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Grenade Jumper

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Sixteen:
Grenade Jumper
"My heart ticks in beat with these kids that I grew up with."

Layers of white and baby blue formed the skirt part of my wedding dress. It was only a small hint of blue showing through the lace white top layer. Vera knew better then to ruin the idea that I wasn't still a virgin now that I was getting married. The bodice, however, was solid white with flowers sewed at the top. It was sleeveless and delicate partly because most of the dress was made of hand made lace.
It was my dream wedding dress. You know the one you think up when your nine-years-old and you're planning the best wedding. Except instead of planning my wedding I was planning my funeral. I never thought I would get married, yet here I am fourteen years later, a vision of white and blue waiting for my mother, and Eric to come give me away.
If you're wondering is it only her mother that is giving her away then yes. I had invited my father, but mother said he was going to be on a business trip. Whenever anything was important to me he was always on a business trip. When it was my first talent show, and I would be reading a poem I wrote he would be on a business trip. When it was my first battle of the bands competition he was on a business trip. When I was going on tour for the first time he was on a business trip. To tell you the truth he was on so many business trips I didn't think he was really part of my childhood anymore.
I felt a hand on my forearm, and I saw Eric on one side of me, and my mother on the other side. "I can't believe you're getting married," Eric said in a whisper of astonishment.
I gave a nervous laugh, "Neither can I."
"Are you nervous?" My mom asked hearing the unsteadiness of my tone.
I smiled, "Of course I am. Weren't you nervous on your wedding day?"
"I wouldn't know I haven't had one yet," I heard Eric say from beside me.
"Not you dumbass, me," I heard my mom slap him in the back of the head.
"Ow! Mom number two! You have a good slap," he said.
She smiled, "I know I used to hit her with it every time she did something stupid.
I laughed, and then I heard the song start to play. I didn't pick the regular wedding march that everybody and their brother had, but instead I chose a song that I taught Pete to love because it was one of my favorite songs, and he would have to deal with that. Eric whispered that I should start to sing. So, I started to out of habit.
Father once spoke of an angel. I used to dream he'd appear.
Now as I sing I can sense him and I know he's here
When I got up to Pete, who was lavishly dressed in a black tux with a blue tie, I couldn't help but tell him he was my angel of music. He smiled, and told me I was his Christine.
There was something about him that day. Something in his eyes, in his smile, in his stature that I hadn't seen before. It was something totally different then from what I saw in him the night he proposed. He wasn't awkward, but relaxed. He was comfortable even in fancy clothes.
The preacher went on to say a few words, and then it was time for us to say our vows. Pete I was surprised went first. "Natalie I want to thank you. You took a chance on me when almost nobody else would. I loved you, and I trusted you not to break my heart, and I trusted right. You didn't, you returned that love in return. You saw there was something more to me then the broken views of a boy who only wrote songs to get back at all the people who broke his heart, life, and world. You fixed my tortured soul, and with you I know it will never be broken. I remember one time back when you didn't know I liked you that I saw you take off your make-up, and I found myself wondering why you even put it on," he said finishing up.
I cupped his cheek with my hand, "We have to be the most tortured couple in this room. I put on the make-up to try to cover up my broken heart, but now I have you I don't have to pretend that I'm broken anymore because I'm not. You made me feel whole. I've never felt this way before, and part of it scares me. You spoke so sweetly and slowly to me because you knew my heart was still learning how to heal itself. Ever since I've met you my heart hasn't been the same. I believe, and this is something my mother taught me, that the greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, and mistakes, and yet they still see the best of you."
A few minutes later the preacher said we could kiss each other, and I knew I was now Mrs. Natalie Hunter Wentz. It sounded so good when Pete said it though.
At the reception I had something to announce to Pete, and our friends. So, I got up to the stage, and I made the announcement I was waiting to make for the whole ceremony. "Umm, everybody can I have your attention?" I asked. Everyone looked at me, and I smiled. "Thank you. Now I have an announcement to make."
"Oh my god you're pregnant!" I heard my mom shout.
I frowned, "Mom, why do you have to ruin the surprise?"
"What so you're pregnant?" I heard Pete ask from beside me.
I looked at him, "Yeah, but I was going to be a surprise, but no mom has to go and, and Pete are you okay?" I asked as Pete fainted.
This was not good. I repeat this was note good.

A/N: There you go. Now next chapter we're going to go ahead a few months, and have some special moments. Anyway I hope you guys are doing okay on this day. It's a little depressing for me really. So, keep reviewing. I love you guys.
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