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Stranger Things as The Last of Us: Oneshot

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A scene I wrote for my Stranger Things as The last of us fanfic. I've made Jim Hopper and Eleven as Joel and Ellie. :)

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He turned around to see Jonathan, running towards him.

“What is it?”

“That girl of yours, she took one of our horses and rode off.”

Hopper started to worry. He couldn’t bear to see El runaway. He should’ve known after bailing out on her. She wanted to ask him what Jonathan and Nancy were saying about her and the fireflies. Jonathan wants to help lead them to the fireflies, and Nancy didn’t like his decision, but she later on gave up arguing with him and let him go.

“Damn it. Which way?” He shouted


Hopper and Jonathan got on their horses and rode through the woods, to find an abandoned house stood behind the trees.

“Look. By the ranch.”

Hopper looked over at the house, and saw a horse. “That’s our horse. She’s gotta be there.”

Jonathan seemed very convinced that El would be there, but Hopper felt like he had a bad feeling about this. They got to the house and left their horses outside the door and Hopper decided to go in first.

“Be careful.” Jonathan said quietly behind him.

He pushed through the door and ran into the house. “Eleven!” He paced round the empty room and peeked round places, where El could easily hide.


There was a pause. “I’m up here!” Her voice, made his heart got down back to its normal pace and his worrying began to fade.

“Jesus Christ.” He whispered with relief.

Hopper trudged up the stars and went through every room in the house to try and find her. He stopped to look at the last door in the house, which was the girl’s bedroom. The door had small flower stickers on the outside, and was painted in light pink.

He suddenly, heard somebody flicking through pages in a book of some kind, and he knew straight away that it was El. He opened the door lightly and saw her sat on the windowsill, reading through a girl’s diary.

“Is this really all they had to worry about? Boys. Movies. Deciding which shirt goes with which skirt? It’s bizarre.”

Hopper was too tired and angry to argue with her, about running away. He just wanted them to leave and take her to the fireflies.
“Get up we’re leaving. C’mon.”

“And if I say no?” She questioned with attitude.

“Do you even realise what your life means? Hm? Running off like that putting yourself at risk. It’s pretty goddamn stupid.”

He was frustrated with girl. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself if she got killed or, taken by her psychotic father. He has done everything for this girl, he hunted for her and gave her food, and even found shelter for her so she could sleep. She doesn’t realise how dangerous it is.

“Well, I guess we’re both on the same page then.”

“What the hell do you want from me, kid?” He spat. He stomped towards her, in anger and hatred at how selfish she was becoming.

“Just admit it; you want to get rid of me. Don’t you?”El had her head down to the floor, ashamed to look at him.

“Look, Jonathan knows this place, better than anyone and-“

El sighed deeply in disappointment and stood up from her seating position.

“Well, I’m sorry kid. I trust him better than I trust myself.”


Hopper was shocked at her sudden outburst. “Excuse me?”

“What are so afraid of? That I’m gonna end up like Will? Well I’m not; I can take care of myself.” He gave her an intense stare and El did the same.

“How many times, have we been close to death?” Hopper doesn’t even know himself, but he was sure that it was over ten times.

“We seem to be doing okay so far-“

“And now you’ll be doing even better, with Jonathan!” He begins to stride across the room, with his hand rubbing up and down the back of his bead.

“I’m not her you know.” Her voice broke the silence.

“What?” He turned around to look at El and he seemed confused.

“Nancy, she told me about Sara and I-“

“Don’t...Don’t you dare, bring my daughter into this.” He yelled vigorously.

The mention of her name, made him feel weak and broken inside. He missed her dearly and he never wanted El to find out. She would never understand how much he has lost.

“I’m sorry about your daughter Hopper, but I have lost people too.”

“You have no idea what loss is, kid.”

El’s eyes began to water at the thought of Sara, and she couldn’t help but feel guilty about mentioning his dead daughter in front of him. But, she needed him to know how she felt.

“Everyone I-I have cared for, has either died or l-left me.” She stuttered. “E-Everyone!” She cried. “Except for you!” She launched forward, and pushed him out of the way with full force.

Hopper was stunned to see her like this. He has never seen her so vulnerable and upset before. “S-So don’t tell me that I would be safer with someone else, because the truth is I would just be more scared.”

He didn’t know what to say or feel when he sees her like this. Deep down, he wanted to comfort her and tell her that everything is going to be okay, but part of him knows that she is not his problem.

“You’re not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your Dad. Now, we are both going our separate ways and-“

The door slammed open and Jonathan came in, holding his gun. “Get it together. We’re not alone.”

Hopper strode to the window and saw two soldiers walking into the house. “I got two walking in.”

“There’s more inside already.”

Hopper picked his gun out of his strap that was attached to his bag and stood behind the doorframe, while Jonathan was hiding behind the draws that were next to the door. El slowly, stood beside Jonathan, while she was wiping the tears off her face with her sleeve.

Hopper was concentrating on the voices that he was hearing from downstairs, and then he began to hear a footsteps pacing up the stairs.

“Right, you ready.” He asked. Jonathan gave him a nod in acceptance.


El stared at him; she was surprised to see that he actually cared about her safety. Hopper could see that her eyes were bright red and bloodshot from crying, but he tried to avoid noticing. El nodded slowly and Hopper quickly left the room, leaving her and Jonathan behind to wait for the coast to be clear.
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