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New Friends and Old

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The Potters make a new friend, and Draco faces his parents...

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For a moment, Daphne Greengrass said nothing, bewilderment written in her Mediterranean blue eyes as she peered at the earnest features of Harry and Hermione Potter. The blonde ex-Slytherin was surprised at the offer of friendship to say the least, though she supposed that she really shouldn’t be. They had both gone out of their way to rescue her from Draco’s clutches after all.

Daphne blushed, recalling how she had flung herself into Hermione Potter’s arms and cried all over her. The bushy haired Gryffindor hadn’t seemed to hold it against Daphne that she was a Slytherin. And she had to admit, that Harry wasn’t at all like the self-absorbed attention seeking prat that many Slytherins made him out to be. That was twice now that Potter had stepped in to help Daphne when he didn’t have to.

The Potters patiently waited for a response. Daphne’s blush deepened when she realised that nearly a minute had passed while she had been gaping in astonishment. She wasn’t certain, torn between wanting to be left alone to wallow in self-pity and a need for the company of someone close, like her sister; and she couldn’t quite shake the feeling that the Potters might just be trying to be polite.

But Daphne felt that it might be rude to say no outright. Then there was the matter of which table they would be sitting at in the Great Hall. Daphne felt a knot of anxiety, suddenly realising that she had no idea where she was to sit for meals. She certainly couldn’t sit with the Slytherins anymore.

“Er... Dinner? With me?” she said shyly when she finally found her voice. “Are you sure you want to be seen with me?”

“Why not? We don’t care whether you’re a Slytherin,” said Hermione. “And we know you’re not part of Malfoy’s lot anymore...”

“...and that’s good enough for us,” Harry interjected, smiling sincerely. “Anyway, we can have dinner in our private chambers if you’d like.”

“Oh, we can do that?” asked Daphne, feeling both perplexed and relieved.

“Yeah!” Harry replied. “One of the House Elves is our friend. He brings us meals in our quarters sometimes when we just want to be by ourselves.”

Daphne smiled shyly and nodded, putting aside for the moment the odd notion of being friends with a House Elf.

“Alright then... Thank you - that sounds nice. I am hungry, but I really didn’t want to see anyone else right now.”

Daphne briefly retreated into her quarters to wash her hands. As she returned, she heard a gruff voice in the corridor.

“Ah, there you are, Potters,” growled Professor Moody. Daphne shrank back when the grizzled ex-Auror’s spinning eyeball rested on her momentarily before peering at Harry.

“I just got wind o’ what happened with the Malfoy boy,” Moody continued. “Nice work Potter. Anyway, I wanna let you know that we’ll be steppin’ up your training. After recent events, you’ll need to be prepared for anything at anytime.

“Ye never know when trouble can strike. And on top o’ that, from what little we know about the next task, we can be certain that it’s sure to make the last two look like a little girl’s tea party.” Moody’s eye glanced at Daphne again and she gulped. “Keep an eye on this one Potter - she’ll be in as much danger as you two now. In fact, bring her along tomorrow after classes. Might as well train Greengrass up a bit while we’re at it.

“Right then... That’s it for now. In meantime stay alert. Constant Vigilance!” barked the scarred ex-Auror. Then he turned quickly and stomped away, lurching as his footfalls echoed in the stone corridor.

“He’s really scary!” said Daphne, still trembling slightly as Moody passed from view around the corner. “Wh...what was that all about?”

“Professor Moody’s been training me and Hermione to fight,” said Harry quietly. “So we can look after ourselves... and... and so I can survive the Triwizard tournament.” Harry swallowed nervously.

“Is... is it really that dangerous then?” asked Daphne, looking concerned.

Hermione nodded. “It was discontinued in 1792 due to a rampaging Cockatrice, and all of the champions were severely injured. Participants have even been killed in these events...”

Daphne’s eyes widened with shock, and Hermione continued.

“Anyway, it seems like Professor Moody wants you to join us in training. I expect that he and Dumbledore think you ought to learn how to defend yourself properly...”


Draco stared at his mother in utter disbelief, his world collapsing around him. She couldn’t be serious.

“What do you mean, you’re cutting me off?” he moaned. “You can’t do that! Father won’t let...”

“Your father? ... Your father has indulged you for far too long Draco.” Narcissa Malfoy eyed her son coldly, steeling her resolve. “...And I... I let him. The fault is mine as well. Together, your father and I have allowed you to believe that there would never be any consequences for your behaviour.

“Be grateful Draco - grateful that Daphne has not told her father. You could be facing far worse if Warlock Greengrass were to bring charges against you... Azkaban, your wand snapped in two, the family name disgraced...”

“But I didn’t do anything,” Draco whined. “It’s all rubbish. And Daphne should be mine one day anyway. Father said...”

“Enough Draco!” his mother snapped. “Severus informed us about the incident. Do you not know what Severus is? He is a Legilimens - he knows your very thoughts, your memories - he reads what is in your heart.”

Draco paled at his mother’s words. So that was how Snape had known about his threat. But still, all this fuss over a stolen kiss? Eyes narrowed in bitterness, Draco began to fume silently as his mother went on.

“Your father will support this measure to protect the name of Malfoy. But it is my hope that you will eventually see that this is about more than just a name - that you will do better for your own sake. It is not enough to be pure of blood Draco. It is your choices which define you.

“Some of your father’s choices in the past have been questionable. We were almost ruined once by choices such as you have made - saved only by our wealth and social standing after the Dark Lord was defeated. I want more for you Draco - a life of true nobility, leading by example...”

“I’m already a Noble,” snarled Draco, scowling mutinously at his mother. “And you’re the one who’s only a Malfoy by name... I can’t believe that Father is going along with you. I’m writing to him straight away. We’ll soon see what he thinks about all this...”

Rage burned in the pit of Draco’s stomach as he watched his mother’s features. He hated the flicker of grief in her eyes; she was treacherous and weak. Father had always told him never to trust a woman, and now Draco could see why.

“Get out,” he suddenly screamed. “I hate you!”

Narcissa Malfoy wavered. She considered making another appeal to her son, but the bitterness and hate in her son’s visage cut her to the bone. Narcissa stood up abruptly, and with a swirl of her cloak, she stalked out of the Slytherin common room before her tears could betray her.

Draco furiously picked up a quill and began to scrawl on his magic parchment. When he received a reply an hour later, he read his father’s words twice, feeling only slightly mollified.

Draco, you must have patience. For the moment, you know that my influence at Hogwarts is limited by the incompetence of the other members of the school’s board of governors. That is likely to change eventually, but not before the end of term.

And while I understand your impatience with the Greengrass girl, you must be more careful how you comport yourself. I am doing all I can, but Warlock Greengrass appears to be driving a hard bargain. He has refused all my offers to date.

As to your mother, your frustration with her is also quite understandable. However, for the time-being, it is necessary that your mother and I at least appear to present a united front. I have forwarded funds to your private vault at Gringotts. It should be more than enough to cover the lack of a regular allowance for the immediate future. We shall see how things stand at the end of the term.

If all goes well with the Minister’s plans, things will look very different next year at Hogwarts, and it should no longer be necessary to placate your mother’s delicate sensibilities. In the meantime, be warned: take care in the company of Severus Snape - his loyalties are now suspect. More than that I cannot say in this letter.

Four months! Draco pushed the magic parchment aside angrily. It was nearly four months till the end of term! Not that he wasn’t grateful for the money, but did his father really expect him to sit tight - imprisoned in the Slytherin dormitory for four bloody months? There was no way Draco was going to wait that long... and one way or another, Greengrass and Potter were going to pay!


“C...can’t we just have breakfast in our quarters?” asked Daphne when she met the Potters and Dora in the corridor of the Unaffiliated the following morning.
“We could I suppose,” Hermione responded sympathetically. “But you’ll have to see everyone eventually. We might as well get this over with today...”

“You can sit with us Daphne,” said Harry. “Our friends won’t mind - I’m sure of it.”

“And anyone that doesn’t like it can bugger off!” Dora added bluntly.

Daphne looked a bit startled, but couldn’t think of a response to that. She had surprisingly enjoyed dinner with the Potters last night, and wished they could eat every meal without having to worry about seating arrangements. It was with some trepidation that Daphne followed Harry, Hermione and Dora to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Despite his apparent assuredness, Harry felt a bit anxious himself. Gryffindors weren’t exactly known for friendly relations with Slytherins. Indeed, for that matter, none of the other Houses got on with Slytherin, as Professor McGonagall had reminded him yesterday evening when she had explained that Daphne had quit Slytherin. Harry couldn’t help pondering the fact that he and Hermione were also technically Houseless now that they were married - which McGonagall had finally made clear when she had told them about Daphne.

Lost in thought, Harry didn’t notice that they had arrived at the Great Hall until Hermione pointed out the oddity. As the quartet entered, they were all puzzled by the empty new table parallel to the staff table at the opposite end of the hall. The words Misceo Miscui Mixtum were inscribed in gold inlay on the marble surface of the table.

But Harry had little room to wonder about the strange new table. He braced himself for the disdain that he expected as he settled into his usual place at the Gryffindor table with Hermione and a blonde girl that most people knew to be a Slytherin. Sure enough, heads swiveled, and a murmur of shock and surprise rose in the hall.

The Twins, Ginny, and Neville all raised their eyebrows questioningly. Parvati and Lavender politely said “Hello,” but clearly seemed not to know what to make of their guest. Ron, Seamus, and Dean openly gaped with stunned expressions on their faces. Most of the Gryffindors looked confused. Daphne bit her lip and looked anxious. Harry knew that he needed to say something.

“Erm...” he began awkwardly. Seeing Harry struggling to find the right words, Hermione quickly jumped in to rescue him and Daphne.

“Everyone, this is Daphne Greengrass. She quit Slytherin House yesterday - moved out and everything - for personal reasons. So... erm... we invited her to join us, as she doesn’t really have anywhere else to go...”

There were gasps and looks of surprise from many of the Gryffindors at the idea of anyone ditching the House they had been sorted into. But some began scowling and muttering angrily among themselves. Harry thought he heard a hiss about leopards and spots coming from McLaggen and Towler’s direction.

He was trying to think of a retort when the buzz of curiosity and consternation in the Great Hall began to die down. Harry looked up to see the Headmaster standing up to address the students. Dumbledore began to speak, his eyes twinkling.

“Good Morning students, guests, and esteemed colleagues. Myself and the Heads of Houses have agreed to institute a new policy encouraging the formation of greater ties of friendship between the Great Houses of Hogwarts, and our friends from the Continent. I am pleased to announce that we are introducing a new table to these hallowed Halls - the Mingling Table.

“Those who so chose, may take their meals, work on assignments, or simply... mingle with friends at the table. And it is my sincere hope that many of you will indeed choose to do so. Whosoever shall sit at the Mingling Table is demonstrating their willingness to set aside long-held prejudices, and to create bonds of fealty and friendship across all boundaries. Divisions created by House rivalries, International borders, blood, gender, breed, and class - it is my hope that these should all fall by the wayside.

“It is only through forging closer ties that we can stand against the darkness which so often threatens to engulf us all. For now, the table is large enough to accommodate those few brave enough souls whose immeasurable kindness compels them to initiate such friendships, but it is designed to magically fit as many who wish to be so joined.”

“And with that, I await your movements with great alacrity. Breakfast begins in five minutes - Pip Pip!”

A pregnant silence filled the Hall as Dumbledore concluded his speech. He caught Harry’s eye with a wink. Harry grinned, suddenly understanding who the table was for. He glanced at Hermione who had also just caught on.

“Come on then!” he said quietly as he took Hermione’s arm and stood up. “Daphne, you too...”

Daphne didn’t need to be asked twice. Dumbledore beamed as he watched Harry lead Hermione and Daphne Greengrass to the Mingling Table. Dora quickly stood up and followed the Potters and their new friend. Harry took a seat in the centre of the table, directly opposite and facing the Headmaster, Hermione at his side, Daphne and Dora beside them both.

It didn’t take more than a hurried conversation between Parvati and Lavender before they too rose from their seats at the Gryffindor table and marched over to join the Potters. By the time they reached the Mingling Table, Luna had already scurried across the Hall from the Ravenclaw table, grinning and waving at Ginny and Neville - beckoning them to join as well.

The Mingling Table began to fill as more of Harry and Hermione’s friends arrived. Fred and George plonked themselves next to Neville. Ginny and Luna whispered and giggled as they peered across the Hall to see who else might be brave enough to leave their tables.

The Beauxbatons all gasped, and a delighted Madame Maxime looked on proudly when Fleur Delacour stood up straight and tall and sauntered gracefully to the Mingling Table. With a crooked half-smile, Viktor Krum took his leave of the Durmstrangs and Slytherins - much to their outrage - and seated himself next to Lavender. Igor Karkaroff lifted one eyebrow, then shrugged unconcernedly.

Cho Chang gave Cedric a meaningful glance and he nodded. The pretty Ravenclaw had grown accustomed to taking her meals at a table not her own, and Cedric realised that he couldn’t be the only Champion not to make a bold statement. Together they departed the Hufflepuff table and trotted over to the Mingling Table.

Ron and Seamus remained seated, looking confounded, not sure what to do. Dean flashed Harry a tentative thumbs up from the Gryffindor table, but seemed uncertain as well.

Daphne glanced sadly at the Slytherin table where her sister squirmed indecisively. Astoria Greengrass hung her head dejectedly while her friends glared and whispered angrily at her. The rest of the Slytherins glowered malignantly at Daphne.

Despite her own anxiety, Daphne couldn’t help feeling a warm fuzzy glow inside as she looked around the Mingling Table and breakfast finally arrived on silver and golden platters. She couldn’t believe how many of the Potters’ friends had put aside their preconceptions in such an incredible display of solidarity. Not a single one seemed to mind that she had been a Slytherin.


The enormous Eagle Owl beat its wings as it flew through the dungeon corridors, keeping an eye out for a tasty rodent snack on its way to the Slytherin Common Room. Arriving at its destination, it tapped on the door three times.

“Get the post Goyle...” snapped Draco as he dipped a piece of toast into the runny yolk of his fried egg. Goyle obeyed his order and opened the door for the owl just as a Tawny Owl appeared beside it. The Owls dropped several pieces of mail before darting back into the corridor, neither of them having any expectations of receiving treats from the Slytherins.

Nott grunted when Goyle passed him a letter from his father. Goyle set Draco’s letter and newspaper on the common room dining table, knowing better than to expect even a grunt of gratitude from him.

Draco finished his egg before opening the letter. He smugly expected it was from Mother, begging his forgiveness, but to his surprise, it was from his new German friend from Durmstrang, Gustav Gehlen. He hadn’t expected such a quick reply. Draco tore it open and read it quickly, his mouth curling up slightly at the corners for the first time in days.

“Oi Draco, look at this...” Nott said eagerly, thrusting a parchment in front of Malfoy’s face. “My father sent it to me after hearing that I’d been confined to Slytherin.”

Draco’s eyes widened and the slight curl of his lips turned into an cruel smirk.

“Excellent, Theo! Looks like we may have a way out of the castle after all. Now all I have to do is place a couple of orders - one with this Gregorovitch fellow that Gustav told me about, and also some Italian bloke...”


Harry had never really noticed Daphne Greengrass in many of his classes before, though he reckoned that he ought to have, as Gryffindors had more than a few with the Slytherins. Her presence was much more apparent now, particularly as she had switched her seating arrangements to be near the Potters, and as far away from the Slytherins as possible. After classes had let out for the day, Ron, Seamus, and Dean waylaid Harry and Hermione when Daphne retired to her quarters.

“So, what’s up with Greengrass, Harry?” asked Ron. “Does it have anything t’do with Malfoy? I saw him giving her dirty looks in Potions.”

“And we noticed that Malfoy wasn’t at breakfast or lunch today,” said Seamus.

“Erm... I really can’t say exactly,” said Harry apologetically.

“It’s not really up to us, if Daphne doesn’t want to talk about it,” Hermione tried to explain. “We can’t give you any details Ron...”

“...but yeah, Malfoy’s involved,” continued Harry. “He and his mates were being really foul to Daphne. That’s why she quit Slytherin...”

“...And I expect that Malfoy and his gang have been confined to Slytherin when they’re not in classes,” Hermione concluded.

Dean whistled. “Wow! They must’ve done something awful to get that sort of punishment.”

“It was bad enough, anyway,” Harry growled.

“I... I think I understand that then,” said Ron, still looking puzzled. “But what about you and Hermione, Harry?” Why’d you leave Gryffindor table?”

Harry swallowed nervously. He’d been dreading the inevitable question.

“Well...” he began with a sigh, “since Hermione and I aren’t living in Gryffindor tower - because we’re married - technically we’re not Gryffindors anymore. We’re Unaffiliated according to McGonagall. She told us last night...”

Ron, Seamus, and Dean all gasped in shock at the news.

“We would’ve stayed at the Gryffindor table,” said Hermione anxiously, “but we didn’t want Daphne to feel like the odd one out... and... and the Mingling Table seemed like the perfect answer - like it was made for us - the Unaffiliated...”

“...and our friends. You’re welcome to join us too,” Harry offered. But that didn’t seem to be what was bothering the three fourth year Gryffindor boys the most.

“But the team! ...” moaned Ron. “What about the Quidditch team? You’re the best Seeker they’ve ever had, Harry!”

“Dunno...” Harry sighed again. “McGonagall’s looking into it - seeing if there’s a way around the rules. Though, to be honest, given things with Vol... er... You-Know-Who, I’m not so sure about letting myself be distracted by Quidditch anymore. It seems like every year, he’s got some scheme going to come after me - and he’s an evil genius.

“And if not him, there’s always someone else like the Malfoys around, or something going on that could do me in... I really just need to focus on learning as much magic as I can Ron.”

Hermione looked at Harry sadly, seeming almost as glum as Ron. She rather thought Quidditch was a very dangerous sport, but she knew how much it meant to Harry. It broke her heart to think of Harry missing something that he loved so much. Harry caught the look in Hermione’s glistening eyes, and the forlorn expressions of Ron, Seamus, and Dean.

“Look, it’s alright... I don’t mind. Really!” he said. “I’ve helped the Gryffindor team get the trophy two years in a row. Someone else can have a turn now,” Harry added with a meaningful look at Ron. “Anyway, I can always play a bit of casual quidditch just for fun. Why don’t you lot hang out with me and Viktor the next time we’re flying and chasing a Snitch...?”


“Urgh!” groaned Daphne as Dora helped her stagger to her feet at the conclusion of her first training session with the Potters. “I hurt all over... Is Professor Moody always like that?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Harry and Hermione in unison, both still slumped on the mat.

Dora chortled. “Here Daphne... ‘ave a pain potion. Harry and Hermione are used to the Mad Eye Workout by now, but it’ll take you a bit to toughen up - shouldn’t seem so rough after a few weeks...”

“A few weeks?” Daphne squealed, quickly downing the vial of potion, “I’ll never survive that long.”

“You’ll be alright,” said Dora with another laugh. “Come on then, lemme walk you back to your chambers. You two coming?” She looked pointedly at the Potters.

Harry shook his head.

“Not just yet. I... er... I wanted to show Hermione something...” Inexplicably, Harry reddened.

Dora smirked. “Alright then. We’ll leave you both to it.”

Hermione waited for Daphne and Dora to leave before questioning Harry with raised eyebrows.

“Okay Harry, what’s going on?” she grumbled. “I’m really sore - Professor Moody was right when he said he would be ‘stepping up our training.’ I could use a nice hot bath.”

“Erm...” said Harry with a nervous grin, “About that, I had a thought about how we might put the Room of Requirement to good use. I think - I hope - you’ll like it...”

Patiently, Hermione waited in front of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy while Harry paced back and forth several times in the corridor.

“That should do it,” he muttered.

When Harry reopened the door to the Room of Requirement, Hermione gasped, an expression of awe etched into her features. She gazed in amazement at the glittering crystalline stalactites and stalagmites which surrounded the steaming, bubbling pool of water. The grotto appeared to be lit by a thousand glowing fairies, flitting to and fro.

“Harry... that’s gorgeous! Perfect! A jacuzzi - just what I needed!”

“There’s only one problem...” said Harry.

“What’s that?”

“I forgot that we didn’t bring our swim gear.”

“Oh! I don’t think we’ll be needing that,” Hermione responded, a golden gleam in her eyes as she grabbed Harry’s hand and shut the door behind them.

Moments later, clothes shed, Hermione settled into the churning, frothing hot water next to Harry. The knots in her muscles began to melt away. Sighing in contentment, Hermione leaned into Harry’s arms for a steamy kiss, listening to the tinkling music of the fairies...
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