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The cannibal muses.

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Blood is so very, very red.

If one was to think in depth on the subject, they would find that it is not truly red per say. No, only the eye shows the red that we see when we look at something such as an apple, the flush on a woman's skin, or the artistic simplicity to a blood splatter on a wall.

But if the same person was to say that there must be a logical reason for the way the eye works, there is many a reference book out there to explain. They would carefully lay out the ground work, explaining the nerves, the muscles, the olfactory lens of all things. Then, the book would provide a beautifully drawn diagram of the eye, with the helpful arrows and lines, to show where each of those things are.

There are such different shades of red though, some of which one might not consider red at all. Once blood has congealed for a few hours, it turns a dark reddish-brown. Essentially it is red still, is it not? Red paint comes in many variations, the pigment staining the paper, either leaving it too light or too dark for the purpose it was intended to.

Personally, the color of red right after it spills from a person's body is my favorite. I've always had a fondness for the way the veins stand out, stark blue against pale skin, as hands tighten against a slender neck and cut of the pathway of air. The way a knife cuts, sharp and gleaming, into the skin.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.
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