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Return to Hogwarts

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The return to Hogwarts. Draco & Voldemort make very different moves. HP/HG/LL/GW, some bisexuality & slash.

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RS- Transforming Harry
Part VII

The return to Hogwarts. Draco & Voldemort make very different moves. HP/HG/LL/GW, some bisexuality & slash.

The Harry Potter canon and characters are owned by She-Who-Must-Be-Mentioned and many minions. This fic shows what hormonal teens wished they could get away with.


Chapter XIII

Sunday, September 1, 1996

To Stella's enormous surprise, not only had they reached Platform 9 3/4 without any difficulties, but both the pre-boarding prefects' meeting and the loading all went off without a hitch. Notices were passed out to the students and the parents, explaining the extra security measures for the day's train ride and the year, and the students also got a short notice explaining both Stella's presence and Harry's absence. Stella enjoyed 'meeting' the other Sixth year Gryffindors and some of the other students.

The train left on time, and the twenty minute prefects' meeting aboard the train went off without a hitch. Stella stopped in at one of the first compartments, where Sarah and Luna were already sitting, and where Ron, Hermione, and Ginny would be staying when not on patrol. Then she went off to make the first patrol.

In the second car, she ran in Draco Malfoy, who seemed to be waiting for her. For once, Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott stayed in the compartment, as did Millicent Bulstrode. Stella noticed that Pansy Parkinson was absent.

"You're Stella Green, I take it," Draco said.

"I am. And you are?"

"Draco Malfoy. I suppose Potter or his friends mentioned me."

"In passing, although I did get a fairly complete idea of what your father's been up to."

Draco winced. "Yes, well, I have to admit I'm still trying to figure out my feelings about that."

"From what I heard, you seemed very certain last June."

"I was, last June," Draco stated, trying to keep his temper.

"Fair enough." Stella's voice became more friendly. "What may I do for you, Draco?"

Draco smiled. He was amazed at this girl. She was the first girl he actually felt attracted to in any way, other than the Weaselette (and he had always tried to ignore those feelings). "I'd like you to keep in mind that I am not nearly as bad as your friends might have said I am. Nor are they are pure and perfect."

"Oh, I know they're neither pure nor perfect. However, I do believe they are basically good, kind people. That doesn't mean you're evil because you don't like them. However, I would say they don't like you mostly because you're you, while you don't like them at least in part because of what you think they stand for."

Draco thought about that. Finally, "Maybe," Draco conceded. "May I ask you something?"

"You may ask."

Draco looked uncertain for a moment, but pressed on. "I've heard a lot of frightening stories about the Druids. . . ."

Stella was glad that Hermione, Luna, and Ginny had talked this out with Siân several times. "Let me put that subject into terms you can understand. Wizards here have a wide opinion of Muggles, don't they."

Draco hesitated. This was a subject he had been warned to stay away from. "I suppose. . . ."

"Come on. This Voldemort" Draco winced "thinks Muggles aren't fully human. Other would say that Muggles are fully human, just not as lucky, as powerful, as wizards."

"Really? I thought some of your friends loved them. . . ."

"No," Stella said with a snort. "Take Ron and Ginny's father. He's fascinated by Muggles, and interested in how they cope without magic. He doesn't think less of a witch because she has Muggle parents. Still, while he wouldn't mind a son of his marrying a Muggle-born, he'd be at least somewhat upset if one married an actual Muggle, despite the odds against six sons finding witches to wive."

"In other words, you're saying Muggles are human, just not as good," Draco said thoughtfully.

"Almost. They aren't bad people, just unfortunate. Do you know anything about music?"

"Quite a lot, actually."

"Imagine a very musical family, where music is the center of their life like magic is for us."

"Alright." That was not easy for Draco, but he managed.

"How would they feel if one son brought home someone not only tone deaf but who had never even heard of music?"

Draco winced.

"Exactly. The girl isn't bad, isn't horrible, isn't some lesser being, but she can't understand the beautiful music that the family feels."

"But I asked you about Druids. . . ."

"Exactly. Think of any statement you want to about Muggles that wizards think. Well, that's how Druids feel about regular wizards. We hear a music that most of you don't hear." Stella smiled, remembering when Harry had first heard the music that was Druid magic in July. "Some think you're scum, and no better than Muggles, since they don't like Muggles either." That shook Draco a little. "Some think you can be taught to hear the music. Some regular wizards take to it right away, actually."




"For one," Stella said. She did not add that what Harry had learned quickly came as naturally to Luna as breathing. "Does that answer your question?"

"It does," Draco admitted. "Thank you." He went into his compartment.

'That was odd, especially from him,' Stella thought, continuing her patrol. She settled down a few anxious First years, including one crying Muggle-born girl, shooing away the three slightly older Slytherins who had been teasing her.

It was near the end of the train when she again heard muffled crying. Looking in the compartment, she saw Dennis Creevy, a young girl who looked like his sister, and a hunched-over figure that could only be Colin. Stella hesitated. Colin Creevy had been an annoying pain-in-the-butt since the first time Harry had run into him.

Still, Stella had a persona she wanted to project. She sighed very quietly, knocked, and opened the door. "Hello? Is everything alright?"

Dennis' eyes went wide, and Colin looked up. "You!" Colin sneered. Stella blinked in surprise. He went back to crying.

"Sorry," Dennis said. "I'm Dennis Creevy. This is my sister Elizabeth. . . ."

"Eliza," she said.

"And my brother Colin. He's probably Harry's biggest fan, and he's . . . disappointed."

"Sorry," Stella muttered, then she frowned. "Your parents named you, in order, Colin, Dennis, and Eliza?" Dennis and Eliza nodded.

"Next comes Francis, and then Georgia," Eliza said. "If mum has another, Colin wants it named Harry or Harriet."

"What're your parents' names?"

"Anna and Benjamin, of course."

"Of course." Stella sat and put her arm around Colin's shoulder. "I'm sorry you're missing your friend, but he's away to train for the coming war."

"I know," Colin sobbed.

"Oh, blow your nose," Eliza said. "All you've talked about for over four years is Harry Bloody Potter. He's not going to be at school. Deal with it." She shrugged. "It never sounded like he liked you much."

Stella and Dennis both winced. Stella wondered if such ruthlessness was inherent in most little sisters. "Harry is my friend!" Colin snapped.

"I don't know if you're friends or not," Stella said carefully. "He did mention that you're a really good photographer."

"He mentioned me?"

"If you're so close, why wouldn't he mention you?" Eliza demanded. Dennis scowled at her.

"Harry has a lot of friends," Colin snapped. "I never said we were best friends."

"H'umpf," Eliza retorted.

Stella smiled and stood. "It was nice meeting you three. Good luck at the Sorting, Eliza."

"Do you think a Muggle-born could be Sorted into Slytherin?" Dennis asked.

"From what I hear, I doubt it," Stella said.

"I'm hoping for Ravenclaw," Eliza said proudly.


"Well, anywhere without brothers," she added.

Stella smiled and continued her rounds.


The rest of the trip was fairly non-eventful. A large number of students dropped by to say hello to Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. Hermione stepped out into the passage to speak with Padma Patil, which made Luna frown for a fraction of a second.

Finally, the train pulled into Hogsmeade Station. The wind was cold, but the night was clear. The Sixth year Prefects cleared the train, and took the last carriages to the castle with their friends who had waited.

Hermione, Ginny, Stella and even Sarah gave Luna a hug before they made their ways to their respective tables. Ginny sat down at the end of the table near the teachers, so that she could welcome the new Gryffindors as they were Sorted.

The Sorting Hat's song was short, and again pled for understanding and cooperation between the Houses. Stella noticed how much larger this year's class was compared to the ones over the previous years. Then she remembered there had been something of a baby boom after Voldemort's first defeat. This year, to Ron's constant complaints, there were 81 new students, divided at the end 18 in both Slytherin and Gryffindor, 21 in Ravenclaw (including Elizabeth Creevy) and 24 in Hufflepuff.

Stella noted Snape did not look as dyspeptic as usual, although he did throw the odd sneer Siân's way, especially when she was introduced. The rest of the school gave the pretty young witch a rousing cheer. Remus was also given a tremendous round of applause by the older students from three of the Houses when he and Moody were introduced as security consultants, who would be spending a fair amount of time at the castle, and who were to be treated and addressed as teachers (especially since they had the same disciplinary powers). Moody's welcome was more moderate. Tonks was also introduced as an auror who would be on the grounds when needed, and was given a fair amount of applause from the boys of all Houses.

After the feast, Dumbledore made a speech which sounded fairly familiar to the older students, asking the students to find common cause in the fight against Voldemort, along with the usual after-feast announcements.

By the end of the feast, it was, as usual, close to 10:00 and nearly everyone was tired from the day. Katie, however, held the Gryffindors back when they were gathered in the Common Room. She had everyone introduce themselves to the First years very briefly. Ron then noted the new Quidditch players, and said he would make the final decisions about tryouts after he saw everyone fly one more time (an excuse to see if the Beaters had improved at all).

Stella was then called on. "You all know who I am, and why I'm here."

"I didn't quite understand it," a Fourth year said.

"According to Prophecy, Harry Potter and Voldemort . . . get used to the name, it's only a self-assumed title! . . .anyway, there is a Prophecy that says that those two have to fight. Harry needed further training, and so is at a secret school for selected Druids. Only a set number of students may attend. I volunteered to come here this summer and train with Harry, and then I volunteered to give up my place to him. I am here, because it was the right thing to do, and because I am a distant relation to Hermione here."

"I am a trained warrior, although not of age or fully trained. Harry and I trained together all July. I am happy to be here, and stand Proxy for Harry Potter. Since I understand that some of you may have napped often during History. . . ."

Most of the students laughed.

"Look over the summer work given out for History before Fourth year and the Charms work for before Sixth year and you'll understand better. I am here to look after his interests. In a sense, I am his twin sister." She smiled. "I hope to get to know you all, and I am sure I'll enjoy this year at Hogwarts."

"This training," Seamus asked, "is that why you're the Security Prefect?"

"It is. Anyway, I spent five weeks with Harry and three weeks with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna Lovegood from Ravenclaw, so I feel I know some you already, and I look forward to getting to know all of you."


"Wow," Lavender said, staring at Stella as she stripped.

"You are . . . fine," Parvati agreed.

"Actually, you both look good," Lavender said, looking at the now-nude Hermione. "Nice tan, amazingly even all over. You could almost pass for a cousin of Parvati's, Hermione."

"Thanks," Hermione said, surprising the pair with her wide smile.

"I think Considering Harry is good for you," Lavender teased.

"It is. How about you two?"

"Seamus and I did the Considering ceremony through Christmas," Lavender told them. "We'll see how it works."

"Padma agreed with an arrangement my parents made," Parvati said. "I'm waiting until the Yule break, because I want to meet him again when Lav can meet him." At that point, Lavender and Parvati eyed each other disappointedly.

"Oh, go ahead and sleep together, tonight and every night," Hermione said.

Lavender and Parvati both flushed.

Stella walked over to Hermione and put her arm around Hermione equally bare waist. "I do stand full Proxy for Harry," Stella said. She kissed Hermione's neck while Hermione blushed.

"Oh, Hermione!" The two girls came over and kissed Hermione's cheeks. Hermione and Stella went to bed and shut the curtains. Stella put up privacy and silencing wards, and changed into her hermaphrodite version.

Hermione smiled, but then frowned. "Why didn't the alarm go off when you came up the stairs?"

"Security prefects are immune," Stella whispered, starting to nibble on Hermione's left ear.

Hermione giggled, then said, "I never thought I would suck on anything in this bed other than one of those awful lime lollies." She smiled as she felt Stella's cock growing warmly against her thigh.

Hermione smiled and waved the magical candle inside the hangings off, and then eagerly dove onto Stella's cock. She made little yummy sounds as her lips found the penis.

Stella leaned back and let Hermione go at it. She was amazed at how much Hermione, and to a slightly lesser extent Luna, loved sucking cock. She enjoyed pleasing her lovers, in female or male form. It gave her emotional pleasure, and sexually stimulated her. Objectively, however, she was not turned on by performing the act of oral sex itself. Ginny was much the same.

On the other hand, Hermione was really turned on by cock sucking. She had recently confessed that she came about a third of the time she was sucking cock without being stimulated in any way. Luna claimed she climaxed about a fifth of the time without additional stimulation just from the cock sucking, and about a tenth of the time licking the girls, which none of the others did.

As she had reached for the cock to control it better, Hermione admitted to herself yet again that she was a little embarrassed at how much Stella/Harry's cock meant to her. She had never thought of herself as a sensualist, but there was something about the way the head of the cock felt in her mouth that made her wet in an instant. She loved every taste associated with giving head to her lover; she loved the connections it made with her lover as well.

Hermione had been a bit scandalized by her nesting drive, feeling at first her own body was betraying her. She kept meticulous records of her changing feelings, including her growing addiction to her lover's semen. Hermione rather hoped that it would not die away once she had had her first child (Siân Madfall, who had had two children with her husband, had assured her that if she truly loved Harry, the addiction would recede a bit, but not go away).

Hermione's hand started pumping the base of Stella's cock while her tongue lashed the upper third. She was physically tired, and knew Stella felt the same. She wanted to taste and swallow, and fall asleep with Stella's cock in her mouth.

She was glad the bed was large enough for them to do just that.

Hermione started bobbing her head and making little moans of satisfaction, both of which added to Stella's pleasure. On each bob, Hermione tried to go a little deeper. Ginny had nearly perfected her deep-throat bob on Stella/Harry's normal cock, while Hermione and Luna were not terribly far behind.

With a soft grunt, Stella filled Hermione's mouth, as the bushy-haired girl withdrew to the tip, so she wouldn't choke or cough and so miss a drop of the precious fluid.

As the pair cooled off, they fell asleep, Stella's hand on Hermione's head, her soft cock in Hermione's mouth.


Hermione frowned, wondering why she was waking up. She had no idea of the time, but it felt wrong to be awake.

Then she heard Stella moan in pain.

Hermione propped herself up and waved the magical candle inside with bed, and then gasped.

Harry's scar stood out, red and raw, on Stella's forehead.

Hermione bit her lower lip, a habit leftover from her formerly over-large front teeth. She was not certain what to do. She did not want to call out either Stella or Harry's name, just in case Voldemort was in any way listening in.

Stella moaned in pain again.

Unable to do anything else, Hermione leaned forward and kissed the scar. "Oh. . . ." It felt like the scar had nearly burned her lips.

Stella moaned in what seemed to be relief. Hermione then saw that where she had kissed the scar, the redness had nearly disappeared.

Hermione steeled herself, leaned forward again, and licked the scar with the tip of her tongue. When she leaned back, her tongue throbbing in pain, she saw the scar was gone, and Stella was looking up at her.

"We need to go to Dumbledore," Stella said softly. "Could you grab our nightgowns, dressing gowns, and slippers? I need to get myself a drink of water before we go."

"Right," Hermione agreed.


After both girls had dressed and drank a glass of cold water (Hermione's tongue felt better afterwards), they quietly left the dorm, and then the Gryffindor area, together.

"Shouldn't we be moving quietly?" Hermione asked in a whisper.

"Not tonight," Stella answered. "Come along."

Half way along, Peeves popped up in front of them. "My, what have we here?" Peeves shouted and then laughing. Stella did not break stride, but drew her wand and muttered a phrase in a Celtic-sounding language.

Peeves shrieked as he was suddenly folded into a small square box, which Stella just batted out of the way as they passed.

"What. . . ?" Hermione tried to ask.

"I asked for some hexes especially for Peeves," Stella said. "I really enjoyed that."


They finally came to the Headmaster's gargoyle. "Turkish Delight."

"I'll have to remember that," Hermione said.

"That's my personal password," Stella said. "It would only work for Harry or myself." They reached the top of the stairs, and Stella knocked and then went into the Headmaster's Office. It was empty, except for the sleeping portraits and the sleeping Fawkes. Fawkes roused himself and looked at them. "It's an emergency, Fawkes," Stella said.

Fawkes simply silently disappeared.

"Well, look who it is," a voice sounded, "the hairy female impersonator."

"Look who it is," Stella mocked back. "I look forward to the day I can do to you what I threatened to do with Mrs. Black. I might do it to your portrait at my house when I go back home next time."

The sour portrait left his frame. Stella sat and gestured for Hermione to do the same. She perched uncomfortably on the edge of a seat.

About ten minutes later, Dumbledore hustled in, resplendent in a deep purple dressing gown with pink flamingoes. 'That's either very Victorian, or very very gay,' Hermione thought.

"What has happened? Surely you know Professor Snape is up at all hours, as is Mister Filch, and even Peeves."

"We met Peeves, but that was no problem, nor am I worried about Mister Filch," Stella retorted. "As for Professor Snape, he was called by his other Master."

Dumbledore scowled and then looked at his desk. "Ah, he left me a note."

"Unless Voldemort somehow managed to break down my defenses, he is attacking Azkaban," Stella said.


"I saw through his eyes. He was dueling two Druid masters, and coming off poorly. One had set him on fire as he was launching the Killing Curse against the second. Those were the first images I caught. He was rolling on the ground to put out the fire while avoiding the hexes of the second Master when Hermione woke me up."

"The scar was visible," Hermione said, unable to say more for a moment.

"It's not now," Dumbledore observed.

"I . . . I kissed it and it partially disappeared," Hermione said. "I, well, I licked it, and it disappeared, but it felt like I nearly burnt my tongue!"

"Interesting. I shall alert the Ministry, although it will do little good. See if you can fall back to sleep." Dumbledore stood and swept from the room.

"What time is it, anyway?" Hermione asked.

Stella merely pointed to the one clock amongst all the little mechanisms that littered the shelves and tables, all rebuilt from where Harry had smashed them.

It was 2:55. They decided it was time to go back to bed.


"Good morning," Dumbledore said, standing. Instantly, the students hushed. "It is not our custom to make daily announcements. However, today I must." The hush became total silence. He looked over the gathered students and staff. "Earlier this morning, Lord Voldemort attacked Azkaban prison, hoping to free those of his followers imprisoned there. However, the prison had been emptied some time ago. All the prisoners are far away."

"He attacked with fourteen Death Eaters and two hundred dementors. Twelve of the Death Eaters were captured or killed, but only two dozen of the dementors were destroyed. Voldemort himself was severely injured in the attack. We had over five dozen defenders on Azkaban. Fifteen were killed, and two dozen injured."

Dumbledore took a deep breath. "It is past time to tell you students a brief story. The story of Tom Riddle."


Stella was called to the staff table just before the students left for the first class of the day. "Just so you know," Dumbledore whispered, "Bellatrix Lestrange escaped. Professor Snape is likely to be very tired in class." Stella nodded. Those were the two who had not been killed or captured, then.

'I know Snape was up all night,' Stella thought as she sat in the potions lab, 'but he doesn't look tired. He must be nearly overdosed with stimulants.'

"So," Snape said, "you are the survivors." There were just nine students in the class: the two Gryffindors; three Slytherins (Malfoy, Zabini, and Davis); and four Ravenclaws (Padma Patil, Anthony Goldstein, Terry Boot, and Su Li). "Basic potions are a necessary part of magical life, as eight of you no doubt recognize." He paused to sneer at Hermione. "Despite the way basic potions must be taught, potions are more than mere recipes. Many should be found in any magical household. Most, I grant you, are now commercially available nostrums. However, life will give you surprises. So, how many of you could tell me what potion should be used to treat Styles Syndrome." Styles Syndrome was a common magical malady of an untreated cold, a nasty combination of sneezing and hiccoughs. All nine raised their hands.

"Miss Green, since I never had you in class, could you briefly describe the basic potion?"

"Briefly, sir? It's essentially the same as Pepper-Up, with less horehound, cinnamon, and cayenne, more mint, and it's boiled for . . . two-thirds the preparation time and must be brewed in an iron cauldron which can be cooled quickly in ice."

"Essentially correct, since I did request brevity. Now, Miss Green. You have three children, aged nine, seven, and three. The middle child has Styles Syndrome and the other two have come down with colds during the night, despite being dosed with Pepper-Up twice the day before. What would you do?"

Stella thought. "Well, I'd start the potion for the middle child, since it takes two hours to make. If it had been twelve hours since the oldest child had taken Pepper-Up, I'd give it another dose, if not, I might wait to dose it with the new potion instead." She thought a moment. "The three year old is too young for many doses of Pepper-Up, and I shouldn't have given it more than one the day before. Even though the new potion is milder, I wouldn't give the youngest a dose as a preventative, unless I knew for certain it was safe. If I couldn't, I'd more likely wait and see if the Syndrome manifests."

"And how would you know if it was safe?"

"If I couldn't reach someone, like a healer, I would have to rely on the potions book to say. If it didn't, I wouldn't risk my child's health on speculation and would have to contact a healer or apothecary."

"Does your text say?"

Stella frowned in thought. "Actually, I don't believe it does."

"Exactly. You all now know a large number of potions, but you do not know exactly how to use them in real life. Those taking Household Potions will be learning that. Unless you live in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, you likely will not have an apothecary or healer to easily turn to. Most household potions do not have long shelf lives. You will learn over this next year everything your classmates learn in Household Potions in two years. This year, you will also learn more about how and why Potions work. Next year, you will take on many new potions, and create one of your own."

He started to turn, but said, "And by the way, Miss Green was right to be cautious. Pepper-Up and its derivatives should only be given with great caution to children under five."

After the class was over, Hermione and Stella made for their room. Neither Lavender nor Parvati was there.

"Snape was almost pleasant, for him," Stella said.

"I wonder if it's because we're the elite in his opinion, or because Harry wasn't there?"

"Probably both." Stella smiled. "We might not have gained any points, but at least we didn't lose any."


Stella jogged along quite nicely through her first week at Hogwarts. She spent most of her class time with either Ron or Hermione, or with Neville and Dean in the Accounting/Business class. She spent part of her in the evenings spare time in the library, so she could easily be with Luna, or in the common room with Ginny.

Lavender and Parvati were a bit perplexed by Hermione's relationship with Harry, or more accurately Harry's with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. They did express themselves envious of Stella's 'Sirius'. Sirius's story was of a mixed-blood, who spent his summers with Muggle relatives and his other vacations with Druid relations. Stella, Hermione, and Ginny had had some fun. Harry had morphed himself into the broadest-shouldered, most heavily-muscled blond he could. While the result was only some five-foot four, Hermione had used some cunning perspective to make him look very tall indeed in the photos.

The group had then taken ten Polaroids of the result, with a variety of backgrounds. All at least showed the heavily-muscled upper-body Harry had created. Parvati and especially Lavender had nearly swooned when they saw the first shot in the small frame. After they had been sworn to secrecy, Stella had shown them how a tap of the wand changed the photo to the next one.

The two girls had given a little scream at the next to last photo, a full-body shot of Sirius' back, totally nude. Lavender had nearly swooned at the last one, which showed Sirius with a thick 12 inch hard-on, which looked even larger since Sirius was supposedly much taller than he seemed.
Hermione and Stella often caught Lavender peeking at that last photo.

As for Stella's classes, each one seemed interesting, if as intense as the previous year's O.W.L. classes. Having only six classes, as opposed to nine, meant the Sixth year would be easier than the Fifth, if not any easier than the Fourth.

"Yes," Hermione agreed when Stella mentioned the idea, "however, remember while the class work is less intense, we are moving from mostly memorization to more theory. It will be easier to fall behind and hard to catch up."

"Good point," Stella conceded. "It will be interesting to see how Professor Madfall approaches dueling next month."

"True." Hermione seemed to hesitate, but then said, "A few students have approached me and asked that I form a study group to work on the Patronus, for Fifth, Six, and Seventh years."

"That sounds like a good idea," Stella said. "Too bad I can't help."

"But you. . . ."

"No," Stella said firmly. "I'd have to demonstrate at some point, and I doubt if it would be a good idea to show the stag. It would be too suspicious. I think you should work with the students, so they're ready, just in case. If we're attack by dementors, I'll have to risk my cover then, but not just for practice."

"I suppose you're right," Hermione agreed, "but I was hoping you could give Luna, Ginny, Ron, and my self pointers. You really are a much better teacher than I could ever be."

"Sounds reasonable."

"Too bad we can't use the Room of Requirement," Hermione said. Dumbledore had announced that it was now passworded and off-limits to students.

Stella smiled. "Oh, the password is on my map. It's voice activated, and I'm one of the people it's keyed to."

Hermione smiled gleefully, but then frowned. "I wonder what this assembly is for this afternoon."

Stella shrugged. "We'll find out then. Probably something boring."


Chapter XIV

Friday, September 6, 1996

All the Sixth and Seventh years gathered at their House tables in the great hall, along with the Fifth year girls. Each Head of House was already present.

Professor McGonagall went to a podium, and the mere clearing of her throat quieted everyone. "The Seventh years of course know quite well why you are here, and some of you others might have guessed the reason. Traditionally, a number of Sixth and Seventh year students start Considering potential mates, and some form more formal attachments. This year, we have a much larger number than usual, and for the first time in several generations, we have a large number of Fifth year girls who have done the same. Therefore, we must remind you of the rules of conduct."

McGonagall then launched into all the restrictions relationships had at Hogwarts. These were fairly strict, even for fully betrothed couples, although even Stella had no problems seeing some loopholes. No doubt Hermione and Luna could find more.

Professor Snape then took over the meeting. Some of the young wizards would be competing for the attention of potential bondmates, and the rules were designed to prevent fighting and dueling over the issue. Witches who instigated their suitors into incorrect behavior could also be punished. Dueling over a girl could in theory be permitted, but there was a set of very strict rules. There was also a set of rules about dueling over inappropriate attention given to a witch (by the witch herself, or by her intended if she had one).

"Now," Snape continued, "let us be clear on this. All witches who are betrothed or who consider themselves formally pledged, please stand." Well over the third of the witches stood. There was a little murmuring that Hermione and Luna had joined this group, as did Ginny, with some hesitation. Snape's mouth twitched into a slight sneer at the sight, as did Draco's. "Should any of these witches feel put upon, they may attack, as may their partners. Could any of their partners present please stand?" Snape frowned. "Miss Green, why are you standing?"

"I stand Proxy for Harry Potter, and that includes this matter," Stella said.

"That is . . . unusual."

"Unusual, but allowable, at least within my community," Stella stated firmly.

"True," Snape acknowledged. "It might be allowable here." His eyes flicked around the room. "If any have objections, they should voice them now." The opinions of younger students were not fully relevant.

"I object," John Montague, the Seventh year Slytherin prefect and captain of the Quidditch team said, standing. "This may be a valid custom wherever you come from, Green, but that does not make it right here. Therefore, I Challenge your right."

"Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood, Miss Weasley, do you object to the Challenge or to Miss Green standing Proxy, or to Mister Potter as your intended?"

All three had strong opinions, and said so. All objected to Montague's challenge. Snape heard them out, and said, "In that case, Mister Montague, your Challenge is limited to the right of Miss Green to claim formal Proxy. If you succeed in your Challenge, that does not affect the relationships these three have with Mister Potter, or their private relationship with Miss Green. Do you understand?"

"I do, sir."

"Do you agree with my interpretation?"

"I do, sir."

"Do you still wish to continue your Challenge?"

"I do, sir."

"Does anyone believe they have a greater right to Challenge that Mister Montague?"

No one said a word.

"Miss Green, do you accept the Challenge?"

"I do, sir."

"Fine. Both of you, sit down." Snape then sought to discover if there were any other Challenges. Three were broached, but they died down after some posturing. In the end, there was only Montague's Challenge to Stella.

Professor Flitwick created the dueling area, and laid down the rules. He would be acting as the umpire, while Professors Snape and McGonagall made certain none of the hexes escaped the dueling area.

Stella and Montague faced each other and bowed. Even as he straightened up, Montague sent off a stunner.

Stella did not block the hex or try to duck it. Her wand flicked, and batted the hex aside. The crowd gasped slightly. None of the students had ever heard of such a thing, let alone seen it. The four teachers had heard of it, but only Snape had seen the Dark Lord do such a thing, and that only once.

Montague scowled and let loose a barrage of hexes. Stella batted each one aside, except the last one, another stunner. This one she actually caught with her silently (and wandlessly) shielded left hand and flung to the floor with contempt. "Do you concede?" Stella asked coldly.

Montague angrily cast a hex which was, in the school context, unallowed, a slicing hex. Before anyone else could react, Stella had shot off a stunner of her own and batted the slicing hex aside as well.

Stella's stunner ripped through Montague's hastily erected shield and knocked him up against the magical barrier, where he collapsed.

"Professor Snape!" McGonagall started angrily.

Snape silenced her with a raised hand. "Crabbe, Goyle, take Montague to the Infirmary." He turned to Stella. "You have won the Challenge, fairly and with honor." He turned to McGonagall. "Mister Montague will serve four detentions, one with each of us."

McGonagall's eyes narrowed. It was not enough in her opinion, obviously. Before she could verbally object, however, Professor Sprout spoke up. "May I assign and supervise the detentions? As the one House not involved, perhaps I have the solution."

Snape almost visibly grimaced. Montague had obviously offended the Hufflepuff code of fairness. "And what may that be?" Snape asked.

Sprout's usually kind face hardened. "To start, I have three tons of dragon fertilizer coming in next Saturday morning, as well as a wheelbarrow, a spade, and a shovel."

Snape winced, but Flitwick and McGonagall had turned to him. Snape gave in. "Agreed."
The other two Heads of House agreed as well.


Snape had fetched Montague from the Infirmary less than an hour later, where his separated shoulder had been mended, although it was still sore, and would be for several days. Montague nearly cringed when he saw he was being led into Snape's private office.

Snape sat, scowled at the Seventh year, and then demanded, "Did you have specific orders to harass Green?"

"I was told I should try and project a strict Pure-Blood and traditional image," he answered. "No one said to leave Green alone."

"I see. Very well. It would be in everyone's interests if you were to apologize to Green, and if possible to the other three girls."

Montague looked surprised. "Even Granger?"

"Even Granger."

Montague thought a moment, then said, "If you think so, sir." He seemed to hesitate.

"What is it, Montague?"

"May I speak frankly, sir?"

"This once. Do not do so again without being questioned."

"Sir . . . the . . . well, the being I was given the orders by. He wasn't anything like what I expected."

Snape nodded. He wondered if he was the last initiate to really see the Dark Lord in his glory. He had appeared more than human. After two more Two dark ceremonies, he appeared less than human. His recreation just over a year before had purged even more of what had been human out of him. "Did you make any pledges to him?"

"I swore to follow his orders as best I could, but nothing beyond that. I was warned I may be asked to do more next summer."

"Think carefully about every step you make from now on, unless you have irrevocably made your final decisions," Snape warned, and then dismissed Montague.


At dinner that evening, Ron suddenly warned, "Incoming Slytherin."

Stella turned, and saw it was Montague, with Luna trailing behind him. "Keep calm, Ron," Stella reminded him. She twisted around. "Yes?"

Montague looked more embarrassed than angry. "Two things," he said. "First of all, I apologize for losing my temper during the duel. That was unsporting of me, even though you did make me look like a beginner."

"That wasn't my intention," Stella said. "I did want to make it clear to everyone that any win I had over you was not a fluke. Hopefully, no one will want to Challenge me again." Supervised dueling was, after all, permitted for the Sixth and Seventh years.

"Fair enough. Some might still try, since it appears you might be the best," Montague said, "although not as many as would have Challenged Potter, if he were here."

"They might," Stella agreed. "And second?"

"Second, I was not disparaging your customs, but I believe someone had to defend ours, pointing out what ours are, and should be, for those who are true followers of our traditions. I wanted to highlight that you're the exception, not the rule."

"Since you put it like that, I have no quarrel with you," Stella answered. This meant both were acknowledging that the cause of the duel was settled.

"I also thought I should say this in front of Lovegood, Weasley, and Granger. I certainly did not want to even imply that I was making any sort of claim on any of you, let alone disputing Potter's."

"Thank you," Hermione answered, as the senior girl concerned. Montague sketched a half-bow, to which Stella replied with a nod. Everyone watching allowed themselves to relax a bit.

After dinner, the four girls plus Ron and Sarah made their way to the Room of Requirement. Sarah expressed amazement; Salem was tiny compared to Hogwarts, and not nearly as eccentric, magical, or interesting.

"Have you ever tried to produce a Patronus?" Stella asked Sarah.

"No. We don't cover it until the end of our Seventh year."

"Actually, neither do we," Stella answered. "Harry has a knack for it, and taught it to the DA last year. It's really useful, since Voldemort controls most of the dementors in western Europe."

"Fair enough," Sarah said. Stella went over the basics, and then had each teen give it a try. Hermione produced her otter. Luna managed to produce a platypus, although it faded very quickly. The other teens applauded, since it was her first full success.

Ron and Ginny both produced thick mist, also better than they had ever achieved before. Sarah, however, only produced a small tendril of silver smoke. "Great!" Stella enthused. "You have the ability; now we'll just have to work on it."

"So," Sarah said, a little disappointed, "let's see this famous buck of yours."

"Stag," Hermione corrected.

"Whatever," Stella said fondly. "Expecto Patronum!"

And to everyone shock, what came out of Stella's wand was not a proud stag, but a rather fierce-looking rhino.

"What the hell is that!" Ron shouted. The rhino's small eyes squinted in Ron's direction, and then turned its head and seemed to snort at him. Ron raised his hands. "Friend!" he said worriedly. The rhino hesitated for an instant, then surveyed the group. Satisfied, it disappeared.

Stella's chin was making movements that betrayed how upset she was. "Switch back to Harry," Luna ordered. Stella looked at her. "Do as I say," Luna commanded.

Harry did as she commanded. "Now," Luna said, "try again."

Harry raised his wand, looking rather silly in the skirt. "Not like that," Luna said. She leaned into Harry, kissed his ear, and whispered, "I love you so much, Harry. Please."

Harry nodded, and then smiled. "Expecto Patronum!" This time, Prongs erupted from his wand.

"We'll have to talk to Dora about this," Hermione said.

"She's not here," Harry said, as he transformed back into Stella. "I'll go talk with the Headmaster. You folks keep practicing. The area will ward itself as you leave, so don't leave anything."


"Remarkable," Dumbledore admitted some twenty minutes later. "On the one hand, I have never heard of such a thing. On the other, I know of no other instance where a Metamorphmagus both undertook such a double-life as you have been living and was also able to produce a Patronus. I shall consult with my Druid counterparts."

"I see." Stella did not hide her disappointment.

"Have you used your hide-away yet?" Dumbledore asked.

"No, sir, not yet."

"I think it would be best if you started. Also, I want you to spend four hours every Sunday morning as Harry in the Room of Requirement. All three of your ladies may be with you this Sunday, and after that at least one should go with you. Remember, Stella is supposed to be visiting her boyfriend, and the girls their intended. It would seem odd if they and you did not do so."

"Yes, sir. And you think spending more time as Harry. . . ?" She was unsure how she wanted that sentence to end.

"I think that will assure you that you are really still you."

"Yes, sir."

Dumbledore smiled. "Now, there is another matter which has arisen. Do you know what two events happen on the Twenty-second?"

Stella shrugged. "Not off-hand, sir."

"Come now, you should know one. You are, after all, supposed to be a Druid."

"Oh. The Equinox. That's at .. . . Six in the evening here, sun time."

"Correct. You will be expected to attend a ceremony, by the way."

Stella nodded.

"Now, you may recall a notice that came with your N.E.W.T. information." Stella shrugged, slightly embarrassed. "Many of the businesses and craftpeople of Hogsmeade have as usual invited the Sixth years to visit and see what jobs and apprenticeships might be open. A few others will have information available as well. This will be from noon until Two-thirty."

"Right, sorry," Stella said.

"Now, eight of your fellow Sixth years are going. I think you should go as well."

"Why?" Stella asked.

"Several reasons. First of all, Miss Granger and Mister Weasley will be going; second no Slytherin will be going, and Mister Malfoy was indirectly asked if he would be going and asked to discourage any Slytherin from going if they were considering making the trip. Third, Severus was asked who would be supervising the visit -- it will be Professor Flitwick, by the way. Fourth, many of the Druids stationed in Hogsmeade will be preparing for the Equinox ceremony. On the other hand, if we change arrangements, it will endanger both Snape and Malfoy. However, if you are there, it will seem as if you might have some way of summoning your friends."

"True," Stella admitted.

"It is not terribly late. Stop by and speak with Professor McGonagall on your way back to Gryffindor. I take it that you hope to restart the DA?"

"Hermione and I will restart the DA," Stella corrected. "It's more a practice group for O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s, so she wants to limit it to Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh years. Once we get a group in each House who can do the Patronus, each House will teach the younger students."

"You believe you will have some Slytherins, then?" Dumbledore asked, surprised.

"Luna says she can bring three Fifth year girls."

"Good. And, since every Fifth and Seventh member of last year's DA scored at least an E on their Practical, that should be an excellent selling point," Dumbledore said.

"I'll be certain to tell Hermione, sir."


"Come in, Miss Green. Have a seat." Stella did as Professor McGonagall requested, still wondering what this was all about.

"I have several things to say to you, Miss Green. I wish to make it clear at the outset that I do not harbor any personal resentment against you, nor do I wish to overly intrude on any relationship you might have with Mister Potter."

Stella was confused, and so merely said, "Alright. Please, go on."

"You are not a true Sixth year, that is plain."

"I assure you, I am, Professor." Much to Hermione's shock, Stella was not already only ahead of her in the Defense Practicals, but on Defense theory, as well as the Practicals of Charms and even Transfiguration. She was in the top three in the Charms and Transfiguration theory areas as well. "I spent all of July and part of early August training with Harry and able to use magic. I spent three weeks debating theory with Hermione and again using magic. I'm sure Luna and Ginny are number one and two in the practical side of Defense, Charms, and Transfiguration."

"They are, but you are head and shoulders above any Sixth year I have ever seen."

Stella shrugged. "That's also a function of power. I am powerful."

"You are. Very." She glared at Stella, and seemed satisfied. "I take it that power is the reason the Headmaster wants you to go to Hogsmeade in two weeks."

Stella nodded. "From what he said, the Druids and other defenders won't be as far off as Voldemort might think. This would be one way of depleting his forces."

"I do not like the plan, but agree it is necessary," McGonagall said. "I presume you can do the Patronus, and perhaps the Helios spell at sufficient strength to hurt a dementor?"

"I can do both, although I've never had the chance to use the Helios spell against a dementor."

"I was not aware there were many dementors in North America."

"There aren't. We do practice against the real thing."

McGonagall shuddered, but carried on. "I see. The other thing I wish to discuss with you is Miss Granger. Tell me, if you can, does Mister Potter really intend to bond with all three of these girls?"

That made Stella blink. Finally, she said, "Why do you need to know?"

McGonagall asked, "Do you know the size of the magical community here in Britain?"

"No, not really," Stella confessed.

"I know the inner community, the Druids if you will, are a huge community in North America. I know there is sort of a middle community, even more hidden than most of us here are, if not as well-hidden as the Druids. Together, they must number over half a million But think of that small outer community, living in and around Muggles. There are only some fifteen thousand of them throughout all of North America. Well, there are less than twenty thousand of all of us in Britain and Ireland. There are 105 people your age in Britain and Ireland, most attending here or the Irish school. In terms of intellect and talent, Miss Granger easily ranks first, with only Mister Potter ahead of her in raw power. In fact, she is easily the most talented and brilliant witch that I have either taught or gone to school with."

"Now, in Muggle Britain I would guess Hermione would be in a cohort of perhaps 750,000 to 850,000 people. She would still be outstanding, but her loss would not be as devastating."

"Why would Hermione be lost?" Stella asked, worried.

"If she engages in such a bonding relationship, she will cut her opportunities down. The Ministry would not employ her in any way which would bring her in contact with the public, and it would be difficult for her to be employed here in, say, ten or fifteen years, should I move up or another professor retire or move on. She could easily teach Transfiguration, Charms, or Arithmancy, and perhaps even Potions, Runes, or Defense. I admit, she does still have a slim chance at such employment, if only because her bondmate would be Mister Potter."

"Do you think Harry doesn't have at least a vague idea of all that?" Stella demanded. "We know Hermione is never going to be another Molly Weasley, and Harry would no more want that than Hermione would. Ginny might enjoy that life, I don't know, but Luna wouldn't and Hermione certainly wouldn't."

"And knowing this, can't you speak with Miss Granger and Mister Potter, by letter in his case?"

Stella gave McGonagall a twisted smile. "Harry could never turn down any of those three girls. I know it might look like he's being selfish, but he really isn't. He could turn away anyone else, but not those three."

"Perhaps not. I don't suppose you could give me any insight. . . ." Stella shook her head. "No," McGonagall agreed, "that would not be fair."

"Now you tell me a few things," Stella returned. "First, can you even imagine trying to convince Luna of doing anything because it suits convention?"

"Well, I can't imagine that as being very productive, in any case," McGonagall admitted.

"Can you imagine trying to separate Ginny from Harry, if she doesn't want to be?"

"She does have the Prewitt temper, just like her mother," McGonagall agreed.

"Can you imagine Harry hurting or even being willing to disappoint one of those young women?"

"No," McGonagall agreed.

"Now, if those three decide to go through with a group marriage, would Hermione back away from it, if she wanted to join it, merely because it would be to her professional disadvantage?"

"Of course not."

"Harry cares for those three, and they care for him. He's not going to hold on to any of them if they decide either being with him or being with the group isn't what they want. What are the statistics here? How many relationships, even at this stage, fail to end in marriage?"

McGonagall thought about that. "When the couple is not together? Approximately a fifth to a quarter of the time. If they were together, I would say it's under ten percent."

"There you are then. It is likely to come to pass, but it isn't inevitable."

"Tell me, do you know what Harry wants from all this?"

"He wants somebody to love. He needs somebody to love. Who knows, then he might actually believe someone can love him."

McGonagall looked away, and actually gave a little sniffle. "Thank you, Miss Green."

"Thank you for speaking with me, Professor," Stella said, standing. "I don't think speaking with Hermione would do much good, but I at least won't object if you wish to talk to her about this, directly or indirectly."

"Thank you, Miss Green."

Stella hesitated.

"Yes, Miss Green?"

"If any of the four has doubts, I'd say it was Ginny. I don't know who she would talk to about this, and I worry about her."

"I understand. In the unlikely event that she comes to me, I shall do my best."

"I'm hoping she and Sarah will become close enough to talk about any problems," Stella admitted.


Sunday, September 8, 1996

"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione asked.

"No!" Harry answered, stress in his voice. "It's been over eight days since I was me. Every muscle in my body is stiff."

While Hermione and Ginny thought about that, Luna thought of a course of action. Instantly, a small bell appeared on the table and an extra door appeared in one wall. Luna rang it.

Dobby popped into the Room of Requirement. It was set up as a large study, complete with cozy furniture. "Master Harry?" Dobby asked, concerned.

Harry said nothing. "Dobby, could you please take this note to Ron Weasley?" Luna asked.

"Yes, Miss Luna." Dobby said, disappearing as soon as she finished the note.

"What's the plan?" Ginny asked.

"There should be a hot bath, with relaxing salts and potions in it through that door. Harry is going into the bath, then we might consider giving him a hot oil massage. I was telling Ron and Sarah not to try and come until later."

"Good idea," Hermione agreed. "Come on, let's get you wet."

"Joy," Harry grumbled.

Five minutes later, Harry was soaking in a very hot, large sunken tub of water. Hermione had added pulsing water jets, and Harry was slowly starting to relax, while the girls finished stripping.

"What do we do while Harry is cooking?" Ginny asked.

Luna smiled, leaned over, and kissed Ginny's cheek. Ginny looked surprised.

"If it helps, I can keep my eyes closed," Harry said. "I'd prefer to watch."

"I never thought of you as a voyeur," Hermione teased.

"I feel more like one of those sultans in a nineteenth century oriental fantasy painting," Harry retorted as Luna started nibbling and licking Ginny's neck as they sat on a mat near the tub.

"How do you know about those?" Hermione asked. "No offense, but you've never been the most studious person I've known."

Harry shrugged. "Dudley has a few thousand books, even though he's never read any of them. I had nothing to do at the Dursleys' before this summer, so I read the books. Between my Second and Third years, I couldn't even do homework. Maybe one reason I don't read much at Hogwarts is because I read so much during the summers."

"I suppose," Hermione said doubtfully. Ginny was now leaning against Luna, and they were kissing deeply. Luna's right hand was stroking Ginny's breasts, while her left was already fingering Ginny's labia. "They look occupied."

"They do," Harry said, holding out his hand. Hermione smiled, and walked into the tub. As Luna stroked Ginny towards orgasm, Harry did the same for Hermione.

Harry and Hermione were turned on by what they were doing, but even more by watching Luna tease Ginny towards orgasm. They watched Ginny's breasts expand slightly and her nipples harden. They watched her body and face flush and her labia and clit swell as she became more and more turned on.

Ginny's breaths started coming in shorter and more explosive bursts, and she started to moan. Then Ginny shuddered, and she started moving her hips against Luna's massaging fingers. She bucked against them hard and moaned with pleasure, and then spasmed three more times before relaxing against Luna and kissing her deeply.

"Thank you," Ginny said.

"I love you," Luna said, kissing Ginny's forehead. Ginny smiled and then slid down onto the mat she and Luna had been on. Luna smiled at the exhausted Ginny, and then glanced at Hermione and Harry. She smiled as she saw and heard Hermione moan in an orgasm of her own, arching her back in the tub so that Harry could have complete access to her body.

Luna went to the tub on her hands and knees and whispered into Hermione's ear. Hermione's eyes remained closed, but she smiled and nodded.

Luna fetched her and Hermione's wands. She did the contraceptive spell on Hermione, and she did one on Luna. Luna then climbed into the tub. Harry was confused as Luna straddled his legs.

"I thought. . . ."

"Shhh," Luna said as Hermione knelt behind her. Luna grasped Harry's cock and positioned him and herself so that Harry's cock was rubbing between her labia and rubbing over her clit. Hermione steadied her. Harry got the idea and started moving his hips. He wasn't penetrating her, but she was getting many of the effects of a good fuck.

Between her previous arousal, Harry's movements, and Hermione's massaging her breasts, Luna orgasmed fairly quickly.

"Did you cum?" Ginny asked as Luna cooled down in Hermione's arms. Harry shook his head.

Ginny urged Harry out of the tub. She rinsed off his privates and then took the head of his cock into her mouth. She started her deep-throat routine -- slowly taking Harry deep into her throat on every third slowly stroke.

Luna joined them and Ginny retreated off Harry's cock. Luna grasped the base of Harry's cock while Ginny took the top. Together, they jerked Harry off onto his stomach. Ginny and Luna licked him, and their hands, clean. Luna did the contraceptive spell on Ginny, just in case any semen got onto her, then the three joined Hermione back into the tub to relax.


After nearly an hour in the tub, Harry felt more normal. He spent an hour working out, showered, and the quartet spent the rest of their time together studying and talking, especially making certain of listening to Luna.

The girls in Ravenclaw continued to treat her better than they had the previous year. Cho and her friends were ignoring her, which was an improvement.

Ron and Sarah joined them during the fourth hour. The six students planned for the DA meeting, which was set for Sundays between Three and Five.
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