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All was black around him. Falling through the air seemed relentless, until his body hit the cold rock and earth. The shambles of broken stone were all he could see. Demons of all sorts, formed around him, bowing at the Dark Prince. Vergil stood, as Yamato clanged at his side. He smirked, looking around at the thousands, maybe millions of minions that gathered to recognize the one known as Nelo Angelo. The Dark Prince turned down a path, leading to Mundus' quarters. As he arrived at Mundus' doors, he turned the knobs and walked in, bowing before his master.

"Nelo, are the troops being prepared for what is to come?" a low growl was heard.

"Yes master. As we speak, the sum is growing larger to take over the human world, and to get rid of that damned demon hunter Dante," Nelo Angelo kneeled before his master's feet.

"Very well Nelo. Go about your duties, I will summon you for other preparations later," Mundus turned to pondering and left Nelo Angelo for his own musings. Nelo bowed out and left for his own room.

end dream

Vergil woke up screaming "no!" He had gained some breath back, but relaxed. His head slumped to his chest and his eyes were fixated on his hands. He hated who he had become. There was nothing more irratating than fighting with emotions. "Dante I might be back sooner than you think. Your life is in danger and I'm just sitting here like a fool." Vergil stood with a stern look on his face. "I've got to warn him."

Vergil grabbed his wet black cloack and a set of keys then rushed out the door. He got to the basement and got into his 2006 Porsche. He started it up and took off. As it raced through the streets, his thoughts were of the army and the mistake he created. He finally arrived a few blocks away from Devil May Cry and decided to park it. He swung the car around and parallel parked it. The door slammed as he threw the hood of his cloack over his face. He traveled the few blocks that seperated him and Dante, then finally stopped on the doormat of Devil May Cry. He held a note in one hand and placed it on the ground, while he knocked with the other. As Vergil heard footsteps, he strided only a few paces down to watch Dante, thanking it hadn't snowed heavy enough for footprints to show.

He rounded the corner and watched as Dante appeared at the door, looking around for his unexpected visitor. Dante noticed the note and picked it up. It read, "meet me in the alley one block down, we need to talk." Dante only shrugged and nodded then went inside to throw on his red coat and head out. Vergil waited by a dumpster, finally happy when he saw Dante coming down the alley. Vergil toom a few steps forward, but only enough to keep his features hidden, a smile playing at his lips when he saw his twin, note in hand.

Dante cleared his throat "you wanted a word with me?" His voice much more stern than Vergil had remembered it.

"Yes, we need to talk. There is something that is--" Vergil stopped when he saw Dante's face, a look of shock on it.

Dante stepped forward and said "I recognize that voice, but can't place it. It sounds like my--" Dante cut himself short and looked away. "It can't be." Dante then stepped forwards toward the unknown figure to him and pulled its hood back. He nearly collapsed to his knees when he saw who it was. Instead of collapsing though, he pulled out Ebony and Ivory and cocked back the hammers of his twin guns. His fingers were on the triggers, but wasn't going to pull them just yet. "Why in the hell are you here? Come to try to kill me once more, eh Verge?"

Vergil just froze and put his hands up in the air. "Dante, all I want to do is talk. I realized everything I had done, I betrayed you most of all. I promised to you I wouldn't leave, but I did for my own selfish needs. Can you forgive me?"

Dante didn't let his guard down. He kept the guns posed at face point and said "Vergil, how can you even ask that of me after we fought all those times and you tried to kill me?"

Vergil expected this, but to a certain extent. He thought Dante would just question him, but he went as far as questioning him at gun point. He wished he could take everything back, but knew he couldn't now. It had been set and done, and now he had to pay for it. "Dante please, I just want to talk. No more, no less than that." Vergil pleaded, but it was no use.

"Why Vergil? Tell me why I should..." Dante said cocking his head to the side to get a better view of his twin's face.

"Because I need to say it before it's too late," Vergil stated plainly.

"Too late?" Dante questioned.

Vergil sighed and said "yes. There are armies getting ready to take over this world and that are ready to take you down along with it. Dante I'm sorry, I really am."

Dante smirked, but reholstered his twin guns. "So Verge, what is going on? I mean where did this all come from?"

Vergil looked away and couldn't face Dante and muttered "me."

Dante was loss for words, but spoke "why though?"

"When I was Nelo Angelo. I planned my revenge, and spoke of it to Mundus. That's why you need to get out of here before he finds you. I'm not losing you again. I was stupid in thinking that I was something without you," the older twin said as Dante took all this in.

He came to a conclusion and smiled "I'm not running Verge. I'm going to help you defeat that bastard and reclaim my brother," Dante walked up to Vergil and hugged him. "I can't lose you again, not after I lost mom, you, and dad in the past."

Dante, after a few minutes, broke the hug and stepped back. "We can go back to my place Verge, that way you can rest and then we can think of a plan to defeat him. Those armies aren't going to be easy but hey, it might be fun as hell."

"Actually, Dante, let's go back to my penthouse. There's more room and no mess," Vergil laughed as well as Dante. Soon enough, both were on the way to Vergil's penthouse to discuss the topic of killing Mundus once and for all.

There was silence on the way, either looked in the other direction, occasionally looking into windows to glance at the shoppers. Dante stopped walking every now and then to go into a shop and look around. Vergil only rolled his eyes, but followed Dante closely behind. Dante finally gave up and just followed Vergil back to the penthouse.

They stepped in front of a large building several stories up as Vergil smirked. He pressed a button and ushered Dante next to him. The door gave a small 'ding' when it had arrived at the ground and both twins stepped in. Vergil pressed the botton for the correct floor number and it shifted a little then flew up the tireless floor numbers. Once it reached its destination it 'dinged' once more and the two stepped out to go to the door. Vergil unlocked it and swung it open to reveal a nice, clean open space. Dante gasped as he looked around, taking note of every detail. Pictures of waterfalls, mountains, and streams hung on the various cornered walls. As on the far right was Vergil's sliding glass doors with blue curtains neatly drawn over them. The fireplace was in the center and was huge. Up above, was the mantle where various pictures were, including a familiar picture of them and their parents. In the far left was a book shelf, which kept books of all sizes and shapes. His entertainment center included his TV, DVD player, and several old and new movies placed on it. Everything was set perfect and in line. It almost looked as no one has lived there, but was kept dusted. Vergil only smiled as he saw the look on Dante's face.

"Sit down little brother," Vergil pointed to one of his lounge chairs and Dante did as he was told. "We can talk of Mundus and all that later, for now I think we have some catching up to do." Vergil went over to Dante and leaned over his chest. He kissed Dante and Dante responded by trying to make it last longer, but to no avail when Vergil pushed him back. Heat was growing between them as Vergil kissed down Dante's neck, nipping it here and there. Dante moaned when Vergil hit the crook of his neck and arched his back slightly. Vergil smirked at this, and bit down into the crook as hard as he could, then licking up the trickling blood. Dante was squirming at this point and had attempted to take off his shirt, but every time he tried, Vergil only pushed him back.

Vergil finally stopped the assult on Dante's neck and decided to go lower. At this point, Vergil took Dante's shirt off for him and slipped the pants off as well. When Vergil succeeded in doing that, he gently tugged at Dante's hem on his boxers and slowly brought the boxers lower until they went passed Dante's member. Vergil pulled his head back up, only to smirk at Dante then lowered it again and began to take Dante into his mouth. He only covered the head first as he swirled his tongue around it and the slit. Dante gasped at this and arched his back more. Vergil then took his tongue and went slowly down the length then up. He repeated this for some time as he heard Dante's protest about how he hated it when he was teased. This only encouraged him to do it even more to Dante. Vergil finally went back up to the head as precum came and lapped it up, tasting how great his twin was. Vergil then took the whole length back down just before Dante came for the last time and swallowed it. Vergil finished as Dante tried to get his breath back, gasping for air.

Vergil stood up and kissed Dante one last time before getting a towel and cleaning his younger twin up. Dante always liked it when he got this much attention, especially by Vergil. "Now Dante" Vergil began as he wiped Dante off, "we will talk on how to get to Mundus and kill him once and for all." Dante only smiled and got up to get his clothes back on. "Verge, can't we just have the night together and worry about it tomorrow? This might be the last time we ever see each other if our plan fails," Dante whined as he got closer to his brother's chest and licking his lips. Vergil rolled his eyes and pondered what Dante had just said. What if it would be their last night together and he never spent it with his brother? Vergil thought of it and shrugged his shoulders and sighed "why not" and embraced Dante. "Fine we'll take the night off, but you have to promise that we'll talk of it tomorrow, no exceptions Dante." Dante smiled and Vergil took that as a yes. Soon they fell asleep, Dante sighed and laid his head on his twin's chest and let sleep overtake him.
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