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Circuit Breaker

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The meeting place

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As they were walking, Rose felt her heartbeat out of control. She felt like this was a date and she felt such pressure of "making a good impression" and not seem 'weird' or 'lame'. 'This is stupid' she thought to herself. She concluded that she was making a big thing out of it and that it was just a coffee. It was just a boy. Like the others . There was nothing special about him. Nobody's special. She'll never see him again anyway. She was sure of that, because he will eventually realise how complexed and boring she really was.
Cole must've seen that she was overthinking everything. He caught a glimpse of fear in her eyes. So, he tried his best to break the ice.
«Uhm, so...Rose, you often zone out or is it just because of me?»
«Uhm no, God, no! I'm really sorry, I was just thinking of an essay that I'll have to write for next week about Romeo and Juliet!»
She tried her best to sound convincing. The reality was that she didn't know why she was feeling so anxious . It's not like she'd never been on a date before. But he was looking at her with that sweet smile and all she could think of was her fear of getting played . Again. Little did know Cole about this, so, luckily for her , he seemed to relax at her answer.
« Rose, my dear, we have just arrived in front of a Starbucks coffe shop! Quite a cliché but it doesn't seem so full today. Strangely. Do you want to go here or you have somewhere else in mind?»
« No, here is fine.»
« After you , madame»
« Oh, thanks»
This was so odd for her. She hadn't , until that fourth of october, met a boy who'd have such good manners. She was slowly starting to let her guard down, and it wasn't making her feel in control. She hated not having the control of everything.
« Shakespeare, huh? What do you think of Romeo and Juliette's story?»
« Well, I mean, I like it because it's tragic and intense. But I think it's a bit unrealistic if I have to be honest. I mean, I don't really think that we get to have only one person who's going to be 'the love of our life', you know. I don't really know what to say about 'fate' either. That the 'fate' makes us be in a certain place at a certain time and meet a certain person, you know? I think that Juliet made a big mistake, because I don't really think of 'love' as an everlasting emotion. Or feeling. I just reckon that , after a certain period of time, an amount of certain years, it just becomes a routine. More like a really solid friendship based on loyalty and a matured couple who decides to continue supporting each other and 'sticking around' for the sake of their kids. And of the concept of 'family' , as well. Most people fear everlasting loneliness , rather than wanting to find the 'true love'. So, they end up staying in a relationship that after a while becomes unexcting and predictable. They choose the 'safety' rather than the 'burning desire' and 'passion'. But 'safety' is a synonim of 'boring', most of the times. That's why some of them eventually cheat. But, those were other times, Romeo's and Juliet's, girls were forced to marry men they didn't love, or that were too old for them . Juliet in this case was the 'circuit breaker' least she got to be with who she wanted , until the end »
Cole at that point just felt speechless. This hardly ever happened before. That girl he had just met had such a cruel and yet realistic vision of love that he understood one thing. He misjudged her the whole time. From the first day he saw her, exactly two weeks ago when he went for the first time in that park, he thought she was such a dreamy and romantic girl. One of those girls who liked reading pink novels and dreamt about a charming prince.
He didn't believe as well in an 'everlasting love'. That 'fate' brought two persons to meet at a certain time in a certain place. That there was a right time and a right place for everybody. He didn't believe it was 'fate' that brought Rose that morning on that bench. She always sat there, it was just a casualty. A casualty that on that day he found the courage to go talk to her . And also a casualty that she revealed to be an interesting girl. Of all the girls he has met before, it was just an exception . She was just an exception. She was not the only one. There were plenty of other interesting young ladies out there. He just happened to meet her today. It was nothing special. She was norhing special. No one was . So he just nodded at her answer and was 'saved' by the waitress. In that moment, he couldn't have thought of a rational response to give to Rose. Not one that could contradict her point of view.
They both ordered a frapuccino and after Rose saw that it was almost 11:30 she excused herself and said she had to take the bus to arrive at the university. When she got up to pay, Cole insisted to consider this as 'his treat'. So she reclutantly let him pay but decided to try out her luck and tell him that next time it will be hers. At that sentence, Cole's eyes lit up and she couldn't help giggling.
« So, will I see you tommorow at the meeting place?»
« Sure, I'll be on the same bench»
« Didn't have a doubt about it. It was a pleasure, by the way»
« Likewise»
As she was waiting for the bus, Rose kept thinking about how almost two hours passed by in the company of that beautiful boy. He was not just that, she acknowledged. She was so happily pleased to finally have found a boy with some strong beliefs and knowledges. On that day, they talked about the most random topics, from history to art, from literature to politics, even about movies and comics. Cole did never mention his past tho, so she still didn't understand why she thought his face looked so familiar to her.
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