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Escape to Gomorrah

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An Immigrant does what is necessary, to receive Permanent Residency.

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Escape to Gomorrah

Here is a Sci/Fi Horror Story. An Immigrant does what is necessary, to receive Permanent Residency status.

I give this story an M rating.

Escape to Gomorrah

By MrBillyD

The island City of Manhattan was a single building, 12 miles long, 3 miles wide, and 2,000 levels high. A ration of three nutrition cakes a day was allocated for each citizen, but there was never enough for everyone. Famine, starvation and disease were
perpetual threats.

The bony, hollow cheeked, 16 year old Karen Krendell carried her books home from school, along the cold, crowded, dimly lit corridor avenues. All the stores were packed with gaunt, sickly people, waiting impatiently on line for hours.

Karen was gaunt and hungry as always, but she wasn't starving like she'd been when here father was unemployed. That was when she and both her sisters had been wasting away. Both her sisters had died from starvation.

As she moved along the crowded, freezing corridor near her home, she heard machine gun fire, along with the screams of women and children. A Civil Disturbance Police Unit, was suppressing a routine food riot, outside her neighborhood Nutrition Center, in their routine manner. She wondered if her mother was among the dying.

A man stood on a flag draped podium to her right, haranguing the passing crowd.

"Those machine guns are too ineffective!", he shouted. "We of the Annihilation Party, and our Presidential Candidate, Senator C. Harrison Randolph, know what harsh measures must be taken, to end the perpetual crisis of overpopulation! The answer is clear, simple, and everybody knows what it is!"

"Blow up this monstrous City, with everybody in it!"

The crowd cheered.

"Blow up every city on Earth! Kill as many people as possible, so the few who survive can start again from scratch!"

The crowd cheered again.

Karen continued on her way, hearing the crowd chant.

"Blow them up! Blow them up! Blow them up!"

That evening, Karen sat with her sickly parents, shivering at the table, under a flickering light, in their family cubicle on Level 987.

They said grace, thanking the Lord for the dinner of nutrition cakes, cooked into a flavored broth.

Then her father David Krendell said, "We won't have to be eating this crap for dinner much longer."

Karen asked, "Are you planning mass suicide Dad?"

That wasn't a joke. Family suicide was commonplace.

"We'll be going where we can eat natural food for the rest of our lives. We'll eat fresh meat and fresh vegetables. We'll live under a warm sun and blue sky. You'll have a room of your own."

His daughter was horrified. "You are planning to kill us! That's the same thing that those people who want to blow up this City keep saying. They say that we'll have all those things in Heaven. Can't you let us wait for that?"

"No. We're not waiting patiently to be annihilated, and none of us will be going to Heaven, until after we've died in bed from old age. Until then, we'll be living on the Planet Mundomaya."

His blonde, 38 year old wife, and yellow haired daughter both stopped eating.

Karen's mother Amanda said, "Are you serious?"

"Today I was informed, that I have won a lottery. The prize is relocation for all of us, on the Planet Mundomaya. We're already booked to be on a flight, that leaves next month, on the 14th."

"Mundomaya?" Amanda repeated. "The planet of headhunters, cannibals, ritual warfare and human sacrifices?"

Dave said, "A planet where everyone eats well."

"Yeah. Each other."

"So do we sometimes Mom.", said Karen. "Everyone knows what the Black Market sells, and none of us have gone crazy."

Her father said, "On Mundomaya that will never be necessary. There they have fresh meat and fresh vegetables. They have beef, pork, seafood, and chicken and turkey, and native Mundomayan food. We can have our next Thanksgiving dinner without guilt."

Amanda said, "They worship idols with human sacrifices, and we'd be compelled to take part."

"I'm sure that those stories are exaggerated. Even if they're not, I'm sure that the Lord will protect us."

"Dave, You're not sure.", said his wife. "That's probably the same thing that Lot said, before he went to live among the people of Sodom and Gomorrah; and the Lord destroyed both cities with fire and brimstone."

"But not before Lot heeded the Lord's warning and escaped. That's the same thing we're gonna be doing, before Senator Randolph destroys this City, with fire and brimstone, of his own."

She asked, "Do you remember what happened to Lot after he fled the destruction?"

"His wife looked back and became a pillar of salt."

"And after that, both his daughters got him drunk and fucked him, and they each had a child by him."

Karen said, "We're not gonna turn into perverts Mom. When I do start fucking, there won't be any kinks in my screws."

"But how do you think you're gonna look, walking around wearing only a skirt, while carrying a spear, with your naked boobs hanging out and a couple of shrunken heads on your belt?"

Dave said, "She'll look like she's been eating right."

"She'll look like Lot's daughter."

Karen smiled. "I think I'll look cute."

"Just how cute do you think your own head's gonna look, after it's been shrunk to the size of a cue ball, and dangling on some naked warrior's belt?"

"Oh Mom!" Karen laughed. "That sounds so kinky!"

"That'll be after the rest of you has been carved up and tossed on a grill for a neighborhood barbecue."

"That sounds even kinkier!"

"That sounds like what happened to Lot's daughter."

Karen said, "They're not doing anything on Mundomaya, that isn't happening right here on Earth."

"Karen's right," Dave said, "so stop comparing me to Lot. Mundomaya is not Sodom and Gomorrah. Manhattan is. Mundomaya will be our Promised Land.

"The Bible does say 'Behold, I set before you this day, life or death, blessing or curse. Therefore choose life, so that you and you children may live, and possess the land, that the Lord your God has given you.'

"Now we can either have a long healthy life on Mundomaya, or we can wait here to be annihilated, along with everyone who stays in this City."

Karen said, "I wouldn't want to be among the few severely wounded survivors, who'll have to start again from scratch, and they won't have any medical care."

"Don't worry," said her mother. "Neither would I."

Six weeks later, the Krendells boarded the spaceliner. A month later they landed on the tropical, agricultural planet Mundomaya, in another solar system, 35 light years away from Earth.

Mundomaya had first been settled by fugitives, who'd come fleeing religious persecution in the Earth Nations of Mexico and Guatemala. Their revival of the human sacrifice religion of their Aztec/Mayan ancestors, had not been tolerated in either country.

Once original settlers had arrived, they and their descendants developed Mundomayan Civilization, and their ancient Faith, to the fullest.

After the Krendells disembarked at the Aerospace-puerto, they stepped into the sweltering heat of the Terminal building. Bare breasted women soldiers strolled armed with repeating rifles. Each soldier had the shrunken heads of men and women tied
on her belt.

Amanda asked "What are you looking at Dave?"

"How you're gonna be looking, after we've finally put on enough weight. I bet you'll look terrific."

"Thank you Dave, but I think that Karen and I'll wait 'til we're drafted, before we put on the uniform."

The passengers from Earth went through Customs. A honeymooning Earth couple stood in line, directly ahead of the Krendells. The Customs Officer found a packet of illegal white powder in their luggage.

The husband said, "It's for our personal use only."

The Customs Officer drew the pistol from the holster on his belt, and shot the husband.

His wife screamed. "No!"

The Officer shot her. She fell dead in the aisle, beside her husband.

Dave asked, "You shot them without even a trial?"

The Officer said, "They were found with the evidence in their possession. No trial was necessary."

A pair of women soldiers came over, and dragged the dead couple to the side of the aisle, leaving their bodies in plain sight.

Now the Krendells put their bags on the table in front of the Officer and opened them.

The Officer found a Bible in Amanda's luggage.

"I'm sorry Senora. This is contraband. I have to confiscate this."

He placed the Bible on a shelf, beneath his desk.

"Contraband?" Amanda said, "Confiscate?"

"It is also illegal, for you and your daughter to be wearing those crosses. You'll have to hand them over."

"Hand over our crosses?"

The Officer touched the handle of his pistol.

Amanda and Karen quickly undid the thin chains around their necks, and handed their crosses to the man.

Dave said, "I read that there was freedom of religion here, in the Republic of Tulum."

"All inmigrantes are required to register as members of their local Parish Teochacali, within one week after obtaining permanent residence. Your Earth God Jesus, is one of the Teochacos, to Whom we sacrifice, at our Parish Teochacalis."

Amanda said, "I told you this would happen."

"One more thing Senora." The Officer said, "All women are required to dress modestly."

She and Karen glanced at the bare breasted women soldiers.

"It is unlawful," the Officer said, "for women to wear partially revealing clothes. They make men curious to see what little remains hidden. That leads to adulterous thoughts, which can lead to much trouble."

Amanda said, "We've come to have a better life; not to look for trouble."

"Then you must both be either fully covered, as you are now, or wear nothing at all above the waist."

"This is a tropical world, Mom.", said Karen. "It's 108 degrees at 7 o'clock in the morning. On Mundomaya, a woman's top garment is her belt."

The Officer said, "So all of you have a good day. Enjoy your stay on Mundomaya, in the Republic of Tulum, and in the City of Chichitok."

Dave said, "Gracias Senor."

The Krendells took a limo from the Terminal into Chichitok, a gleaming white city, that sweltered under a heavy white sun and glowing blue sky. The City was surrounded by lush green farmland, which stretched all the way to the jagged blue mountain range, 50 miles to the south, and even further in all other directions.

Chichitok was the Capitol of the Republic of Tulum. The Capitol was a city of museums, theaters, hotels, office buildings, libraries, and the University of Tulum. There were palmtree lined avenues, with elegant shops, art galleries, and sidewalk restaurants.

Chichitok was also a city of one and two story, whitewashed stucco houses, with orange tile roofs, on narrow streets paved with blue cobblestones. Open air markets were found in every parish.

On the day they arrived, the limo from the Terminal, drove the Krendells through downtown Chichitok, and around the Plaza Mayor. They drove past the Gran Teochacali, a massive, five tiered stepped pyramid on the north side of the Plaza. A grand stairway ascended along the front, across all five tiers, from the sidewalk to the

A teenage girl stood on the apex, between a pair of vertical stakes, to which her outstretched arms were tied by the wrists. She hung there, sunk forward, upheld by the chords, with an arrow stuck between her large bare breasts, and poking out her back.

Dave asked the driver, "What, no mass immolations?"

"This isn't a holiday."


"She is the daily sacrifice. She hangs there as a sign of assurance, that all is well in la Ciudad de Chichitok."

Karen said, "That's comforting to know."

That is how we worship the Teochacos." He explained, "The Teochacos bring the sun and the rain, which cause the plants to grow. The plants are eaten by animals, which are eaten by people, who are fed to the Teocahcos; making them strong enough to sustain us, here in the Republic of Tulum, and on the Planet Mundomaya."

Amanda asked, "Has anyone ever tried to sustain things, without human sacrifices?"

"You Earth people have, for twice as long as we've been on this Planet, and we don't have ten percent of your problems."

Karen said, "That's true. There might be something to it."

Blood stained stepped pyramids, or low platform teochacalis, stood in every parish in the city.

The Krendells moved into a five room, white washed, one story stucco house, with an orange tile roof, on a narrow, cobblestone street. The house was built around an open air patio, with a cypress tree. Karen had a room of her own.

The Krendells began putting on weight the day they arrived. They ate fresh fruits and vegetables, beef, pork and poultry. Human meat was also available in the local markets.

On their first Sunday morning in their new home, when Karen got up, her slacks fit snug against her newly rounded hips and thighs. She looked in her bedroom mirror, and saw her fully developed breasts and narrow waist.

I was right, she thought. I do look cute.

She wouldn't have to hide her protruding ribs, while she sweated inside those heavy blouses any longer.

She joined her parents for breakfast, at the table in the patio, under the cypress tree, wearing nothing above the waist.

"Look at this!" she announced proudly. "I've got a pair of artillery shells, and I'm ready to go bang!"

At mid-day, the Krendells attended a sacrifice at their local Parish Teochacali, where they had registered as members, according to law.

"We had better attend." Dave said, "I don't want any of us, getting tossed into any lion's den, or fiery furnace."

In the heavy heat of the tropical city, Karen and her mother had decided to avoid trouble, by dressing with Mundomayan modesty. Karen wore nothing above the waist. Amanda's top garment was her belt. She and Karen had each purchased a pair of shrunken heads, at a local market. They now wore them, dangling from their belts.

Amanda said, "It feels very comfortable and natural Dave."

He said, "I'm so glad we decided not to stay on Earth. If we'd stayed, I'd never have known what a great looking family I've got."

The ceremony took place, in a small plaza, a few blocks from the Krendell's home. A devout girl named Inez Coronado, who lived down the street from the Krendells, lay stretched out on her back, atop a stone of sacrifice, which stood in the center of a ten foot high, circular stone platform. She was not tied down. She lay there bravely, trying not to tremble

The Parish Cacique, Luis Suarez, was about 20 years old. He stood above Inez, who was around Karen's age, holding a razor sharp obsidian dagger.

Cacique Suarez slashed Inez open between her breasts. Then he reached through the wound, ripped her beating heart out, with his bare hand, and held it up high under the scorching sun, where it continued to throb.

Everyone in the crowd, including the parents of Inez Coronado, joyously shouted.


The Krendells were careful to join in the shout.

Then the Cacique chopped off Inez' head, and impaled it on a stake. She had a smile on her lips.

That was followed by a cannibal barbecue, which the Krendells were also careful to join in.

Amanda said, "So this is what we've won in the lottery?"

Dave nodded. "We've escaped from Sodom and fled straight to Gommorah."

"Well I've had enough of this." she said.

Amanda walked up to Cacique Suarez.

She told him, "I'm not doing any of this again. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and from now on, only Him will I Worship."

She removed the shrunken heads from her belt, and handed them to the Cacique.

Then she told him, "I'm sure there are more than ten righteous people in this City. I'm going to find them, and I'll be worshiping with them, from now on."

Several days later, Amanda Krendell stood atop the Gran Teocchacali, between two vertical stakes, to which her outstretched arms were tied by the wrists. She hung there, sunk forward, upheld by the chords, with an arrow stuck between her large bare breasts, and poking out her back, as a sign of assurance, that all was well, in La Ciudad do Chichitok.

Six months later, the day of the Harvest Fiesta arrived in the Republic of Tulum. The heavy white sun crushed hard against the City of Chichitok. Once it finally set that evening, the customary heads of sacrificed women would be displayed on hooks, adorning the public buildings around the Plaza Mayor, and along elegant, palm tree lined Avenida Guiterrez. Karen, who was now 17, wondered if her head would be among them.

In the time since the Krendells arrived, Karen hadn't been hungry once. Now the day had come for her, to make sure things stayed that way.

Karen and six teenage Mundomayan girls stood in the 116 degree heat, atop a waist-high, circular stone platform. They wore calf-length skirts of shimmering red, orange, purple and gold threads embroidered into Mundomayan glyph patterns. They wore sandals and sequined belts. The girls were casually bare breasted, and had radiating crests of peacock viper plumes on their heads.

The platform was in a small plaza, in a district of whitewashed stucco buildings with red tile roofs. Thousands of revelers had crowded into the plaza to see which girls would get their heads chopped off, and their bodies barbecued that evening.

Karen stood beside Pilar Obregon, who had the brownish red skin, high cheekbones, long nose and smooth black hair of the native Mundomayan.

Karen's blonde hair hung to her shoulders. She had blue eyes.

They all wore necklaces carved from human knuckle bones. Their belt buckles, bracelets, earrings and hair clips were also carved from human bones.

Pilar asked, "So you've decided to take the risk?"

Karen told her, "This is required by law, to keep the population low. No one is permitted to get married and raise children until he or she has risked death in either war or human sacrifice. I think it's a good law. We should have had the same law on Earth."

"I agree.", said Inez, "but why do you talk about getting married? While Luis Vargas may have been fucking you for fun, I'm his betrothed, and everyone knows that; so why are you dancing this year?"

"It's required, for me and my family to be granted permanent residency status. That'll keep us from being returned to Earth."

Luis Vargas stood behind the line of girls, holding a machete with a four foot blade.

"You're blonde.", said Inez. "We don't get to see the heads of blonde women on the hooks very often. Everyone here'd be very disappointed if yours isn't; and I'm sure that Cacique Vargas wouldn't want to disappoint all these people."

"I'm sure he wouldn't either, but now we'll get to see, which one of us he loves the most."

Senor Carlos Coranado stood beside a table at the foot of the steps leading up to the platform. He reached into a basket on the table and drew out a slip of paper. He looked at it and called out.

"Five heads!"

Then the mariachi band on the side of the platform began blaring out a lively melody.

The seven young women spread out in a circle around Cacique Vargas, with their bare backs toward him.

The crowd started chanting, "Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blonde head off!"

Luis Vargas was 23. He was a husky man who moved the machete easily. He placed the blade on both shoulders of each girl, one by one, as the crowd continued cheerfully chanting.

"Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blonde head off!..."

Karen didn't flinch when she felt the heavy blade on her right shoulder. She held still when it touched her left shoulder.

Then, with great enthusiasm, the girls began a traditional foot-stamping, hand clapping, whirling dance.

In the corner of her eye, Karen saw Luis slash with the machete.
She heard a loud, wet chop.

The first girl's head flew off into the crowd, with an ecstatic grin on her face. As her whirling body collapsed with a stream of sparkling red blood shooting up out of her neck stump, the crowd and the dancers all shouted.


Karen continued dancing, without missing a beat. None of them missed a beat.

The blade slashed again.


The second girl's head flew off.


All over the City of Chichitok, and throughout the Republic of Tulum, the heads of thousands of young women and men were coming off. Thousands of others getting their beating hearts ripped out; all to keep conditions on Mundomaya from becoming like those on Earth. Karen was glad to help.





"Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blonde head off!..."

Now Pilar, Karen and one other girl, were the only dancers still alive; trying not to stumble, as they danced around the bodies of their freshly killed compadres.

Karen called out "Luis! My best wishes to you and Pilar!"

"Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blonde head off! Chop the blon..."

The three girls whirled about, making their skirts flare out above their hips.


The final girl's head flew off into the crowd, as her whirling body collapsed, with a stream of sparkling red blood shooting up out of her neck stump.


When the sun rose the next morning, the heads of hundreds of young women were firmly set on the hooks, lining Avenida Guiterrez, and overlooking the Plaza Mayor. The heads of a few dozen immigrant Earth women were among them. A hook adorning the Capitol Building of the Republic of Tulum, was ornamented with the head of Pilar Obregon, facing out across the Plaza Mayor.

All was well in Chichitok.

Six months later, Karen and Luis were married. They raised their two sons and three daughters, to faithfully worship all the gods of Mundomaya. Karen made sure that they never went hungry, and that they understood the importance of keeping the population low.

When their oldest daughter Amanda was a healthy, well fed, sexually active 16 year old, she was among the bare breasted girls whose heads came off, as they danced before the cheering crowd, at that year's Harvest Fiesta.

That evening, her head was displayed above the main entrance to the Casa Presidente, while her body was barbecued and dined on by El Presidente and his family.

Her mother was very proud of her.
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