get nailed by a vampire, there's never any follow through! All I get is this nibble and sip crap!

"Is there something the matter with me?"

"No. It isn't you. I love you Willow. I want to kill you, and make you my undead girlfriend."

"Then why aren't I dying right now, like Cordelia; and Harmony who's already dead, instead of listening to you talking about it?"

"You're best friends with Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer."

"Haven't you heard?" I tell him, "Buffy was killed two weeks ago. The three of us are adapting to the way things are in Sunnydale now. Vampires are in charge now, and we've decided that it'll be best for us to join your team."

He says, "We'll only be in charge, 'til the new Slayer shows up. That should be any day now."

"Oh! Stop being a freaking weenie Andrew! Act like a vampire and kill me already!"

Now Andrew's gone; so are Warren and Jonathan.

Cordelia and Harmony are dead on the pavement beside me. Their bodies are fatally drained of blood; just like you'd expect them to be, and just like I'd expected to be myself.

Cordelia, Harmony and I had planned to come back undead at the same time. Then the three of us would transfer, to the night classes at Sunnydale High. That's where all the freshly vamped, really cool kids are enrolling, and where Vampires Cordelia and Harmony will certainly start dating cooler guys than Warren and Jonathan;

But I'll have to show up at school alive, on Monday morning, with a hicky, and not even that weenie Andrew for a boyfriend!
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