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Broken and Bound

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What Orannis felt at the time of his binding.

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Breaking. That is what he felt. A break, starting from the top, all the way to the bottom of himself. It cut through him like he was made of butter, sharp and quick. Not painless, oh no, not painless at all, that would be too good for him, too good for all the things he had done, all the crimes he had committed. He felt himself breaking, felt it with every fiber of his being, but he could not stop it. He tried to get away, tried to turn, to twist, but still they held on fast. Seven pairs of hands all held onto him, making sure that he would not escape. Making sure that he would not run away, try to hide, just as the cowardly Eighth had. As the tang of free magic filled the air, he finally felt himself pulled apart, ripped at the seems as it were. He could feel his body radiate heat, shooting the power out into every direction. He knew that his power would damage them, but he wished it had been more. He wanted to annihilate them completely.

Binding. What a simple word for something so painful, so heartbreakingly hard to accomplish. Not that he ever had a heart, his mind being filled with destruction. As the seven took him, molded him, bent him, he still fought. He fought with all of his being, fought with all the free magic he still had left in him. They were too strong. Their free magic combined with this new magic.....charter magic. He had known that they might turn on him, but still, he would not plead, would not bargain for his life. He knew that he was stronger then them all, and that his time would come.

I'll sing you a song of the long ago-
Seven shine the shiners, oh!
What did the Seven do way back when?
Why, they wove the charter then!
Five for the warp, from beginning to end
Two for the woof, to make and mend
That's the Seven, but what of the Nine-
What of the two who chose not to shine?
The Eighth did hide, hide all away,
But the Seven caught him and made him pay
The Ninth was strong and fought with might,
But lone Orannis was put out of light,
Broken in two and buried under hill,
Forever to lie there, wishing us ill.

Silver, gold and lead; rowan, ash and oak; and the seventh ward of bone. This was what he was secured by, his two halves never touching, never seeing each other. And this is where he waited. This is where he waited for a thousand years, knowing that his time would come soon enough; soon enough for him to get his revenge against those that had erred against him.

"Broken in two and buried under hill, forever to lie there, wishing us ill..."
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