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Chapter 5

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Once in a Blue Moon

Author: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling and Final Fantasy 7 belongs to Square Enix

My best buddy Asilyessam has betaed this chapter for me.

Author Notes: So it’s been suggested to me a few times that maybe I should shorten the chapters to update the stories I write more so I’m experimenting with the idea. The chapters’ length would vary a bit but I’ll try not to make it too short. Let me know what you think, do you like the shorter chapters with more updates?

See the bottom for more author notes.

Chapter 5

Severus’s secondary home was as different from Spinner’s End as it could be. The house he had grown up in with his mother and father was an old, brick row house that looked identical to the house on either side, behind and in front of it. He hated that old house and couldn’t bring himself to live in it all summer long, but neither could he bring himself to get rid of it. It was close to where Lily and the Evans family had once lived and it did make a good cover for any Death Eater related activities. After all, who would think a wizard like Snape would live on a deserted, dirty street in Cokeworth.

He worked hard to make the house appeared lived in, kept all of his darker books and scrolls in the remodeled sitting room and brewed any potions connected to the Death Eaters there. The house was warded with just about everything Severus could think of and many he had created himself. No one was going to break in or drop by unannounced when he wasn’t there.

But there were just too many bad memories to live in the house and Severus had always wanted a home that was suited to his personal tastes. Which was why as soon as his named was cleared, thanks to Dumbledore, Severus had bought the modest, clean and much better looking 2 story house with a basement in the country. Like Spinner’s End it was warded to the gills and no one knew he lived there during the summer, except his neighbor Mrs. Herbert, a little tough-as-nails near-squib of a woman who lived nearby who had a small farm and watched his house during the school year and now Albus Dumbledore knew of his home.

‘I’m starting to think my house has as much protections as Hogwarts,’ Severus mused as he finished checking over the new and old wards to make sure there were no conflicts. With the ward Lily had set on her son, Harry would be very protected here with his mutt by his side. He still couldn’t believe he suggested that Harry and his dog live with him, but he had sworn to protect Lily’s only child and he couldn’t just leave the boy with Petunia and her husband now that he knew how they were treating the child.

The house had been changed around a bit, his more dangerous books and items either moved to Spinner’s End or set high on bookshelves with wards to keep young hands off of them. His potions lab in the basement had its own set of wards to keep Harry and Zack out when he was not there to supervise them. An extra room on the first floor had been converted into a room for the boy, one that had proper furniture that didn’t look like it was ready to fall apart. All-in-all, it was going to be a huge improvement over his current living situation with the Dursley’s but at the same time Severus was determined that Harry would be a well grounded child, not letting the fame from being the Boy-Who-Lived go to his head.

Looking toward the sky, Severus wondered once again why he agreed to this then entered his house so he could Floo over to Mrs. Figg’s home.


Harry snorted softly in laughter as Zack ‘helped’ him clean the dishes. And he did help sorta, Harry was holding up a plate while Zack licked it clean.

“Hmmm… baconnn…” he heard Zack moan in his head as the large flat tongue swiped over crumbs left behind. Harry bit his lip as he fought his grin, he didn’t know where Zack put it all but the large dog always seemed to be hungry though he never complained about getting enough to eat. Harry swore Zack could out eat his uncle and cousin given the chance and bet Zack would still be fit. “There, all clean!”

“You are horrible,” Harry said as he shook his head grinning, turning to the sink to wash the plate properly then put it into the drain pan before picking up the next, and last, plate for Zack to lick ‘clean’.

“Hey no reason to let the tasty bits go to waste,” Zack said laughing inside his head. /“Ohhh egg yolk hmmm.” /Harry snorted in laughter again then paled as Dudley chose that moment to wander into the kitchen for his first after breakfast snack. Dudley stopped, his piggy eyes zeroing in on Zack licking clean the plate, then a nasty smile crossed his face before he said out loud,

“Mummy! The little freak is cleaning the plates by letting his stupid dog lick them clean!”

“My dishes!”
“Boy!!!” Petunia yelled in dismay and Vernon in anger before thunderous footstep all but shook the house as Vernon huffed and puffed his way into the kitchen his wife right behind him. Vernon’s face was red, boarding on purple, in anger and his great meaty hands clutched at his side. Petunia on the other hand was pale, one hand over her mouth as she gasped. Her dishes, how dare that boy let that mongrel lick them, it was bad enough he allowed the dog to eat off her dishes! Dudley sat at the table ready to see the show of his freaky cousin finally getting what’s coming to him.

“Boy! I have had enough, this is the last straw! That dog is going!” Vernon yelled.

“No!” Harry yelled as he quickly put the plate on the counter and wrapped his arms around Zack. Zack quickly shouldered him back and growled as Vernon surged forward to grab Harry.

“Just try it fat man, I’ll tear you the pieces,” Zack said with a low menacing snarl.

“Oh I have just the thing for you, you nasty mutt,” Vernon jeered down at Zack then turned on his heel and headed out of the kitchen.

“Y-you nasty boy, how dare you let that awful dog of yours lick my dishes,” Petunia glared down at her nephew.

“Zack just licked up the crumbs Aunt Petunia,” Harry defended their actions. “Then I cleaned all the plates in the dish water!”

“He’s lying Mummy!” Dudley said goading his mother on. “Put him back in the cupboard where freaks like him belong!”

“Why don’t I stuff you in that little closet fat boy, see how you like it?” Zack said growling and snapping his teeth. Dudley squeaked and quickly ran out of the kitchen while Petunia screeched in anger.

“Keep that mutt away from my Dudders!”

“Don’t worry pet, we don’t have to worry about the freak’s dog much longer!” Vernon roared as he came into the kitchen with a double barrel shotgun pointed straight at Zack.

“Harry move!” Zack ordered shoving Harry one way then dodging the other way. Harry hit the ground and rolled against the far wall.

“Vernon!” Petunia scream in alarm as a hole was blasted in her nice cabinets and floor. Vernon ignored his screeching wife as he aimed at Zack again. Zack dodged out of the way as Vernon shot a hole into the table then clamped his jaws around the barrel of the gun. His super strength allowed Zack to bend the barrel in half, causing Vernon to yelp in surprise, then rip the now useless gun out of the man’s grip and toss it away. Vernon wasn’t about to let this demon of a dog win and started to pound on Zack with his fists.

“Stupefy,” a cool familiar voice teaming with anger called out. Zack saw a flash of red out of the corner of his eye and moved out of the way quickly to stand protectively over Harry, glowing purple eyes flashing and teeth bared. The light hit Vernon who crashed into the far wall, down and out for the count.

“You!” Petunia shrieked in outrage as she turned to see Severus standing in the doorway holding his wand in front of him.


Severus appeared in Arabella Figg’s home in a rush of green flames, the elderly squib notified ahead of time that Severus would be coming. As he appeared Severus noticed right away that there were several cat carries around the living room and boxes piled up by the doors, the room half empty and packed away.

“Professor Snape, so good to see you again,” Mrs. Figg said as she entered the front room after hearing the floo. Severus made a show of looking around then looked at Figg with a raised eyebrow.

“Going somewhere?” He asked. Mrs. Figg snorted and picked up a knickknack, wrapping it in a piece of newspaper before gently placing it in an open box.

“Albus informed me you’re taking in that sweet boy, I see no reason for me to continue living here,” Figg informed him. Severus huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I had assumed Albus would keep his mouth shut about this,” he said.

“Oh don’t worry deary, that old coot didn’t tell anyone else,” Figg assured him with a wave of her hand then bending down to catch one of her cats to put in a free carrier. The other felines in other carries gave dissatisfied yowls and growls at their current imprisonment. “Oh hush you lot, you’ll be out soon enough. Albus informed me about the change in Harry’s living situation so I wouldn’t worry about not seeing him in a while. Of course Albus told me not to bother moving, he seems to think Harry will be back but I have a feeling that he’ll be just fine with you. No need for me to stay and my daughter is delighted that I’m moving in with her. Or at least I’m moving into the guest house on her husband’s family estate so I still have my own freedom.”

“I see,” Severus said. He couldn’t blame her; he would want to move out of this boring muggle neighborhood as well the first chance he got. “The boy and I will be taking a portkey from the Dursleys, so I will not bother you again Madame.”

“Of course, of course,” Mrs. Figg said. “Just tell the boy goodbye for me, I doubt I’ll see him again anytime soon… and please tell him I’m sorry I was unable to making his time here at my home more pleasant but if his aunt or uncle thought he enjoyed it here, they wouldn’t have allowed me to watch him.” Severus dipped his head in a short bow then left the house, heading to Privet Drive. He doubted he would even bring up what Mrs. Figg said to Harry unless the boy asked. Still it was nice to know at least one person had total faith in this insane plan of his without question, it was just sad it was someone Snape barely knew but likely knew enough about him since he did remember she had been a part of the Order.

As before it didn’t take Severus long to walk over to Privet Drive, a sneer on his lips as he gazed around all the identical houses with near identical yards, it was just so… boring. And so utterly Petunia. He couldn’t help but think Petunia and Lily’s parents would have hated this place. Yes they lived in a row house, much like Severus had with his parents, but theirs had been in a much better neighborhood than Spinner’s End. And even living in a row house, Mrs. Evans had done her best to give their home as much personality as possible. Severus wondered just how Petunia could be so utterly different from her family, was it jealousy of her younger sister who had been prettier and more talented than her in so many ways even without magic that drove her to be as different from Lily as possible? Severus wasn’t sure, it was a possibility he supposed, but in the end he didn’t really care. He didn’t like Petunia and had tried to make the muggle’s life hell as much as he could when he and Lily were still friends.

In hindsight, that may have helped shaped part of the attitude Petunia had toward her nephew. Severus had no idea what Vernon’s excuse was.

As he neared Number 4, Severus heard what sounded like a walrus roar then a loud bang of a gun. The dark wizard froze for only a fraction of a second then raced the rest of the way to the house. He quickly cast the spell to unlock the door wandlessly, already the neighbors were sticking their heads out of their houses and it wouldn’t do for them to see Severus casting spells with his wand. Throwing open the door, a second bang rang through the house followed by a crash then a roar of anger and snarling. Severus’s quick mind took note of Petunia’s fat muggle child cowering in the corner of the living room attempting to hind behind a chair that didn’t even begin to provide coverage for the boy’s fat arse.

Turning into the kitchen, Severus drew his wand and quickly took stock of what was going on. Harry was curled up in corner covering his head with his hands and peering out with frightened green eyes. Petunia was screeching like a banshee about the damage to her kitchen, Severus could see two places damaged by gun shots and the gun itself bent in half. Lastly there was the huge muggle Petunia married trying to beat Harry’s dog to death with his fist, which Zack seemed to shrug off as he snapped his powerful jaws at Vernon’s snarling.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened.

“Stupefy,” Severus quickly cast at Vernon, the spell slamming into the man and sending him flying across the room. Zack had already moved out of the way and was standing protectively over the Potter boy while the boy’s uncle crashing into the wall and slid down unconscious to the floor.

“You!” Petunia screeched when she turned and saw Severus there. “How dare you attack my husband!”

“Shut up Petunia,” Severus said in that cold deadly tone he used on his students, dark eyes pinning her into place. “I would keep my mouth shut if I were you; if you are unable to comply I will be more than happy to help you there.”

Petunia’s mouth snapped shut and her face paled then reddened in anger her hands clutched by her sides.

“No, I will not ‘Shut up’,” she hissed like an angry cat. “I have had it, this is too much. You barge into my home and attack my husband-“

“Silencio,” Severus drawled with a flick to the side then downward casting the silencing charm on Petunia. It took her a moment to realize that there was no long sound coming from her mouth and instead glared at Snape with hatred. Severus ignored her as he turned to Harry and Zack. “Mr. Potter, go up to your room with Zackary while I speak to your aunt. I will be along in a few moments.”

“Yes sir,” Harry said as he quickly stood and ran out of the room with Zack on his heels. Severus waited a few minutes; cashing a ward on the door to keep sound from escaping and to keep Dudley from coming into the room should he get the idea to do so.

That deed done, Severus turned to Petunia flicking his wand at her with a mutter “Finite,” making her flinch as a bolt of red light hit her.

“How dare you use magic on me your bastard!” she screech went she concluded that she could once again speak. “You fix what you did to my husband right now and get out of my house!”

“Silence,” Severus said with a snake like hiss coming too loom over Petunia, tall as she was Petunia was still shorter than him. “I wouldn’t speak of ‘fixing’ your husband if I were you Petunia. Not after he attempted to murder your nephew.”

“He wasn’t going to kill the boy,” Petunia said glancing at the bent up gun and paling a bit looking at it. “I do not even know where he got the thing but it was too protect us from that horrible beast. “

“I warned you to keep your husband under control Petunia,” Severus said. “Yet you can’t even complete that simple task.”

“I didn’t tell Vernon to attempt to shoot anyone!” Petunia yelled. “This is the boy’s fault, we’ve had nothing but bad luck since that brat was dropped off on our doorstep and now that beast-“ she quickly pressed her lips together as Severus moved his want in a threatening way.

“I am taking the boy with me,” Severus said. Petunia narrowed her eyes at Severus.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“It is obvious even before now that you are a horrible choice of a guardian so someone else has opted to open their home to Mr. Potter and his dog,” Severus said. A look of glee crossed Petunia’s face, they were getting rid of the freak at long last!

“Yes, take him! Him and that beast of his,” Petunia said. “And don’t ever bring him back, I don’t want that boy in my house ever again!”

“Believe me, he won’t be,” Severus said then turned, taking down the ward as he exited the kitchen and headed up the stairs.


Author Notes: Since Angeal has been added to the cast I’ve had a lot of people hoping I might add other FF7 characters and while it would be fun it really not possible. It works out so well with Angeal and Zack because they died on their world; most of the other FF7 characters are still very much alive. Which is too bad cause I could have so much fun with Genesis. The only other characters are Sephiroth, who’s got Jenova attached to him so that’s not a good idea, the Remnants (aka Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo) who has the same problem as Sephiroth and Aerith herself. Though I have considered Aerith on and off a few times, maybe pairing her with Luna.
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