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Melanie Martinez Facts!

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Basically it is facts about Melanie Martinez and her life story!

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Hi! I'm your host for today's story, Misty! Today we are going to be learning about Melanie Martinez! She is a musician and songwriter. Let's first go by her time line!

-dramatic transition music-

Melanie Adele Martinez was born on April 28, 1995. She was born in Baldwin, New York, and is of Puerto Rican And Dominican heritage, but she cannot speak fluent Espanõl.

She was a contestant on The Voice and picked Adam Levine to be her coach.

Mel absolutely hates vegetables. She will not eat them no matter what. She loves chocolate though!

That's all the facts for today because it is 1:22am and I'm tired and wanna read some fanfics so I'll see you guys next time! Bye!
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