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Follow Through

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Here is a variation on the scene from the episode titled "Initiative", in which Spike first devoloped that problem.

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Follow Through

Here is a variation on a scene, from the episode titled "Initiative", when Spike first developed that problem.

I do not own any of these characters, they belong to whoever produced the TV Show, "Buffy Vampire Slayer".

This story contains violence. I give it a PG 13 Rating.

Follow Through

By MrBillyD

Spike howled in agony, as his third attempt to bite Willow failed.

He got up off of Willow, and sat at the end of the bed, in the Sunnydale U. Dorm Room, that she and Buffy shared.

Willow got up, and sat beside him.

She said, "Maybe you're trying too hard."

"No." He told her, "I was all right when I started."

"But doesn't this happen to all vampires."

"It doesn't happen to me!"

She spoke shyly. "It's me, isn't it?"

He asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Well, I know I'm not the kind of girl, who vampires like to sink their fangs into."

He looked at her strangely.

"Where'd you get that idea?"

"Well," she admitted, "every time I get nailed by a vampire, there's never any follow through. It's always just a nibble and a few sips. Then they leave, and I'm still alive.

"And it's always the same excuse. 'I can't kill you. You're too nice.' or, 'You're like a sister to me.'

"'Nice'?--Yuck! 'Sister?'--Blagh!"

Spike asked, "You didn't think I'd just give you a nibble, and leave you alive, did you?"

"No." She told him, "If you weren't having this problem, I'm sure you'd be a real gentleman and not leave 'til I'm dead, which would be just about now; but you came to kill Buffy and she isn't here, so you settled."

"I haven't 'settled'. I've always wanted to be the one who kills you, but I can't do that 'til the Slayer's out of the way."

"Always? You're not just saying that are you?"

"Not at all. You're number one, on the most want to bite list, if every vampire in Sunnydale."

"I am? Then what's with all this nibble and sip crap?"

"It's you being friends with the Slayer. In any other Vampire Town, no girl with your looks, would ever live to graduate High School."

"Why thank you Spike." She smiled, "That's one of the nicest things that anyone's ever said to me."

"If you weren't the Slayer's best friend, you'd have been undead, two years before your High School Graduation. You'd be Vampire Queen of Sunnydale by now."

"'Queen of Vampires'? Me?"

"Of course you. That's what we vampires all say."

"Me. Willow Rosenberg. 'Queen of Vampires.' It sounds a lot better than being Queen of Campus Nerds. And that could all begin tonight, if you weren't having this problem."

"'If' I wasn't..."

"Listen Spike." She told him, "I'm sure this problem you're having is temporary. Buffy's not gonna be back 'til after midnight, so she won't be in the way."

"Not 'til after midnight?"

"And right now, there's a real gory slasher flick on the TV. It might be a big help if we watch it together. It might help you get your fangs on. Then at the first commercial break, you can..."

He grabbed her tight, and chomped his fangs deep into her neck.

Willow squealed.

Then he began gulping down her warm, gushing blood.

On the other hand, she thought, Vampire Queens never walk in the sunlight.
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