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A Woman's Intuition

by Beck 1 review

Sherry's thoughts about Harry when she first met him.

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Finally got time to work on the Gungrave drabbles that I offered to the Gungrave livejournal community a few months ago. At least I only have two to work with since only two ppl responded to the request.

Title: A Woman's Intuition
Author: Beck
Characters used: Sherry and Harry.
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Notes: Scene takes place during eps. 8 "Family". For Jan (toxictattoo).
Prompt: Sherry's thoughts about Harry when she first met him.
Disclaimer: Me no own. Gungrave belongs to Red Entertainment, Project Gungrave, & Yasuhiro Nightow.


Sherry inwardly sighed. She had never been overly fond of going to the Family gatherings even if it did allow her a rare opportunity to spend time with her father. However, if she had known that her wildest dream would come true this day, her mood would have been very much the opposite. Zoning out while her father was chatting with her Uncle Cid, the young girl happened to glance over his shoulder only to see two other gentlemen standing behind him. Both men were very cute with strong builds, but it was the man dressed in a crisp white suit with cropped black hair and the dreamiest blue eyes she'd ever seen that had caught her attention.

She snapped back to reality when she heard her father ask if the two men had been introduced. Maintaining her politeness while desperately wanting to know the man in white's name, she informed her father that they had not. Cid stepped aside as her father brought her forward giving her a better view of the man that she was fixated on. Smiling her winning smile, she happily made her presence known.

The two new members of the Family addressed themselves as Harry MacDowel and Brandon Heat. She barely heard Brandon's name as she found herself even more transfixed by the sparkling blue pool of Harry's eyes. His voice, deep, sexy and smooth melted her insides as they drummed throughout her very existence.

Having been so hypnotized by Harry, Sherry hadn't even realized that she had been staring until he inquired of her if anything was wrong. So thoughtful! She told herself as her heart began to race, pumping even more blood into her already reddened cheeks. Could she really be so bold as to ask him to accompany her to the desert table? She gave reply as she heard her voice ask that very same question. When he answered her positively she felt as if she would jump out of her skin, but years of finishing school had taught her how to maintain her "lady-like" demeanor.

As she was walking beside him to their destination she truly felt as if she had met her destiny. Yes, oh yes! Harry McDowel was the man she would marry and build a family with and die along side. After all; as her mother would always say: who can argue with a woman's intuition?

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