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Chapter 11

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Things continue to go badly for the defenders of Soul Society

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Karin ran through the Seireitei. She neither knew, nor cared where her feet took her, she simply continued to run. She had to get away from it all. The monsters that had replaced her family, the carnage and destruction happening in the south, all of it.

Tears fell from her eyes as she ran. How can that shitty dad even think of killing Ichi-nii...? How could Ichi-nii have become that... that thing...? She ran on, seemingly invisible to the dozens of Shinigami she passed. All of them ran in different directions, some running towards the south to help with the battle, some running to help put out fires that had appeared throughout the city, and some ran to set up defensive points at other key locations.

As she ran, a thought of black guilt shot through her chest. Oh god... Yuzu... what is she gonna do if I'm not there? She felt herself begin to slow, about to turn back, then shame and anger forced her onwards. I can't... I can't go back... not to that shitty father. Not to that monster that want's to kill his own son. I can't. I'm so sorry... Yuzu...

She ran onwards. her path taking her to the Western Gate, and beyond, into the Rukon district. She didn't even register it. She simply ran, and ran, and ran.


Kurotsuchi Mayuri felt his eyes widen in horror as the pain began registering in his mind. "My bankai... gone...?" It should have been impossible. One moment, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou had been there, about to destroy the Arrancar before him, and then that black mist had engulfed it, and the massive Bankai had seemed to disolve, and the pain he felt with the destruction of his Zanpakutō had been unlike anything he had ever felt.

Everything within a hundred foot radius of the Arrancar had simply vanished. The buildings, the cobbled stone street, even the very ground seemed to flee from the Skeleton garbed in the black robe, wearing it's golden crown atop it's head.

"You seem surprised Shinigami..." Baraggan's voice sounded from the grinning skull. "Your eyes cannot believe what they just witnessed? And here I was lead to understand that you were some kind of genius." A cruel chuckle rumbled out of him, "Oh well, it doesn't matter. Even a genius can do nothing to stop the endless march of time. But I am in a good mood now, so I shall explain to you what happened. Your bankai, as well as everything else, rotted away under the power of my Respira."

That same black mist rushed forth from the Espada's mouth, and Kurotsuchi's eyes widened even further when he witnessed it come close to a building nearby. The building simply rotted away to nothing but dust. As he threw himself backwards to avoid the oncoming tide of death, Kurotsuchi's brilliant mind marveled at the pure destructive capabilities of the Arrancar's power.

"Too bad, Shinigami." Baraggan's voice sounded behind Kurotsuchi. "It seems that the gift of strength that Shiro-sama has granted me completely removed any chances you ever had of winning." A skeletal hand closed down on Mayuri's shoulder it's grip like tempered steel, actually snapping the bones within. The captain's gaze whirled around just in time to see the skull grinning back at him, "Respira."


Kyouraku felt a shiver run up him as the black reiatsu engulfed his surroundings. It felt like heavy rain falling across his skin before evaporating into the air and growing stronger. Gripping his swords tightly, he shivered again. "This is just insane..."

"No." Ulquiorra swept the reiatsu away with a flap of one wing. "This is the natural order of things. Shinigami and Hollows will always do battle." He formed a lance of reiatsu in his hand and flashed forward aiming to cut the captain in half.

Kyouraku felt his eyes widen in surprise, bringing his blades up in defense. Even so, the blow was enough to knock him several yards away, "Wow you're strong!" He exclaimed as he finally came to a stop, "Fast too... If I'd been just a little slower, that'd have been my head."

"Do not insult me, Kyouraku Shunsui." Ulquiorra turrned to face his opponent, holding up his reiatsu lance, "You are more than capable of keeping up with my speed as it is now. During his reign, Aizen-sama provided us all with detailed information about your combat strengths. The only unknown factor in this battle is your Bankai."

Kyouraku gave a small smile. "Scary, scary. You knowing everything about me put's me at a disadvantage."

"Hardly. You have studied war under the guidance of Yamamoto Genryusai for well over three hundred years. Now. Fight with your true skill. If you do not, you will die, and your master will watch as I present your severed head to Shiro-sama."

Again, Ulquiorra flashed in, striking for a decapitating blow. This time however, Kyouraku rolled to the side, stopped his momentum part way, and threw himself back towards the now overextended Arrancar, bringing his twin Zanpakutō to slash viciously across his chest. As they were about to strike, he noticed a dark orb appear in front of Ulquiorra, the Espada's free hand had moved around to point at the approaching Shinigami across his chest, and was now charging a terrifyingly powerful Cero.

The black beam of reiatsu lanced out, cutting yet another swath of devestation through the Seireitei, Kyouraku meanwhile reappeared behind Ulquiorra, having flash stepped away at the last second to avoid the blast. Bringing his blades up, he struck at the Espada's now unprotected back, hoping to cleave through him and end the battle quickly. Unfortunatly, his opponent shifted, allowing the blades to slice through empty air before turning and slashing with his own weapon.

As the two enemies locked blades, Ulquiorra's green eyes met his foe's. "Truly impressive, Kyouraku Shunsui. To dodge a Cero Oscuras at such close range is a feat to be proud of."

"Well thank you very much Espada-san." The captain replied with his trademark grin. "Not everyday I get an actuall compliment out of my opponent."

The two vanished once more in a blur of clashing steel, reiatsu, and motion. To an outside observer it would almost look like a series of pictures, as the two reappeared within the visual spectrum over and over again, dodging, parrying, and clashing as they moved across the battlefield. After a few moments, they had moved much deeper into the Seireitei, Kyouraku broke away from his opponent.

"Well, you're a lot stronger than I thought you'd be." He panted as he spoke.

"Praise will buy you little, Kyouraku Shunsui. My orders are to eliminate you, and nothing will stop me from fulfilling Shiro-sama's orders." Ulquiorra stepped through the air slowly, moving closer to his opponent.

A sad glimmer appeared in the Captain's eye at the statement. "I see. So nothing will convince you to stop this fighting eh?" Ulquiorra shook his head, "That's a shame. I kinda liked you and that brown haired Espada. Well, I guess I have no choice." Turning his blades to point downwards, Kyouraku locked eyes with his enemy, the steel in the man's gaze was enough to even give Ulquiorra pause. "Bankai."


"The hell kinda crazy power is this?!" Lillinette Gingerback screamed as Starrk hauled her out of the way of another incoming wave of what looked like cherry blossoms. Except that cherry blossoms didn't leave buildings as rubble in their wake. "How the fuck is this even fair?!"

"Something tells me that this guy doesn't like the word 'fair' in his fights." Starrk growled as he leaped away from the wave. "Kuchiki Byakuya... As dangerous as Aizen and Shiro-sama both said, and with what looks like a stick shoved up his ass about a mile long." He grimaced as the wave turned in it's course once again and roared towards them. "Looks like we won't be able to take it easy this fight... Dammit..."

Nearby, Byakuya watched as the brown haired Espada once more pulled his Fracción to safety. Frowning he finally spoke, the waves of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi pulling away from the pair for a few moments. "Why do you work so hard to save your subordinate? It seems unusual for an Espada. Also, if you allowed her to take the blow for you, you may have already been able to hurt me."

Starrk took a few moments to catch his breath before replying. "I won't expect you to understand fully Captain-san. Still, I should thank you for backing off for a few seconds, let's us do this." He placed his hand on Lillinette's head. "You ready Lillinette?"

The shorter Arrancar nodded, her expression hard and angry as she glared at the Shinigami across from them. "Let's kick his ass." She said as she began to disperse into a cloud of reiatsu.

What? Byakuya's eyes widened in surprise as the girl vanished, and the Espada's reiatsu suddenly intensified greatly. "What did you do?"

Starrk's eyes began to glow pale blue. "When most Arrancar are created, they seal their power into the form of a Zanpakutō." His voice seemed to be layered with that of the girl as he spoke. "For us, our power was so great that we had to seal it in a completely seperate form. We are Coyote Starrk and Lillinette Gingerback, the Primera Espada." Byakuya's eyes widened even further, as he threw up a hand, directing the millions of blades of his bankai to attack the Espada. However, even with the speed increase from directing with his hand, it was not faster than Starrk's voice. "Kick About, Los Lobos."

The blowback from the released reiatsu scattered the blades of Senbonzakura as though a localized hurricane had just erupted. Even Byakuya, who was widely considered to be one of the most powerful of the Gotei 13 Captains felt himself shiver slightly at the weight of the reiatsu pressing down on him as he concentrated on regathering his bankai around him.
The winds eventually died down, revealing the Espada kneeling on the air. He was now garbed in a grey furred coat that hung down to his knees, along with knee high boots and elbow length gloves of the same style of fur. His left eye was covered by a form of eyepatch, a pair of bandoleers reached from his elbows to the back of his shoulders, and in his hands were a pair of ornately decorated black pistols.

"Well then." He said, standing up casually, "Sorry Captain-san. But now it's time to kill you." Pointing his left hand pistol at the Shinigami, he pulled the trigger, firing off six deep blue ceros in the span of a few seconds. As he did this, his right hand pistol slid down into a holster at his hip.

Byakuya swore silently to himself as he threw himself out of the path of the oncoming ceros. So his Reserrecion allows him to attack with cero using the pistols to manifest the charge. He thought as he moved, If that's the case, then his right hand pistol is saving power for a strong attack.

As if to validate the captain's thoughts, Starrk flicked up his right pistol, lowering the left hand one to it's holster. The cero that fired from the raised gun dwarfed the previous shots by several orders of magnitude. Byakuya raised his hand, bringing the blades of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi up to block against the oncoming blast. As the Zanpakutō hid him from the Espada's view, he swiftly used several shunpos to move around to Starrk's blind-side.

Unfortunately, the view that awaited the Captain as he reappeared was the barrel of Starrk's left pistol, now apperantly recharged. Another slew of cero blasts followed, forcing Byakuya to dodge again.

Damn... Byakuya swore to himself as he kept moving to avoid the attacks. This tempo is entirely in his favor.

"You're pretty fast Captain-san." Starrk commented from where he stood, flicking his right gun back up once more and fireing another monstrously powerful shot.

"And you are predictable, Espada." Byakuya flashed forward, reappearing beside Starrk and grabbing his left hand to stop him from using it. "You need to charge up your right hand gun in order to use it, don't you." As he spoke, his bankai crashed towards the two of them like a wave of pure destruction.

"Oh? I don't remember saying that." Starrk smirked, shifting his right hand pistol to point directly between the captain's eyes.

Byakuya's eyes widened in horror as a cero charged in the barrel of the supposedly useless weapon. He managed to flash step away just as the shot blasted forth, however even his speed wasn't enough to escape completely unscathed, reappearing with a smoking burn along his cheek.

Starrk let out a low whistle, "Damn. I was sure I had you there, you really are a quick one."

"And you are far more dangerous than I first thought." Byakuya said, wiping a sleeve along his cheek. "I suppose I have no choice." The air around the two grew dark as first hundreds, and then seemingly thousands of swords appeared in several rows surrounding them. "Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi."

Stark, this looks like it could be bad. Lillinette's voice echoed in Stark's mind, Feel his reiatsu? He's taking off the kiddie gloves.

You've gotta be kidding me... This Bankai thing is like a fucking swis-army knife. Starrk grumbled to himself as one of the blades of light flew down to Byakuya's waiting hand. What's next? He turns it into a bazooka? Actually, scratch that. I'd rather fight this than a bazooka. "So, you feel like elaborating on this lovely little death-trap you've got us in Captain-san?"

"Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, the true form of my Bankai. Within this space, you cannot escape my blade."

"Huh... Not exactly what I wanted to hear. But ok." Byakuya flashed forward, stabbing his sword at Starrk's uncovered eye, "Woah!" The espada flipped backwards, kicking his booted foot against the side of the oncoming katana to knock it aside as he fired off another cero from his pistol.

Byakuya vanished as the blast closed with him, reappearing beside Starrk and slashing down. The Espada swore voilently as he threw his weight away from the oncoming blade, coming up with a deep, bleeding gash along his cheek, mirroring Byakuya's earlier injury.
Starrk you asshole! Lillinette screamed in his head, Pay attention!

I know! I know! Shit this guy's speed just skyrocketted. Taking a deep breath, he rose to stand once again. "Ok Captain-san, I'm impressed. 'Spose I need to kick up my game too." Raising his pistols to aim at his enemy, he let out his breath slowly. "Mellizo Cero Metralleta."

What happened next could only be called a rainstorm of ceros. Hundreds of them erupted from the barrels of both guns, filling the space in front of him with a nearly solid wave of blue destruction. Byakuya's eyes widened in shock, as he threw himself towards the Primera's side, trying to get in closer. However Starrk simply shifted his aim, bringing the seemingly endless column of death back into focus.

Dammit! Byakuya tried to dodge once more, but this time he was just a fraction too slow, as first one cero, then another, and another, and then another dozen struck him almost simultaneously. The resulting explosion was enough to even force Starrk to jump away.

"Ok. May have gone a little overboard there..." He said as he landed.

Ya think? Wasn't this guy one of the ones on Shiro-sama's list?

"No, that was his little sister. I think... Shit, was this guy really on that list?"

Starrk... you fucking idiot.

"Well, hang on. Looks like we may not get in trouble with the boss anyways." The smoke began to clear, revealing Byakuya, still standing, breathing heavily, and bleeding from several new wounds across his body. "You want to keep this up Captain-san? Or can we just all take a nap now? Pretty sure Shiro-sama want's you alive for some reason or another, so I'd really rather not have to kill ya."

"You... really think... I'll let you escape... Espada...?" Byakuya gasped for breath as he struggled to stand.

"Come on Captain-san..." Starrk grumbled, holstering his guns. "You've already proven you're awesome. You've fought hard. Congratulations. Now for the love of god, just give up already."

"No..." Byakuya's eyes locked with his opponent's. "I will never... surrender... while I still have breath in my lungs..." Suddenly the swords around them vanished and a single blade, seemingly made of pure white light, appeared in his hands, and an immense level of reiatsu burst forth from him, seeming to form a pair of massive white wings behind him. "Shūkei: Hakuteiken."

"Looks like I'm gonna need to beat you down after all..." Starrk sighed, as the bandoleers hanging from his arms glowed with reiatsu, producing a pair of reiatsu blades. "Try not to die from this kid. I'd hate to get yelled at by Shiro-sama."

The two lunged at each other, blades first in one final clash. The eruption of reiastu from their final strike leveled almost a square mile of the Seireitei around them.


The world seemed to darken as Kyouraku Shunsui finally released his bankai. Looking around, Ulquiorra noted just how heavy the air felt with the Captain's reiatsu. "Impressive. For a mere Shinigami to effect the world around him like this with his abilities."

"You wound me Espada-san. You hold us Shinigami in such low esteem." Kyouraku stood about a dozen paces away, his blades held casually at his side. "You could at least try sounding impressed."

"Hmph. Perhaps if my enemy were to actually provide me with a real reason to be impressed I would." Ulquiorra's green eyes flashed challengingly. "And I would appreciate it if you could at least use my name, Kyouraku Shunsui. I am Ulquiorra Cifer, the Cero Espada."

"Hmm? Cero Espada?" Kyouraku tilted his head in confusion. "I thought the Espada were numbered One through Ten?"

"You thought wrong Captain." Ulquiorra pointed at his opponent, charging a cero and fireing it. Oddly, Kyouraku simply smiled as the blast closed with him. As it struck, Ulquiorra's eyes widened in shock, feeling something burn through his shoulder. "What?!"

"First Act: Hesitance and the Appointment of Wounds." Kyouraku coughed from the clearing smoke of the cero blast, "All wounds, I share with my enemy." Seeing his enemy's eyes harden, he smiled slightly. "Now on to Act Two: The Pillow of Shame. Wherein the warrior, distraught from his sins upon the battlefield collapsed in shame, afflicted by an incurable disease."

Dozens of black spots appeared all across Ulquiorra's body, blood pouring forth from each. "Damn." He said quietly, "This could prove... difficult."

"Ah, ah, ah. We aren't done yet Ulquiorra-san." Kyouraku said, smiling once more, and surprising the Espada with the use of his name. "Moving right along to Act Three: The Severing Abyss!" The two suddenly became surrounded by an enourmous amount of water, "And now we're alone. Who will run out of reiatsu first I wonder?"

Ulquiorra looked around, the blood from his wounds mixing with the water around him. "Hmm... I admit Kyouraku Shunsui. I am most impressed. This Bankai is indeed as fearsom as I had been led to expect given Aizen's level of respect for your power."

Kyouraku smiled, feeling the water press down on him from everywhere. "Thank you very much." He smiled, giving the Espada a small nodding bow.

"However, you have unfortunatly just given me an overwhelming advantage." The Shinigami blinked in confusion, and then again in shock as the wounds across Ulquiorra's body began to heal. "It has taken longer than I expected, I suppose that is because of the nature of the injuries. However, my ultimate strength is not my combat prowess, or my speed. Unlike the other Espada, I did not sacrifice my regenerative capabilities to enhance my strength. So unlike you, I can heal from what is about to happen."

He began charging another massive Cero Oscuras, however this time, instead of aiming it at the Shinigami, he turned his fingers to point at his opposite shoulder.

Kyouraku's world suddenly ignited with pure, undiluted pain as the rules of his Zanpakutō forced him to share the damage inflicted upon his enemy, in this case, a fully charged Cero blast point blank to the shoulder. When his vision finally cleared, he looked to find his arm hanging limply, held to the shoulder by only a few remaining strands of muscle, while across the distance, Ulquiorra's wound was already closing slowly.

Slowly, Ulquiorra began to walk forward once more, speaking as he did. "You are indeed worthy of respect Kyouraku Shunsui. Your tenacity and skill in to be admired. Had you fought any of my fellow Espada, you may indeed have defeated them." He stopped a few paces from the captain, "In defferense to your abilities, and out of respect for your power, I shall show you why Shiro-sama made me his Cero Espada."

All across the Seireitei, combatants paused in their battles, forced to shiver in unexpected fear as, while the world had grown darker when Kyouraku had released his bankai, now the sky turned to pitch black. Within the confines of the Severing Abyss, the reiatsu unleashed by Ulquiorra actually had the effect of pushing the dark water away from him, as though it couldn't stand to be near him.

"Ressurecion: Segunda Etapa." Ulquiorra's fully resurrected form stood before a stunned Kyouraku, his long black wings stretching wide. "I am the only Espada to have achieved this state. It can be compared to the bankai of your Shinigami, such is it's power. This is the form of True Despair, Kyouraku Shunsui. And now, it has come for you."

A fresh burst of reiastu from the Espada shattered the Severing Abyss as though it were little more than glass. Kyouraku had only a heartbeat to comprehend what had happened before Ulquiorra's talon-like claws punched through his unharmed shoulder and the long, whip-like tail flicked around his throat. The pain was such that he couldn't even bring himself to scream.

Ulquiorra glanced down to his own shoulder, calmly noting the lack of shared wounds. "Hmm... It would seem that your ability has been broken Captain. A pity." He slowly pulled his claw from Kyouraku's shoulder and set the tip of a claw between his eyes. "You are an impressive warrior, truly worthy of the respect that Aizen gave you. However, I was ordered to ensure you do not survive this battle."

The last sight that Kyouraku Shunsui saw, was an orb of pure black reiatsu, before darkness engulfed his senses and he knew nothing more.


Closer to the shattered south gate, Baraggan looked up, a shiver of genuine fear lancing down his spine. "This is Ulquiorra?" He asked in utter disbelief, "That little punk was hiding strength like this the whole time?"

"Well, I suppose that this explains why Shiro-sama made him the Cero." The voice of Luraunt sounded behind him. The Octava stepped gingerly around the dissolving remains of Kurotsuchi Mayuri, his resurrection once again sealed away within his Zanpakutō, followed closely by his new Vizard pets.

"Hmph." The older man snorted. "I suppose it does. And what exactly are these two children doing alive?"

"You mean my new assistants? Why they are being good little helpers and following their master where he tells them to." The flamboyant Espada laughed cruelly, stroking a finger along Mashiro's chin lightly. "Do you think that Shiro-sama will like them? I'm planning on giving them to him as a gift." The former Vizard made a small chirping like noise, acting more like a puppy than the person she had been even just a few minutes before.

The skeletal visage considered him for a few moments before bursting out laughing. "Bahhahaha! You arrogant whelp! You're even more twisted than that little shit Granz."

"Thank you, thank you. You are too kind Baraggan-sama." Luraunt gave a flamboiant bow.
"Yes, I think that Shiro-sama will find your gift most enjoyable."

The two stood, watching the ongoing battles for a few moments. Finally Luraunt spoke up, "Well, I suppose we should go make ourselves useful once more." Baraggan chuckled as the two leaped once again into the air.


"Cascada!" Hallibel shouted launching an immense surge of water towards her young opponent.

Hitsugaya raised his blade, "Ryūsenka!" He yelled as the water struck, freezing the oncoming torrent almost instantly, the force of the Espada's own attack serving to shatter the ice to a fine powder.

"Hmph. I see you've grown somewhat stronger since our last battle Captain." Hallibel stood above the battlefield, her released form radiating power.

Hitsugaya panted heavily, struggling to catch his breath. How in the hell did she get so strong?! It's barely been a few months! Wiping his brow, he forced himself to nod. "You seem to have gotten considerably stronger yourself... Tia Hallibel."

"You remember my name," She smirked, "I'm flattered." She raised her blade, pointing it down at the white haired captain. "La Gota."

Several heavy shots of condensed water ripped through the air towards Hitsugaya, forcing him to throw himself to the side, dodging back and forth as missiles of water smashed with stone shattering force into the ground behind him. Dammit! He swore to himself. At this rate this fight will either end up like last time, or she'll actually hit me.

Hallibel continued fireing off shots, an almost bored look on her face. Hmm... was it just my imagination? She thought, watching Hitsugaya move, I thought that he'd improved... but this feels too much like our last battle. Could it be that the power I recieved from Shiro-sama really was so potent that this battle is no longer even a contest? Finally she stopped shooting, frowning as she did.

Hitsugaya frowned, watching her closely. "What? Did you get bored or something?" He sneered.

"No." She replied, dropping down from the air to land on top of a building that had somehow survived the conflict thus far. "I am simply thinking about how futile this is." At his silent snarl, she continued, "You should already have realized the gap in our strengths. If we continue this battle, you will die. Badly." Her frown deepend as she spoke. "Oddly enough, I don't want you dead just yet, Hitsugaya Toushiro. I would rather you actually be able to put up a decent challenge before I kill you."

"So on top of wanting to destroy my home, and all I have ever known, now you insult me!?" He lunged forward, his blade aimed straight for her heart.

Hallibel sighed as he charged, "A shame." She raised her blade into the air, "Cascada!"

Shit! Too late, Hitsugaya realized his mistake as he was unable to slow himself in time, and the torrent of water slammed upwards into him, made even more powerful by the addition of the water from her earlier barrage of attacks. The water surged upwards, battering him from all directions with the force of a hurricane.

Hallibel stood still, watching for a few moments, before shifting her blade to point it directly at her opponent. "Vórtice." At the command, the water all condensed into a tightly packed sphere, with Hitsugaya trapped within it. She stepped forward, until she was within arm's reach of the sphere, gazing in at him. He was practically unconscious from the damage he'd already taken. "Such a waste of talent." She pushed her blade into the water, "Hirviendo."

The sphere seemed to explode outwards as the water within it reached the boiling point almost instantly. The effect on the sphere's occupant was devastating. Hitsugaya's body could only barely be recognized as human anymore as it fell from the air. Hallibel caught the body, laying it down on the roof, looking down at it. She blinked in shock and surprise when it moved.

He survived?! She thought in shock. "Hmm..." She knelt down beside the young captain, "Perhaps you aren't a complete waste after all..." Sealing her Zanpakutō once more, she picked him up and jumped towards the ruins of the south gate. "Apacchi! Mila Rose! Sung-Sun!" She called out as she arrived.

Immediately, the three Fracción appeared before her, called away from their rampages through the Rukon district. "Yes Hallibel-sama?" Apacchi asked, kneeling before her mistress.

"Take this one to Las Noches." The Fracción blinked in surprise at the order, "I have a use for him, and it doesn't involve him dying just yet."

"I-if you say so Hallibel-sama." Mila Rose said, sounding unsure, "It's just that... a Shinigami like this?"

"Enough." Hallibel snapped, handing Hitsugaya to Sung-Sun. "I have to get back to the battle. Take him back to Las Noches, and see to it that he recovers, but do not let him regain consciousness until I return."

The snake-like woman bowed, cradeling the broken Shinigami captain in her arms like a child. "As you wish Hallibel-sama. I will ensure he recieves the care you request. Although I cannot possibly fathom why."

The three turned simultaneously, opening a Garganta and vanishing into it with the captain of the Gotie 13's tenth squad in tow.


In the skies above the Seireitei, Shiro and Commander Yamamoto broke apart, stopping several meters apart and watching each other closely. As they studied each other, Shiro grinned wickedly.

"You seem to be on the losing end of this war Osan." He sneered, "You must have noticed all those reiatsu sources disappearing one by one." He looked up as he spoke, "Oh, and little Toushiro just vanished as well." He let out a cruel laugh, "It seems that the Gotie 13 is losing members at a disturbing rate."

The hate filled snarl that crossed Yamamoto's face could have killed a weaker being. "I see now what Urahara said about you using Kurosaki's memories as a weapon. But you will find nothing within those memories to serve any other purpose than hasten your own death." The flames of Ryuujin Jakka flared up behind him as he spoke.

Shiro shrugged slightly. "Perhaps not. I suppose that just means that I'm going to need to stop holding back." He held up his Zanpakutō, aiming it at the ancient Shinigami's heart. "Advance forward, Zangetsu."
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