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Chapter 18

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: So I’m experimenting with shorter chapters so I can hopefully get outdates out faster.

Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

Chapter 17

The other students around the table were quiet for exactly 5 to 6 seconds as they absorbed that information before voices burst out all over the table. As everyone tried to speak over one another it was impossible to tell who said what and what was being said.

A loud bang had everyone jumping and dragged a scream or two from some of the preteens, everyone turning to face Blaise who held his wand up in the air.

“What?” He asked when he received a few glares. “We can’t exactly hear what Kuno and Finch-Fletchley have to say if we’re talking over each other can we?”

“Alright explain then,” Tracy said as she leaned forward. “You guys really found a Cerberus? Are you sure it just wasn’t three really big dogs?”

“It might be dark in that room, but that was three heads attached to one body,” Justin said.

“Why would anyone keep a Cerberus in the school?” Millicent asked.

“Well in Greek myths, Cerberus was the three headed hell hound of Hades, Pluto in Roman myths, that guarded the underworld,” Hermione said. “So maybe he’s guarding something?”

“That is what Cerberuses are bred for,” Daphne agreed. “My aunt has two of the smaller two headed breeds that guard her property.”

“So what’s he guarding?” Ron asked.

“Duh, whatever Dumbledore hid in the school,” Harry said. “They said they were on the third floor.”

“That’s right,” Tatewaki agreed with a nod. “It was hard to tell since we were on the run and it was dark, but I am sure we were on the side of the corridor that the Headmaster warned us away from.”

“Bloody hell, when he said ‘die a painful death’ he wasn’t kidding,” Ron said with a shake of his head, Neville shivered in fear at the mental image. “Do you really think it’s guarding whatever it is?”

“Why else would anyone keep that in the school?” Tracy asked.

“The room didn’t look big enough to hold anything but the dog,” Justin said as he sat at the table and poured himself a glass of juice.

“Well… maybe the room is just the first,” Harry suggested. “Maybe there was another door in that room or a trap door maybe.” The Slytherins in the room shared a quick look with each other… Harry seemed very sure of that, they all thought, like he had seen it already or something.

“Hey, maybe Hagrid knows about the Cerberus,” Ron suggested. “He likes big dangerous creatures after all, sounds like it’s something he would know about.”

“Maybe later,” Hermione said then smiled as she turned to Millicent and started talking to her, offering to show her some of the things in the study room. Millicent thought to herself that this was a very strange group, but at least they didn’t seem to be boring.


A few days later, Albus walked across the grounds with Kettleburn toward the lake. Severus and Minerva trailed after them.

“Silvanus, are you sure that you saw a crocodile?” Minerva asked the COMC professor knew his creatures… but really a crocodile?

“I know a saltwater crocodile when I see one Minerva,” Kettleburn said over his shoulder. “A beautiful example of his species.”

“Several of my snakes swear they have seen it,” Severus said. “Through the windows in the dorms. I had believed it was the homesickness in my first years but I have received reports from my older years as well.”

“We shall sort this out,” Albus assured them in a soothing tone. “I’m sure there is an explanation for everything.”

They hit the bend in the path that lead to the lake where Hagrid was waiting on them. Fang was cowering behind him, whimpering as the Boar Hound peeked around the corner.

“’Ello Headmaster,” Hagrid greeted then tilted his head in the direction of the lake. “Mr. Turtle is still there.”

“Mr. Turtle?” Severus said with a snort of disbelief while Minerva frowned and narrowed her eyes. “Is this one of your ridiculous names Hagrid? Like when you named that Cerberus of yours ‘Fluffy’?”

“Eh! There’s nothin’ wrong with the name Fluffy,” Hagrid said as he turned to face Severus. “And I didn’t name ‘im, he was named already.” He added jerking his thumb over his shoulder at the lake. Albus, Minerva and Severus finally moved to where they could see the lake and indeed there was a giant sized crocodile lying on the shore sunning himself.

“Hagrid is correct,” Kettleburn said. “This large fellow here is wearing a collar, the name ‘Mr. Green Turtle’ is engraved on it.” Severus and Minerva both cursed as they took in the giant lizard.

“How in Merlin’s name did that thing even get here?” Minerva asked, there was something familiar about that name to her, she was sure she had heard it before but the memory was fuzzy.

“Calm yourself Minerva, we will get to the bottom of this,” Albus said laying a calming hand on his deputy’s shoulder then turned to Kettleburn. “Silvanus, do you still have some of your old contacts? We could send Mr. Turtle to a sanctuary.”

“Or I could turn it into potion ingredients,” Severus suggested. “I know several potions that could benefit from fresh crocodile parts.”

“Severus, it appears to have been someone’s pet at one point, no need to kill the poor creature,” Albus chastised the younger professor. Kettleburn puffed up beside Albus at the very idea.

“Indeed, for a saltwater croc to grow that large, he’d have had to be alive for quite awhile. It would be a tragedy to end his life for one of your potions!” he said loudly. Severus narrowed his eyes at Kettleburn and opened his mouth to throw back a scathing answer only to be interrupted by Hagrid.

“Err? Who’s that?” the half giant asked. The others quickly looked in the direction that Hagrid was pointing. “Isn’t tha’ Miss Kuno?”

Indeed it was, Kodachi gracefully leapt from one tree to another, pushing off branches and tree trunks with ease while performing flips and spins mid-air. She landed lightly on her feet at the tree line close to the shore of the lake. Minerva paled as she remembered where she’d heard that crocodile’s name before, it was during one of the many stories Ryoga had told her about his and the other ‘Wrecking Crew’ adventures. At least a few of them contained tales of a much older Kodachi Kuno’s beloved pet.

“That fool girl is going to get herself killed!” Severus hissed as he quickly moved to intercept Kodachi before she could reach Mr. Green Turtle who had already noticed her and turned his full attention to the slight girl. Albus was right on his heels, face pale, and drawing the Elder Wand from the holster on his arm. The other three weren’t idle either, rushing to save Kodachi’s life before she became lunch.

“Miss Kuno stop!” the headmaster yelled in warning but it was too late as Mr. Green Turtle lunged toward Kodachi, both Albus and Snape’s wands lit up with spells on the tips of their tongues but could only watch in horror as…. Mr. Green Turtle stopped in front of Kodachi, his tail swaying from side to side as if he was a dog wagging his tail, as Kodachi pressed a kiss to the end of his snout.

“Hello baby, have you been a good boy?” she cooed as she scratched Mr. Turtle on the underside of his jaw. Mr. Turtle’s maw was open as if he was smiling then hissed as he saw the wizards and witch, putting himself in front of his mistress. “Good morning Professors,” Kodachi said with a little curtsy bow.

“Miss Kuno,” Severus said in a dark warning tone. “What is the meaning of this? Where did this creature come from?”

“Yes Miss Kuno, perhaps you should step away for your own safety,” Albus added. Kodachi blinked and gave the adults an honestly confused look as she moved to stand next to Mr. Turtle’s head, petting the space between his eyes.

“What do you mean sensei? Mr. Green Turtle would never hurt me,” she said. Kettleburn watched as the crocodile seemed to lean into Kodachi’s touch yet at the same time kept a sharp eye on all of them.

“Miss Kuno, what possessed you to bring this… this creature to the school?” Severus snapped as he waved a hand in Mr. Turtle’s direction then quickly snatched his hand back as the croc snapped his teeth at Snape.

“Why Snape-sensei, Mr. Green Turtle is my pet,” Kodachi said as she laid a hand against her chest. “I couldn’t leave my baby behind. He would get lonely and no one takes as good care of him as I do. Sasuke tries but he just doesn’t have the connection to Mr. Green Turtle that I have.”

“Oh dear,” Silvanus said softly as it clicked in his head then touched Dumbledore’s arm. Albus turned toward Kettleburn, bending down slightly so the CoMC professor could speak into his ear.

“Are you sure Silvanus?” Albus asked after a moment. Silvanus gave a short nod then said,

“A simple charm will tell us if the crocodile is or not.” Albus let out a deep breath, one hand coming up to stroke his long beard as he turned toward Kodachi again.

“Miss Kuno, if you would permit me, I would like to cast a quick spell on you and Mr. Green Turtle,” he said.

“It will not hurt him will it?” Kodachi asked wrapping her arms around Mr. Green Turtle protectively.

“No my dear girl,” Albus said soothingly as he lifted the Elder Wand again. “Just a quick simple charm to check on something.” Kodachi gave it a moment’s thought then gave the elderly headmaster a curt nod in agreement. Albus smiled at his student, a twinkle in his bright blue eyes, then waved his wand in a pattern while silently casting the charm. Minerva, Severus, Silvanus and Hagrid waited with baited breath as a light settled over Kodachi and her crocodile before turning a bright poisonous green as it appeared as a rope between the pair.

“Just as I thought,” Kettleburn said with a nod while Minerva cursed softly. Severus thought he heard the words ‘Lupin’ and ‘skinning’, finding his thoughts in agreement if indeed Lupin had anything to do with this.

“Oh dear,” Albus said with a sigh as he tucked his wand back into the holster on his arm. If there hadn’t been a bond, they could have just sent the crocodile away but as there was a familiar bond between Kodachi and Mr. Green Turtle… well there were laws in place that forbade them from separating the pair. “We should speak with her guardian.”

“I will get in contact with them right away,” Minerva said as she turned on her heel and headed toward the school.

“Hagrid stay with Miss Kuno and Mr. Green Turtle will you?” Albus said as he and Severus quickly moved to follow. Kettleburn chuckled at the delighted look on Hagrid’s face, patting the half giant on the arm the hobbled away while Hagrid sat to gush over Mr. Turtle with Kodachi.


Albus didn’t let his surprise show when Remus Lupin flooed into his office less than an hour and a half later. He’d had no idea that Remus was the Kuno siblings guardian, and wondered why the younger man hadn’t informed him about Harry’s whereabouts when the child was found. He put those questions out of his mind as he quickly turned his attention to the individual that had flooed in with Remus.

It was an older man, roughly the same height as Flitwick, wearing a black ninjutsu stealth uniform, tabi boots, brown arm gauntlets and a brown hood. The man had thick gray eyebrows and his face was lined with wrinkles.

“Remus, my boy,” Albus said as he stood and shook Remus’s hand. “How good it is to see you. You are looking very well.”

“Hello Headmaster,” Remus said with a small smile.

“Remus, I haven’t been your headmaster in years,” Albus said. “I would ask where you’ve been but considering the reason why you were asked to come, I can guess. Tell me, how did you become young Mr. and Miss Kuno’s guardian? I can only assume certain laws are much more relaxed in Japan.”

“They are, werewolves are treated much better there,” Remus agreed. “Sir, this is Sarugakure Sasuke.”

“Welcome to Hogwarts Sarugakure-san,” Albus said with a polite bow that Sasuke returned. “This is my Deputy Headmistress and head of Gryffindor house Professor McGonagall, head of Slytherin house Processor Severus Snape and the care of magical creatures professor Silvanus Kettleburn. Now we should get down to why I asked you here.” He waved his hand, conjuring another chair for Sasuke beside the others in front of his desk.

“You said it was about Kodachi’s… pet,” Remus said with a small cough as Albus nodded. “That is why I asked Sasuke to come along.”

“What is your relationship with the Kunos Sarugakure-san?” Albus asked.

“My family has loyally served the Kunos for seven generations,” Sasuke said. “Once my training in my village was complete, I took up the reins from my father and served under Mistress Miyu, Master Tatewaki and Mistress Kodachi’s mother. I serve as the Kuno family servant, cook, and protector among many other jobs.”

“Were you aware that Mr. Green Turtle is Miss Kuno’s familiar?” Albus asked.

“He’s what?” Remus asked surprised while Sasuke hesitated for a second before answering.

“No… but neither is it a surprise,” he admitted.

“And why is it not a surprise?” Severus asked.

“It’s not unusual for the members of the Kuno family to have unusual and even sometimes dangerous familiars,” Sasuke said with a sigh. “Mistress Miyu’s familiar was an anaconda she called ‘Inju’ than stayed by her side until the day of her death, Mr. Green Turtle was a gift from Mistress Miyu to Mistress Kodachi when she was very young.”

“She gave her daughter a crocodile?” Kettleburn said surprised. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders.

“The Kunos have also been known for having exotic pets,” he said. “They have the money to afford them and the Kuno estate is very large. Mistress Kodachi has always been close to her pet but no one has ever made the connection that he’s her familiar.”

“We’ve known he was missing, we just didn’t know he came here,” Remus said.

“How do you misplace a crocodile that size?” Severus asked with a snort of disbelief.

“You try controlling a giant crocodile that thinks you’re lunch and see how well you do,” Sasuke said. “Mr. Green Turtle usually goes where he wants though he had mostly stayed on the Kuno estate. But Mistress Kodachi has never been that far away from him before.”

“We honestly don’t know how he got here,” Remus said sighing.

“We will have to ask young Miss Kuno for the details about that,” Albus said as he steepled his hands together, pressing the tips of his fingers against his chin. “But this does make for a dilemma. Normally we would have Mr. Green Turtle safely removed, transporting him back to his home.” Minerva’s eyes widened as she caught onto what Albus was getting at.

“Headmaster, you can’t mean for the beastie to stay here?!” She said in outrage. “Think of the other students!”

“I know your concerns Professor,” Albus said soothingly. “I understand your worries, but the laws-“

“The laws certainly didn’t foresee a girl having a giant crocodile as a bloody familiar!” Minerva said in a huff.

“We will certainly have to take precautions,” Albus said. “Spells and wards to keep the other students away from Mr. Green Turtle, keyed to Miss Kuno.”

“I certainly wouldn’t miss him if that blasted lizard stayed here,” Sasuke said as he crossed his arms over his chest. He had almost been croc chow too many times in his life.

“A shrinking potion could be used as well,” Severus said. “In fact, I wouldn’t be very surprised if that is how Miss Kuno brought her familiar here. ‘It is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission’ after all.”

“Kodachi does have a knack for potions and chemistry,” Remus said with a sigh. “She’s been tutored a little by Cologne when Harry took lessons with her.”

“This is all very exciting,” Kettleburn said with a clap. “I do wonder if Miss Kuno wouldn’t mind if I show Mr. Green Turtle off in a few of my classes.”

“We will get that all settled Silvanus,” Albus said with a smile then looked serious. “That just leaves Miss Kuno’s punishment, she did illegally bring her crocodile to school and failed to inform anyone, putting her fellow students and the staff into possible danger.”

“I think a week’s detention and 25 points from Slytherin would do it,” Minerva said while mentally sighing over the fact that they were allowing Kodachi’s pet crocodile to stay at the school. At least they were taking some precautions unlike with some of the dangerous creatures within the Dark Forest. Severus scowled at the points but couldn’t argue, although he did make a mental note to reward points back to his house later.

“Wonderful, yes. Severus, if you wouldn’t mind informing Miss Kodachi about her punishment and making a shrinking potion that’ll last?” Albus said. Severus nodded, holding back an irritated sigh. “Excellent. Professor McGonagall, perhaps if you would give Sarugakure-san a tour of the school? I would like to have a word with Remus.”

Both Minerva and Severus could tell that was not a request and stood.

“Of course Headmaster,” Minerva said. “Sarugakure-san, if you would follow me?” Sasuke looked over at Remus with a raised eyebrow and a silent question in his eye.

“I’ll come look for you,” Remus said telling the aging ninja is was fine.

“Might as well, I’m curious as to what sort of school Master Tatewaki and Mistress Kodachi are in,” Sasuke said as he hopped down from the chair and followed Minerva out, Severus and Kettleburn right behind him. Remus sighed and looked over at Albus, resting his chin in his hand.

“I’m going to cut to the chase and guess this is about Harry,” he said.

“Remus my boy, why didn’t you contact me once you found Harry?” Albus asked folding his hands in front of him on his desk.

“You would have sent him straight to Lily’s sister, and Lily would be rolling in her grave if I allowed that,” Remus said. Maybe once he would have bowed down to Albus’s wishes, assuming he knew best and would have Harry’s safety and happiness in mind. He would have stayed far away, on the outskirts of the wizarding world. But instead Remus had searched high and low for James’s son only to be found by the boy and his new family. A family that had befriended him despite him being a werewolf and given him a job and a new way of life. “I saw that Harry was happy and safe with Ryoga and Ukyo, and they offered me the chance to be close and to get to know the pup.”

“I only wanted what was best for Harry, Remus,” Albus said with a tried sigh. “He would have been safe with his aunt.”

“So you assume, but he’s just as safe if not safer with his parents. I believe James and Lily would approve of Ryoga, he loves Harry as if he were his own flesh and blood, and Ukyo loves him too. So I made the decision not to contact you and I don’t regret it. Making that decision was the best thing I’ve ever done, I’ve made new friends, I got to see my pack’s pup grow up as a happy child and I found the love of my life. I have two children and I’ve even reconnected with my father,” Remus said sternly, his golden eyes hard as he looked at the elderly Headmaster. “So if this is some sort of attempt to guilt trip me or try to get my help on putting Harry with Lily’s sister, you can forget it.”

“Remus, I have come to accept that I will not be placing Harry with Petunia and her family,” Albus assured him, his eyes drifting to the scar in his desk. “Mrs. Hibiki made that perfectly clear.” Remus chuckled when he saw where Albus was looking.

“Ukyo is pretty deadly with that weapon of her’s isn’t she,” he agreed. Albus chuckled as well, a twinkle of amusement in his eye.

“Yes, most unusual,” he said. “What’s done is done, you’ve made your side clear and there is no changing the past no matter how much we wish we could. So tell me about your children and your wife.” Remus gave a bark of laughter, surprised that the other man was dropping the subject of Harry but glad of it as well and instead spoke of his lovely, kind Kasumi and their little hellions Miyu and Tsuki.


Much later that evening Kodachi strode into the Slytherin common room where many of her housemates were gathered discussing the loss of points. They turned when they heard the entrance open, conversations dying off as Kodachi walked past them with a much smaller, canine sized but just as deadly Mr. Green Turtle walking by her side.
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