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Was a little deer (Sonic fan character fanfiction)

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This is my story about a little deer named Umiacei This story starts off with Umiacei's childhood and She goes to different worlds so the beginning of the story takes place in a different world.

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~A/N note~

Okay so I'm going to quickly list of some of the characters that will be in the first chapters and give a little bit of information about Umiacei. Also every time Umiacei starts to change character I will post another bio, also when really important characters show up they well be giving a bio but because this whole story is in Umiacei point of view, the bio of the other characters we be what Umiacei knows about the characters.

Also this story has bad language, abuse, sexual content, Gore and other bad stuff bits most of this stuff doesn't appear in some chapters.

Name: Umiacei Woodash

Nicknames: Umi, Slave, Little Birch, Deer

Species: Roe Deer

Age:  5

DOB (Date of Birth): 19th of the 8th 1692

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: She hasn't really thought about

Marital Status: Single

Fur Color: A little grey-Purple

Eye Color: Amber

Skin Color: Light peach

Fur/Quill Style: Short and puffy with long-ish bangs

Accessories: Bandages

Attire: Short dirty white deer with no shoes

Noticeable Features: Scars and bruises

Medical Stuff: Can't speak,, very poor health, she can get sick very easily

Family: Last name:Woodash

Traia (Mum)

Cain (Dad)

Tod (Oldest brother)

Kami (Second oldest)

Posha (Thrid oldest)

Popi (Nan)

Fin (Pop)


Drago Mintmin (He is a Raccoon and is 27)

Neutrals: Kami, Popi.

Enemies: Everyone ales in her family.

Residing: Woodash house in Tocisy

Abilities: Cleaning!

Skills: Cleaning?

Powers: Umiacei has the power to turn people into monsters but it depends on how corrupted they are, she can turn them back to normal but that takes a bit more power, she can get more powerful by taking away someone corruption,Also her power tends to work best on more powerful people. 

She has never used her power

Personality: Shy, quite, easily scared, obedient, kinda cheerful, hopeful, dreamer

Strengths: again cleaning!

Weaknesses: Umiacei power is one of her greatest weakness, but by her taking away someone corruption can slowly break a part her physical form,also Umicei can't use this power all the time because this could make her pass out or start vomiting a lot. 
Umiacei is not that strong so when it comes to stronger attackers, she tends to use her smarts to out smart them or turn them into monsters. Umiacei also has very weak health because of the harsh place she lives in (For now).

Fun Facts:

Umiacei isn't her father's child, her mother cheated and created Umiacei.

Umiacei hates the way she looks.

Umiacei is very small, smaller than she is so post to be.

Likes: Drawing, sleeping, reading and that's all she is aloud to do.

Dislikes: Cooking, cleaning, her family, herself, her family's friends.

Speed: 6/10
Strength: 2/10
Fighting: 0/10
Firepower: 3 /10
Intelligence: 4 /10
Courage:  2/10

~That is all~

Have a nice day!
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