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Promises (Angel: The Series fanfiction)

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When Angel gives up his soul for his daughter, where does that leave our favorite seer and her champion?

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No sooner had Cordelia, placed the baby gently on the bed, thrown her bag on top and put a couple of articles of clothing in it, the bedroom door slammed open and an irate vampire came barging in. His eyes flaring gold and his mouth was set back in a snarl.
“You aren’t leaving me, Cordelia, I forbid it!” Angelus yelled coming nose to nose with the feisty brunette in front of him. Cordelia swung around to meet his golden stare with fire in her hazel eyes to match his own
“You promised, Angelus!” It was Cordelia’s turn to yell, throwing her hands on her hips to show that she wasn’t going to back down. “You promised me you would protect our daughter in exchange for me staying with you,” she began tapping her foot, “Playing detective, killing demons, and playing chess with Evil Incoporated doesn’t exactly get you on any Christmas lists, buster.”
Cordelia thought about the endless names of the people who were after her and her daughter for multiple reasons. A seer directly connected with the PTB and a baby between said seer and a vampire, well, lets just say they were like a beacon to the supernatural community.
Cordy shivered and brought her hands around her, hugging herself, as she glanced towards the small little bundle on the bed. Her beautiful baby girl was her last link to Angel. Cordelia and Angel gave birth to this tiny bundle, but with her birth father being a vampire, the baby was born without a soul. Making the ultimate sacrifice, Angel gave up his soul to his daughter. Cordelia had tried to run with the help of Wesley and Gunn, but Angelus was having no part of it. She hadn’t even made it to the airport when he caught up with her. Why did she think it was a good idea to fly out at night when he could follow her?
Her heart ached for Angel. She desperately needed his strong arms around her. She knew deep down that the vampire standing in front of her was Angel, but the ruthlessness and the dangerous way he carried himself made her nervous and afraid. However, seeing as though he wasn’t going to let her leave, Cordelia promised to stay on her own volition if Angelus would care for and protect her baby. At first Angelus was not for it and threatened to kill the baby and take Cordelia anyway, but Cordelia knew how to work this certain vampire. Reluctantly, he agreed.
Turning her attention back to the dangerous vampire in front of her, Cordelia let out the smallest gasp when she saw that he was openly studying her with his chocolate, brown eyes. Deep and soulless as they were, Cordelia could not deny they way he made her feel when he looked at her. When she looked into his eyes she saw the animalistic hunger of a predator, but it was tapered with something else. She scoffed at herself in her head. It was no use making up stories of romance between her and her soulless best friend. Angelus could never feel the same way about her, as she knew Angel did, could he? Were soulless demons capable of such emotions?
Shaking herself out of her deep thought, Cordelia straightened her spine and focused on the important issue- her daughter’s protection and survival.
Angelus watched the emotions flying across that beautiful face as she looked at him and then the baby upon the bed. Ever since retaking his body from the filthy soul, Angelus had only wanted one other thing- her. Cordelia made his demon howl at the moon, laugh until his sides hurt, and angrier than even William had all these years. He couldn’t shake the deep feelings that the soul had had for her- he loved her. However, demons “love” differently than beings with souls. There love comes with possessiveness, lust, and pain. Usually the bond between a demon and a creature with a soul was one sided and the demon used it to their advantage. However, Angelus new that what he had with Cordelia was different. He had wanted to show her, but that mound of stinking, baby flesh kept getting in the way. He hated that thing. It embodied the soul he had been trying to get rid of permanently for over the last two centuries.
Turning his disgusted face back to his woman, Angelus crossed his strong arms over his broad chest, quirked and eyebrow and said, “I’m an evil vampire, Cordelia, it is well within my nature to go back on my promises. Duh, as you would so adequately put it.” He leaned in towards her hoping to intimidate her into submission, but he saw only anger. She’s awfully cute when she mad, especially the way she scrunches that little nose, he thought. Shaking his head, he couldn’t let her distract him in the midst of an argument. The soul had lost countless arguments against the seer because of her “charms.”
Rolling her eyes in perfect Cordelia Chase fashion, Cordelia threw her hands up in the air in mock defeat.
“Fine, be all grr and evil-ly. See if I care. Big whoop. The deal was you got me if you protect her,” she seethed pointing to the swaddled bundle on the bed that was more interested in her hands.
“She is our daughter Angelus, whether we both like it or not. It is our parental duty to give her a safe upbringing and if you can’t handle that little responsibility, then I’ll see ourselves out,” she turned to make for the bed to pick up her baby, “Maybe Hollywood still has a single, sexy star own their hands who would like to help a damsel in distress.” She began to stroke her daughter’s baby hair and watched as she wrapped her little fingers around one finger of her’s, her heart instantly melting.
Angelus just stared incredulously at the woman before him. He drank her in from the top of her shiny, brunette hair, to the tip of her well-manicured feet. He watched her interact with the baby on the bed and was jealous that the smile that spread across her face was not directed towards him. Cordy’s smile would brighten up a whole room. The soul would purposefully make her laugh, sometimes at his own expense, so that he could see that smile. Angelus missed that smile, he loathed to admit. I am so whipped, he thought with a roll of his own eyes, quickly reiterating, but she doesn’t have to know that. Most of the time, he didn’t know if he wanted to shake her senseless or kiss her until there was no inch left unkissed.
Taking his silence as submission, Cordelia scooped the little bundle off the bed and into her arms. With just one look into her baby girl’s eyes, she felt her resolve strengthening. She knew that she would do whatever she had to do to keep her little girl safe and that was that. Taking a couple of steps forward, Cordelia kept her head held high, eyes trained on the door, “Goodbye, Ang-“
Before Cordelia could even get his name out of her mouth, Angelus had her and the baby pinned against the wall, brown eyes melting into a fiery gold. The baby started crying, and Cordelia had to shake her head in order to adjust to being moved so quickly. She was furious at the stupid vampire, for being so reckless with their daughter so close. Who did he think he was?
“You’re not going anywhere, Cordelia. You’re staying here with me where you belong,” he gritted his teeth as he said this. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “You’re mine.” He was seething, placing his thick arms on either side of her head against the wall, effectively caging her in.
For the second time in perhaps ten to fifteen minutes, Cordelia stifled her growing anger and simply rolled her eyes at the possessive display before her. It figures she would fall in love with the most ruthless, possessive vampire to have ever walked the earth. Whoa, love? She thought. She couldn’t love Angelus right. Staring into his eyes, she saw her Angel. She had promised him that she loved every part of him, the man, the soul, and yes, even the vampire, because that is what made him who he was. The vampire was still her Angel, but with a little more grit than before. Silently, to herself, she accepted the fact that, yes, she was in love with Angelus. I am his in body, mind and soul, she thought. But he doesn’t have to know that, she quickly added.
Who was she kidding? She was Cordelia Chase. She wasn’t one to hide who she really was or what she really thought. She blew out a huff and fixed the vampire with a stern gaze.
“So, what, I’m your’s, Angelus. But you also belong to me, buster. I may not know exactly what that means for us right now, however,” she said raising the baby in her arms getting the vampire’s attention, “She belongs to us. Your’s and mine, Scourgy. A deal is a deal, so all I am asking is for you to protect her like you would me from any evil out there and in exchange, I will stay with you willingly, scouts honor.”
Angelus unhooked himself from the wall and crossed his arms over his sculpted chest bringing Cordy’s attention to his huge strong arms, in which she had to take a gulp of air to stop from breathing too deeply. Meanwhile, Angelus was looking the tiny obstacle literally wedged between him and his ideal mate. How could he get around this? He was the Scourge of Europe and bowed to no other will. He glanced at Cordelia and saw only fierce determination in her eyes. He didn’t like that one bit. He would have to…have to…Oh hell. Who was he kidding; her fierceness and bull headedness were what drew him to her. She was an equal to his cutting wit and overall charm.
Cringing when he realized that Cordelia was about to win this argument, finally dropped his hands to his side, “Fine, but don’t expect me to be Father-of-the-Year. I’ll allow you to keep your pet as long as she doesn’t get in my way or our way, Cordelia.”
Thrilled that she had beat the big mean-y into submission, Cordelia let a hint of a smile float across her face, “Daughter, Angelus, say it with me,” she crooned, “Our daughter.”
“Daughter, whatever,” Angelus moaned.
Delighted that things were back in order, Cordelia closed the remaining space in between her and the vampire. She held the baby out to Angelus, flashing her signature thousand watt smile.
Angelus instantly felt a tightness in his chest when he finally took in her radiant smile, but couldn’t show any sign of weakness, so Angelus only stared back.
“Um, exactly what are you doing? I didn’t ask for it.” He looked at the baby that was now staring at him with questioning eyes. Was it possible for a baby to size you up?
“I desperately need a hot shower and you need to become more acquainted with you daughter,” she said nudging the baby toward him again.
“Cordelia,” he growled, “I agreed to be her body guard, but that doesn’t mean I actually want to spend time with her.”
“Pfft, contrary to her blood line, Angelus, she doesn’t bite. Besides, taking care of a baby by yourself is exhausting. If we are going to have any us time, then I need some me time. Is that enough pronouns for you, dork?”
Grudgingly, Angelus took the baby and watched as the beautifully sexy, irritating-as-hell woman closed herself in the bathroom leaving the vampire alone with the baby. One was nervous as hell and slightly disgusted, the other was really fascinated with its two hands and ten fingers.
Angelus was brought back to reality when he felt small hands padding his face. Angelus morphed into his demonic features hoping to give the runt a little scare, but the baby just proceeded to explore the now raised ridges. Not knowing how to make the baby stop touching his face, Angelus stood with his arms outstretched and watched in horror as the little, gurgling baby slobbered on his arm.
In mid grimace, Angelus sensed the approach of another vampire. What kept him in a relaxed, yet a highly annoyed state was the fact that said vampire was family. Bloody, William, Angelus moaned.
Spike walked in taking in his grandsire’s disgruntled face and couldn’t keep the smirk off his face or out of his voice, “It’s a baby you big poof, not a bomb.” Spike moseyed up to Angelus with a big grin on his face. Word had reached Sunnydale of Angel giving his soul up for his baby’s survival and he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get in on the action.
Prattling on as if he didn’t notice that Angelus was ignoring him, Spike looked the baby up and down curiously, “Well, she is a cute little thing, isn’t she? Must be 100% Cordelia.” Spike held up his hands in mock surrender, “Sorry mate, but with a mug like your’s, the little tyke had the odds against her right out of the gate.” He chuckled when he heard Angelus low growl rumbled out from his chest.
“Any who, I just wanted this little princess to meet her Uncle Spike,” he said tapping her own her little nose, but the young vampire was surprised when the “little princess” wrapped her mouth around his finger and bit down. Two powerful baby jaws nod on his fingers, “Youch!” Spike said pulling his finger away from the little demon.
Angelus leaned his head back and let out a roaring laughter. He brought the baby to his chest and began rocking back and forth. Calming himself down, he leaned back to look into the eyes of his little monster and couldn’t help but swell with pride.
“I think she got something from me, William,” Angelus grinned looking at the baby as she stuck her own hand in her mouth and began sucking on it. Spike rolled his eyes and sauntered off annoyed that he wouldn’t get any joy out of Angelus’ predicament tonight.
Turning his attention back to the bouncing baby in his arms, Angelus could almost feel the swell of his unbeating heart as he gazed into the tiny hazel orbs that reminded him so much of his Cordy. The little specks of gold in her irises did not escape his notice and he thought maybe a little something of him was there as well. Angelus gave the baby a little squeeze and whispered against her head, “I think we are going to get along just fine.”


Angelus laid in his own bed with his woman and, yes, he’ll admit it, their daughter laying between them. Cordy was feeding the baby the last of the formula before putting her to bed and Angelus couldn’t stop himself from gazing down at the beautiful image they presented. His girls. Earlier, Angelus had cringed with the fact that he would be stuck with this child for the next 18 years, but now he was finding himself not at all unhappy with the idea of staying like this forever.
Stroking Cordelia’s hair, he couldn’t help but replaying her earlier comments during their argument. She claimed that she and their baby needed protection, but for the unlife of him, Angelus could not think of anyone who would be stupid enough to threaten his family.
Always wanting to know if a new enemy was a threat, Angelus leaned over to whisper to the brunette as to not wake up the now sleeping baby. “Exactly who is it that you need protection from? No one would dare harm you now that I have claimed you as mine,” he puffed his chest in pure male ego.
Cordelia laughed quietly to herself. Men.
“Having a supernatural private investigative service doesn’t exactly wrack up the pen pals, does it? Besides,” she said with a glint of a smile, “there are other evils a girl faces of the the non-demony variety, Angelus.”
Confused, Angelus asked, “There is?”
Cordelia had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing at the gullible expression on the dangerous vampire. “Of course,” she began, “There’s natural disasters, missing a Victoria Secret blow out sale and the absolute worst kind of evil- boys!”
Angelus scoffed, “Boys? Why would you need to be scared of boys?”
Cordelia glanced down at the little bundle snuggled closely in between her mom and dad. “Our poor baby is going to have the flocking to her one day because, well duh, she’s my daughter and she will be drop-dead gorgeous,” she stopped her rambling and continued her mock horrifying tale, “Have you ever heard the saying “boys will be boys,” Angelus? No, well, that’s how littler girls’ hearts get broken?” She poked out her bottom lip in a pout, “Do you want that for her, Angelus?”
Cordelia finally looked into his eyes and was shocked that she saw his jaw set and his eyes flash gold. Deflating that maybe she had taken the teasing too far and that she had pissed him off, but was startled when she saw Angelus gently pick the baby into his strong arms and hugging her to his chest.
At Cordelia’s last words, Angelus felt a coldness steal his heart,” wanting to protect his little girl from the perverbial boys, Angelus gathered her up in his arms.
“No one will ever hurt her, I swear this to you I will tear them limb from limb before they even thought to disrespect her in any way.” He didn’t know where his fierce protectiveness had come from, but he didn’t push the feeling away.
Chuckling to herself, Cordelia placed her hand on his arm and watched as his golden eyes softened to his soft, warm chocolate ones.
“Ok, big guy. No need to get all over-protective yet,” she smiled snuggling closer to the vampire, “I’m sure she’s going to dish out just as much heartache in her own time.”
Glancing down at his own daughter, her angelic face nestled close to his face, Angelus couldn’t imagine her bringing any harm to anyone.
“What do you mean, deal out heartache?”
“Oh, Angelus,” Cordy yawned, “I’m talking about the dating game.”

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