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A Thousand Ways to Live

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Ace thought that his last moments was going to be at Marine Ford with his killer being Akainu. But when secrets come out to play and revelations are revealed, things get weird. Why are Ace and Luff...

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Sorry if this is a little sketchy. I haven't watched One Piece in very long time.

Akainu was disgusted with the duo before him. His natural repulsion against pirates didn't hold a flame to what he felt in that moment. The pirate King, Gold Rodger, Dragon the Revolutionary; these two men's sons being step-brothers was too frightening of a thought to bare in mind. How could he pass the golden chance of getting rid of both boys at once? He didn't have to search the seas nor file ridiculous amounts of paperwork just to find one of them; they had presented themselves on a platter before him and it was too good to be true.
"Your fate has been decided!" Akainu shouted as he clenched his fists. "Regardless of who else gets away, I swear to never let you two escape!" He paused as he looked at Ace's slumped form and Luffy's a few metres away. "Now take a good look..."
"Wait!" Ace looked up quickly as Akainu leaped pasted him with surprising speed. Maybe it would have been best that everyone had left him to be executed... Whitebeard wouldn't have to be left behind by his crew and Luffy wouldn't be down on his knees with a admiral heading straight for him. "Luffy!" His body moved before he even realized what he was doing. The panic that filled his chest made him feel like he was drowning as he made his way across the distance. Luffy was too busy trying to pick up that dam vivre card to take notice of his surroundings. He wanted to yell out to his idiot little brother again, but his throat seemed to collapse in on itself. Ace held his breath as he jumped in front of the Strawhat Captain using his back as a shield, fully aware of what danger he was putting himself in. At the moment, anything seemed worth it as long as his little brother made it out of this alive. His heart was too loud in his chest for him to notice the silence that had covered the battlefield and for a moment Luffy forgot to breathe. A moments breath passed by, followed by the next... and the one after that... Ace opened his eyes, he didn't remember closing them, but that was besides the point. Where was the burning pain? There was no way it would take the admiral that long to...
"Who the hell are you?!" Akainu's angry shout echoed across the stillness of the battlefield. Luffy's terrified wide-eyed gaze was all Ace could see as his body trembled. Although Ace's body failed to respond to his commands of moving to see the situation behind him, he was still able to take notice that dam vivre card was carelessly trapped between his brothers fingers. His moment of shock was placed with a flare of anger; that dam card nearly costed him his little brothers life! "Luffy, you idiot! Do you not have enough fuc-" Whatever he was gonna say was cut off when a hand landed heavily on his shoulder, the firm grip and unexpectedness of it all caused Ace to flinch, but the anger he felt quickly turned on the other person. "What the hell do yo-..." Once more he cut himself off, the words quite literally dying on his tongue as it suddenly felt like he had swallowed sand. The past few days events finally seemed to catch up to the older raven-haired boy as his body slumped in exhaustion, falling forward onto his little brothers shoulder.
"Gaki, take your brother and leave."
Marco watched with wide eyes as Luffy all but dragged Ace towards the ship of Whitebeards as if his previous injuries was nothing but a memory. The rattling of his sea-prism stone handcuffs broke the blonde out of his trance, "Hurry up and get these things off." His fellow crew mates tugged at the last cuff completely ignoring how the stone bit into the mans wrists forming nasty cuts. Marco opened his mouth, ready to tell the men to just yank it off as hard as they could, but he didn't get the chance as a sudden gust of wind sent them flying backwards. The automatic reaction to close his eyes didn't allow Marco to see just who had attacked them so when he hit the rough boards of his captains ship, he was more than a little confused. Who would form an attack that would send him back to his ship?
"Oi, what the hell was that?!"
Marco glanced over to see his crew mates that had been spread across the field just moments prior. Someone had helped them get back to the safety of their ship... But no one that Marco knew of had the power to sweep so many people back with just a gust of wind... was there some type of wind devil fruit? A grunt brought Marco out of his thoughts as he sat up to see Whitebeard laying against the main mast, his bloody chest had strange scribbles painted across his skin but he looked virtually well. "Pops? What's going on?" The man kept his eyes closed. Just when Marco thought the old man had passed away or went to sleep, he got answered.
"Has everyone boarded?"
Marco blinked as he looked around the ship, he really didn't see anyone missing, but then again his mind wasn't exactly the best at the moment. He checked over the other ships, and he saw a good amount of pirates aboard. "It looks like it."
Luffy dropped Ace like a sac of potatoes on the deck with a obnoxious thud a few feet away from Whitebeard. Ace only let out a breathy groan as the rubber Captain fell onto his back, his muscles tensing painfully at the unexpected weight.
"Ace! Luffy-san!" Marco went to stand up but the seastone had drained too much of his energy; the sounds of screams reached his ears as he landed on his knees. Everyone turned their attention towards the battlefield, expecting to see enraged marines racing towards the ships with their weapons, but what greeted them was far worse.
A two-hundred metre dark orange fox towered over everything like a massive ominous cloud; The creatures nine massive tails waved in the air as they each took a sweep across the ground, ripping the earth up like it was made of water. For a good twenty seconds, Marco was certain he had stopped breathing. Where the hell did that thing come from?
Whitebeard's only reaction was to raise an eyebrow at the beast, "Set sail immediately."
The way the crew rushed around the ship would have made a stranger think that there was a fire lit behind them. Within minutes, the ship was moving out towards the sea. Everyone watched from the safety of the deck as the mysterious fox-like creature continued to destroy whatever got within its way before it disappeared in a red flash as if it had never existed; the only evidence left behind was the destruction the beast had caused to the marine forces and island.
Ace and Luffy had seated themselves beside each other near the main mast where a few men attempted to check up on Pops, but were hesitant due to the unknown symbols covering his body. Luffy was surprisingly quiet and scarily still, but Ace was in the same position; Marco was certain it had nothing to do with the near death experience that just transpired.
Multiple thumps caused everyone to jump, being on the edge of their seats due to awaiting for marines to make chase. "Ow, get off me!" A dog pile had been formed on the deck consisting of a green-haired swordsman, a orange-haired woman, and several other unknown people that Marco didn't even want to try to put a name to. He wasn't going to start questioning where and how these people kept appearing. "What the hell is going on? Get off of me, you shitty cook!"
Luffy seemed to brighten up at the sudden change in events as a massive grin took over his face. "Oi, you guys! You're okay!" Luffy would have gotten up but he doubted his legs would allow him that ability; Getting separated at Impel down was something that Luffy didn't want to happen again anytime soon. "C'ptin? Where the hell are we?" Zoro detangled his legs from Sanji's as he adjusted his swords.
"You're aboard Whitebeards ship."
Luffy might as well have been smacked in the face with a dead fish as his smile dropped from his lips like the very action was a sin. Zoro placed his hand gently on the hilt of his sword at seeing the reaction of his Captain. He had never seen the idiotic ravenette change moods so quickly; it didn't help that the exhausted look on his face signaled some type of battle had just took place not too long ago. Luffy seemed to sink back into the wood work of the ship like he wanted the boards to swallow him whole and never let him go. Ace held a similar manner as he slumped over as far as he could, pulling his knees up to his chest as if that very act would protect him from any and all harm. The way the brothers responded to the voice had the both crews on alert.
Just like the strange phenomenon that had been happening for the passed couple of minutes, another person had randomly appeared onboard the ship. However, this man was not dressed like a pirate nor any marine as he wore black baggy cargo pants with the shins wrapped up with bandages and strange dark colored boots. A long sleeve dark blue shirt cut off at his mid-forearms and a dull green flak halfway zipped vest laid over the top of it. The man wasn't armed with any weapons, but he did possess strange tattoos not unlike the lines that cover Whitebeards chest.
The stranger completely ignored the wary looks of the pirates as he made his way across the deck as if he was walking through as if he owned the place. Marco bit his tongue as he followed the general direction in which the man was walking... straight towards Whitebeard. "Oi, stay away from pops!" He leaned forward as he pulled on the chain of his cuffs. Maybe if he could get them off, he could actually be of some use seeing as Ace looked like he wasn't willing to even bat an eyelash. It seemed yelling at the man didn't work, as he only continued his stride.
The man knelt down beside Whitebeard leaving his back turned entirely to the crew. His hands seemed to emit a soft green as he placed them over the top of Whitebeards chest whose body seemed to go slack against the mast. "How are you holding up, kuchihige?" Whitebeard chuckled as he opened his eyes watching in interest as his skin slowly stitched itself together as if it had a mind of its own. He wasn't about to question what the man was exactly doing, as it started to take away some of the edge from the pain.
"I don't know who you are, brat." Whitebeard started as he pushed his body up a little so he could set up straighter, "But thank you for saving my crew, they are like my children."
The man only nodded as his icy blue eyes stayed on task, pulling his hands away after delivering a soft poke to the middle of the design that crawled across Whitebeards chest; the small action caused the design to shrink in on itself until it was the size of a orange just above the mans heart. At Whitebeards questioning look, the man gave a small smile, "It is a seal that I placed on you back in the battlefield, I originally placed it to halt any internal bleeding and as a pain-killer. Now that I have been able to heal the injuries you received in battle, I find that you seem to have a weak respiratory system; I am going to leave the seal on so you won't have to deal with being hooked up to machines all the time."
Whitebeard narrowed his eyes. Saving his crew was one thing, but to give him a 'seal' that improves his health? Being in the New World and titled as a pirate, no one would even think about being this generous, unless there was a motive. "What's your angle, young man?" The tone that usually scared everyone sh!tless just grazed over the top of the stranger as he stood up, his pale blue eyes immediately locking on to the two brothers a few feet away. Whitebeard tensed as he followed the man's gaze. Now that Ace's identity had been revealed as the son of Gold D. Roger, this man could have caught wind of it; including the revelation of Ace and Luffy being brothers. The reward would be too big for just anyone to pass up...
"Just as you had to save your crew, I had to get my brats."
Zoro frowned as he looked at the stranger, he couldn't have been pass twenty. With bright blonde shoulder length spikey hair, three scars across each cheek, and the palest blue eyes, no one on the ship held any similarities. There was no children on the ship, but the man didn't look old enough to have any kids anyway. What brats?
"Speaking of which," The blonde turned on his heel swiftly before gliding across to Luffy and Ace. "You have a minute..."
Zoro and Marco casted each other a glance. What happened after a minute? No other ships besides Whitebeards crew were sailing anywhere in sight, so it couldn't be an attack by another ship. Maybe it meant he would attack, but why? He was pathetically outnumbered even though over half of Whitebeards crew was injured and exhausted.
Luffy shifted uncomfortably. "W-well... Ace was about to executed..." He averted his eyes to the side once he saw the narrowing of blue eyes. "So I had to go get him..."
Ace didn't need to look up from his curled up position, he could feel those piercing blue eyes on him. He would have laughed at how low Luffy's tone was and his pathetic explaination, had it not been for the fact that he himself was in the same boat. What was he suppose to say? Explain how his dumbass of a brother almost got himself killed over a vivre card?
"Blackbeard killed one of my crewmates so... when I went after him... I ended up being captured by the marines." That was all he could possibly think of to say. He looked up at the end, seeing scarily calm expression greeting him. There was a small period of silence that felt like an eternity to Ace, and even longer to Luffy.
"So let me get this straight, Gaki." Ace swallowed thickly. "You ran after a murder whom you know that is not trustworthy, all by yourself. You get arrested by marines, failing to activate any of the seals I gave you, and are sentenced to public execution." Ace was certain that there wasn't anyone who could make the situation sound ten times worse than what it really was. Ace felt like an idiot... how did he not remember the seals? Because that would have been more than helpful in a lot of situations.
"And you, Gaki," Luffy didn't have to be a genius to know that it was him being addressed, "Run recklessly across a battlefield, and knowing you, without a plan against the government that holds a army of marines and several devil fruits users that have no qualms with killing. Lets add to the fact that said government was holding your brother under arrest with several captains surrounding him on the stand."
Yeah, there was nobody that could make any situation sound worse than what it truly was than this man.
Zoro winced at the brief summary, whoever this man was, he knew how to get Luffy and Ace to coward like wet kittens. Since when did obnoxiously loud Luffy decide to cower in a corner?
"Sorry, tou-san."
The whole ship seemed to freeze in place for a moment. Tou-san? As in.. Father? Zoro felt his mind grind to a halt as he tried to process just what was going on. He knew for a fact that the blonde was not the father of Ace or Luffy. It seemed he wasn't the only one extremely confused and surprised because the crew took that moment to yell a perfectly in sync: "What?!"
Luffy gave a small grin as if he suddenly thought of something, "At least we got you to come out, ya hermit!" He laughed and the tension it broke had Ace joining in with the younger boy. It was kinda funny because it was so true; the man was like a hermit, staying in solitude for long periods of time, unless he decided to gather information then he stuck to the shadows. Marco expected the man to crack a smile or laugh along, but was horribly proven wrong when he raiseddd his fist and brought it down on Luffys unsuspecting head. Marco and Sanji winced at the loud this that echoes in their ears.
"O-ow, oww! Take a joke, old man!" Luffy protected his head with his forearms as Ace quickly toned down his laughter at seeing the result of his brothers joke. He was well aware of just how 'soft' those hits were and he would rather New punches by Akainu's lava fist any day than to endure his tou-sans.
Nami blinked as the blonde man that seemed so close with her Captain sudden had a twin standing beside him with a poof of smoke; same clothes, same hair color, skin tone... Everything was matched perfectly matched.
"Bring me Blackbeard."
Whitebeard steadily pushed himself to his feet, feeling slightly lightheaded but overall great considering minutes prior he had two fist sizes holes in his chest. "What is your name, kid?"
The creepy twin of the blonde disappeared within thin air as if he never existed in the first place. Nami shivered as she looked around, half-expecting him to reappear behind her.
"Names Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. You can call me Naruto, though."
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