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To You, I Apologize

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A drabble. Dracula writes a letter of apology to Alucard for the hardships in his life.

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To You, I Apologize

To my dearest son,

I do not know when you shall read this letter. It may be tomorrow, or it may be hundreds of years from now. Nevertheless, know that my feelings to be expressed here will never, ever change.

I am aware of the hardships you have been faced with. I know the environment you were raised in. Let me first begin by telling you how proud I am of you. Proud to know that, even though you were raised in a quite literal hellish habitat, you grew to be the best of us all. Yes, I do refer to your mother in this. More on that later.

Let me start at the beginning. I will first apologize for my own sins. For it is said that the sins of the father are visited upon the son. You alone know how true this is. I made a pack with Death and the Devil to seek my vengeance on the Almighty. That is where it all began for you, even though you were not to come about for many years. I want desperately to regret what I did then, but I can't. Not fully. Yes, contrary to yours and many villagers popular belief, I do indeed regret some of my actions.

Next comes the matter of your birth. I should have made sure that no creature, such as yourself, was born into this world. Yes, I know you secretly wish you were never born. But, I would like to venture a guess. I would like to guess that a part of you is secretly glad that you were born. I apologize for the harshness of your life. But let me tell you a little secret now...when your mother told me that I was to be a father...I felt a joy that I thought could never be mine. And in that instant, it did cross my mind to kill you and tell her that you were stillborn. And in that same instant, I could not do it. For you were already my child, to say the least.

Now brings me to the fact of your mother. My beloved Lisa. No matter how much you hate me for being with her and producing you; for cursing her soul in whatever way that I may have, I cannot and will not apologizing for loving her. For in her, I received the smallest bit of salvation. She was my chance to love again. As were you.

And now, as I did then, I squandered my chances. I allowed those fools to kill her, and I raised you, for a time, as a devil. If there is one thing I thank the Almighty for, it is the fact that when you were sent your salvation, you did not waste it.

And now I end my letter. I assure you that this was not all in jest. I am sincere in my words here. Why, you might ask, do I wish to apologize now? Even I am unsure. All I can do is offer my apology once more and my love. I must restate that I do not know when you will read this, but it will always hold true. I love you, my son.

Until we meet again,

Vlad Tepes Dracula


Alucard folded the letter shut. Gripping it tightly in his hand, he stared up at the dark foreboding castle of his father. Beyond the lowered drawbridge, he heard the snapping and growling of the various demons within. And before he entered, he uttered one single thing.

"Apology accepted."


End Notes: Okay, so the ending is cheesy. As for how Alucard got the letter, I'll leave that up to your imaginations. I hope everyone enjoyed that short little thing. Please review!
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