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Looking Glass

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You must look inside for the answer...

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William awoke to the methodic tempo of liquid ricocheting off of his forehead. He was groggy, but he knew that this dank and dark room was not at all the one he'd been in a few hours earlier.

Had it been a few hours?

It could've been days. At least that's how William felt. A sever headache caressed his entire cranium, his body felt heavy and sluggish, and his stomache burned. He shook the cobwebs of a hangover away and let his eyes focus in the dim.

The room was small and bare, save for a strange contraption in the center of the floor that resembled a submarine hatch with a heavy, archaiac looking lock on the handle.

Every surface of the room was smooth, there were no cracks, windows, or seams to be found anywhere. The ceiling was only a few inches from Williams head and perforated with what seemed to be thousands and thousands of tiny holes, no bigger than the eraser on a pencil.

William sank onto the floor, convinced that he was still drunk from the night before.

Suddenly a video monitor that was recessed behind an opague section of the far wall flashed on. The familiar and nightmarish visage of the Jigsaw's puppet stared unblinkingly at William.

William rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

"Hello William," the Puppet's voice echoed off the small space, "Would you like to play a game?"

"Who is that? Is that you, Boss?" William called out in a bored tone, "Quit fucking around and let me out of here. What is this your secret S&M dungeon?"

"This is not your boss." Puppet responded.

"Then who the fuck are you?" William spat on the floor. His stomache was killing him.

"You're a popular guy William. Everybody knows you." The Puppet continued, "But what few people know, is that nearly every weekend, you knowingly serve liquor to underage girls. That in itself is bad enough, but you go one step further, putting tranquillizers in the drinks and sexually assaulting the young girls while they're unconscious. "

"What the fuck! Who are you! Let me out of here!" William was wide awake now. Fighting the pain in his midsection, he beat his fist against the odd hatch in the floor that stubbornly refuses to budge.

"Those girls trust you and you betray them for your own selfish, sexual desires. You're a plague, a cancer in the form of a man. But today, that will stop."

William is in a frenzy, pulling and tugging. Finally he collapses into a heap exhausted.

"What do you want from me!" William cries out, the desperation readily apparentin his voice.

"Look above you. Each hole is a tube connected to a pressurized storage tank full of the same drugs you used on those young girls. In sixty seconds that tank will open and fill the entire room with the liquid poison in a matter of seconds. You have one minute to retrieve the key that opens the lock in the middle of the floor. Live or die."

"What the fuck!" William screamed, as loud as he could. His voice echoing then fading into the blackness around him.

"Your sixty seconds!" The Puppet disappears from the monitor and an X-Ray of a man's torso comes onto the screen.

William dashes about the room, bumping his head against the ceiling from time to time as he runs around trying to find the key. Suddenly, he's overcome with a massive wave of nausea, and he vomits violently.

The smell of partially digested macaroni and cheese fills his nostrils, nearly making him puke again. He notices something in the yellow and green chunks of regurgitation, blood.

William looks back at the monitor and realizes that he's looking at an X-Ray of himself. In the middle of the image, a large black shape is present. William approaches the monitor and slowly it dawns on him, it's the key! The key is inside of him.

But where? The X-Ray has been enlarged to the point that you can't make out any recognizable anatomy.

Nearly blind with fear, he tears off his shirt and stares in horror at the long gash running from his top of his chest to his belly button. Nearly two feet of stitches seperate his torso into two sections.

Biting his lip, William squeezes the stitches that run across his navel and fights to keep from passing out. The pain is ungodly, but William manages to tear the stitches enough that he can unlace him self.

A loud buzzer goes off, startling William, followed by a sharp his as every square inch of the room is transformed into an torrential downpour of liquid rophynol, the drug commonly referred to as 'ruffies'.

The drug stings as it runs over his freshly opened stitches. It burns his eyes. Because of the small size of the room, the liuid has already begun collecting on the floor, it's up to his ankles.

Mustering up all he can, William continues pulling out the stitches, holding his breath with his eyes closed. He reaches his solar plexis and feels something metallic at his fingertips. The key!

The drug is up to his waist.

Seconds away from falling unconscious, William stumbles to the center of the room and jams the key in the latch. The lock cathces and William turns the handle.

Just as William gets the door open, and a brief glimpse of light shines into the room, another door slams shut from the outside.

"No!!!" William screams. The drugs run down his face and into his nose, eyes, and throat causing him to choke.

The Rophynol stops pouring from the ceiling and the monitor snaps on again. The Puppet is back.

"Congratulations William. You passed the first test. That was just to see if you qualify to play the real game." Puppet's eyes stare directly into William.

"That's not fair!" William bashes his hands against the walls. Feeling woozy he sinks to the floor, partially submerging in the sea of Rophynol.

"The true game begins now, William. Don't worry, it's easy. Just answer a simple philosophy question and you live."

"What! I'll answer it. I'll do anything!" William's eyes tear up. He wants to yell and fight but he can't stop the overwhelming urge to go to sleep.

"Are you ready, William? Here's your question. How do you get out of a room with no windows or doors?" The Puppet waits in silence.

Groogy and barely conscious, William manages to cough out a response.

"I know this one," William begins, "I know this one. The answer is...."
William sinks beneath the surface of the Rophynol.

The monitor clicks off bathing the room in absolute darkness.
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