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Battle Plan

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Follows X1. Logan's life is forever changed when he rescues an infant girl named X23 from a group called Hydra and raises her as his daughter. Then one day, they become entangled with a group known...

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Daddy's Girl
Chapter 11: Battle Plan


Liberty Island was a buzz with activity as a fleet of helicopters brought in leaders from all corners of the globe. It was a media frenzy, full of cameras, press, and paparazzi. And with so many important names gathering on the small island, security was very tight.

The calm waters of New York Harbor were swarming with ships from the Coast Guard. Few areas were left unguarded and many of the arriving guests felt secured. The opening ceremonies were nearly upon them and the whole world was watching.

Out in the bay, many of the coast guard sailors weren't all that concerned about intruders. They figured nobody in the right mind would try to pull anything on a night like this. Secret Services, the military, and the FBI personnel were all over the place. It was downright impossible to even get close. At least that's what they hoped.

"This is Bravo one checking in," said one of the sailors patrolling the outer perimeter of the waters in a small boat, "I've got a beautiful view of the George Washington bridge and so far, we're all quiet."

"Copy that Bravo one," replied a voice over the radio, "Keep us posted and be sure to check in on the island soon. The ceremonies are about to start."

"Roger that. Bravo one, over and out."

Tuning his radio out, the lone sailor sighed as he looked out over the bay. As much as he would have liked to get a picture of this sight, he had to fulfill his duties and turn in for security details.

Then, just as he was turning his boat around, he felt a sudden sting in his back. Letting out a sharp gasp, his body fell to the floor.

"Sleep tight, bugger," grinned Toad, holding a syringe in his hand full of a greenish sedative that could have paralyzed a rhino, "Mystique, you're up, luv."

"Thank you Toad," grinned the shaper shifter as she came out from the shadows and took the form of the sailor, "Now if you would be so kind as to dispose of that unsightly body."

"No problem! Just radio the big man so we can get this show on the road."

Throwing the limp body over the side, Mystique and Toad began their trek towards the island.

"Erik, it's Raven," said the shape shifter into the radio the sailor had been using, "We're heading in. Security on the south side is weak. We'll meet you there at the tourist museum."

"Excellent my dear," replied Magneto's collected voice, "We'll be there in an hour. Just be sure to secure the necessary areas."

"Oh don't you worry, Erik. We'll be ready. Over and out."


In the War Room of the Xavier Institute, Scott was going over the battle plan. Using a three-dimensional holographic map to show their target, he explained the daunting task they had before them as Jean had described. Logan was there too, for he was not being kept out of this fight. With his daughter's life on the line, even he conceded that a plan was necessary.

"Okay, so here's our target, team," said Scott as he brought up a hologram of Liberty Island, "Whatever Magneto is planning it's going to happen here."

"Liberty Island...Right on the night of the big summit," said Ororo, thinking it made perfect sense now.

"Yes, with so many big names in such a small area, it's a perfect candidate for ground zero of his attack. He must be planning to turn the leaders of the world into mutants."

"Only he doesn't know of the deadly after effects," added Jean, "If that thing goes off, all those people will die and the world as we know it will be in shambles."

"And knowing the press, they'll probably blame mutants," said Logan, rolling his eyes at this insane scheme.

"I'm guessing Magneto would practically gloat over something like this, even if it does kill those people," reasoned Scott, "Which is why we have to stop him!"

"Whatever," said Logan, not caring that much about stopping Magneto and focusing more on saving his daughter, "So what's the plan?"

Ignoring Logan's lack of enthusiasm, Scott brought up closer shots of the area around Liberty Island.

"We'll have to fly in from the south side and make our way in from the tour house," he explained, highlighting a few of those areas with the holographic projector, "Security is going to be very tight because of all the VIPs, so we'll have to proceed carefully. Magneto has probably already made plans to deal with security. With any luck, he'll create some holes for us to exploit."

"And what if the opposite happens and he alerts everyone to an attack?" scoffed Logan, thinking this plan was crazy at best.

"That's a possibility too, but that makes stealth all the more important," said Scott as he turned off the projector, "Nobody said this was going to be easy, but we're out of time and out of options."

"That supposed to make me feel better, One-eye?" scoffed Logan.

"No, it's to make sure you're ready, Logan. You are coming along, aren't you?"

"Are you kidding? Nothing could keep me out of this fight! I don't care what I've got to go through, Magneto or no Magneto! Laura needs me and I'm gonna make anybody who hurts her pay!"

The words of the determined father left no room for argument. Scott, Jean, and Ororo all exchanged looks, not knowing how this man's presence was going to effect the mission. But they would have to make due. After all, this was his daughter's life that was on the line.

"In that case, I suppose you should suit up," said Ororo as she and the others got up and prepared to make their leave.

"Suit up?" said Logan curiously.

"Yeah, come with me," said Scott, "If you're going to fight with us, then you'll have to wear a uniform."

"Uniforms? You gotta be kiddin' me," said Logan, not knowing whether to laugh of scoff.

"It's no joke, Logan," assured Scott, "Now come on. If you're going to fight with the X-men then you're going to dress like an X-man."


Fifteen minutes later, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Wolverine were all standing in the hanger preparing to make their leave. They were all in their tight fitting black uniforms now, each of which consisted of a tough but flexible leather covering that was meant for both insulation and protection.

Logan, however, thought they were a joke. He couldn't believe it when he saw them. They looked like Halloween costumes, not uniforms. But they were dead serious about these things. And even though the thought of wearing one made him cringe, he didn't have time to argue with Laura's life on the line.

'Man, the things I do for my baby,' he thought to himself as he followed Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm onto the waiting X-jet.

The engines were already humming and main console was lit up like a Christmas tree, buzzing with activity. Logan didn't know what this crazy looking bird was. Hell, it looked like something right out of science fiction. But if it could get him to his daughter, then so be it.

"Damn, do you people really go out in daylight with these things?" said Logan, still struggling with his tight fitting uniform.

"What would you prefer? Yellow spandex?" made Scott as he punched in the final commands before takeoff.

"If Laura sees me wearing this thing, I'll never hear the end of it," he muttered.

"Worry about that later," said Storm, who was sitting in the seat next to him, "Just strap yourself in and hold on."

"Whatever darlin'," said Logan indifferently as he strapped himself in, "You sure this tin can will get us there in time?"

"This is an SR-77, Logan," explained Jean, "Believe me, there's no faster way to get to Liberty Island."

"But if you're that skeptical, you could always get out and walk," quipped Cyclops.

"Just fly the damn plane, pretty boy," he grunted, already wishing this thing would go faster.

While the roof above them opened to reveal the clear night sky, Logan made one last preparation. Taking the silver necklace with the locket in his hand, he wrapped it around his wrist. This was one of Laura's most prized possessions. She barely ever took it off. This little jewel meant a lot to her and to him for that matter. And as he opened the locket and looked at the picture, a renewed determination came over the feral mutant.

'Here I come, Laura. Just hang in there and be strong. Daddy's on his way.'

Vibrations from the engines caused the whole interior to shake as Scott activated the vertical thrusters. Outside, the alien-looking aircraft rose gracefully into the air and from the mansion, some of the students who were lucky enough to be close to a window witnessed the spectacle.

Now the jet was hovering right over the tennis court where the hanger doors had been concealed. And with a sudden burst of thrust, the jet rocketed into the air. The stakes couldn't be higher and the X-men were the only ones who could stop it. Their destination was Liberty Island. Their target was Magneto.

It would all come together soon. For Logan and his daughter and for mutants everywhere, this was it. The heart of peace and the heart of a father, both ready to see this through to the end.


Back at Liberty Island, the festivities were just getting warmed up. The summit was set to being amidst great fanfare. Yet unknown to anybody there, a single ship coming in from the south side stood poised to crash everything. And with security no longer a problem thanks to Mystique and Toad, Magneto's boat was free to move in.

On board, however, all was not calm. Sabretooth was carefully sailing them into southern loading dock, but during the trip Laura had woken up and she was not taking her captivity silently.

"ERRRAAAH! RAH! ERRRRRR!" she growled in a berserker rage, trying to break free of the chains that were restraining her by her wrists.

"Boss, could you shut that damn kid up, already?!" yelled Sabretooth over the noise, "She's getting on my nerves!"

"Your nerves are the least of your problems, ugly!" she spat angrily towards the feral mutant, "When I get my hands on you it'll..."

But before Laura could finish her outburst, Magneto used his powers to pin her back against the wall, warping her metal bones and causing her to howl in pain.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried, almost passing out from the strain on her body.

"Calm yourself, child," said Magneto in a calm, unflinching tone, "You best conserve your strength. You shall be needing it very soon."

The sound of his voice was indifferent to her pain as she collapsed onto the floor, gasping for air. Her whole body stung from having her bones warped and her internal organs bruised. She could heal from it, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

She was so angry. If it weren't for the chains, she'd have eviscerated this madman on the spot. But at the same time, she was scared. She wanted to see her father again. She craved the comfort and love he gave her. She knew she had to be strong, but that only went so far against a man like this.

"You...You're going to kill me, aren't you?" she said, still reeling from the pain.

"Try not to think of it in terms of one person taking the life of another," said Magneto with a sinister grin, "You're going to be a central part of the first act towards mutant liberation. So consider yourself a martyr."

"Fuck you."

Magneto was not phased by her attitude. Even if it was pestilent, he would not have to deal with it for much longer. She was young. He didn't expect her to understand. But as they sailed up towards the loading dock, they got a close up view of the Statue of Liberty. And on this momentous night, this icon of freedom held all the more importance to the old holocaust survivor.

"You're the apple of your father's eye, child," said Magneto as he diverted his gaze to the magnificent statue, "I'm sure he'll be very proud for what you've done for your species."

"Bullshit!" spat Laura angrily, "You kill me...No force on the planet will keep my father from tearing you apart!"

"He can't do anything at this point, I'm afraid. The time for contemplation has long passed. This night is to be one of action and you, my child, will be the key."

Turning away from the sight of the statue, Magneto approached the still downed fifteen year old. She was still in so much pain, but she was determined to stand her ground.

"Look up at that statue, Laura. Take a good long look," he said turning her attention towards Lady Liberty standing so elegantly outside, "As a boy, I was so full of hope when I saw her. She is a symbol of liberty and freedom. And I believed that I would be blessed with such things after coming her. Oh how wrong I was."

Laura's expression didn't change as she heard these words. She didn't care about anything this man had to say, but he was going to say it anyways to justify his actions.

"America was supposed to be the land of tolerance. Founded on the ideas of liberty and justice for all, it was supposed to provide opportunity for all. But I know now after witnessing years of human progress that such ideas are but mere fluff. Deep down, this country is no better than Nazi Germany. They still hate and fear those who are different. And I've come to realize that they will never accept us."

"So you're just going to kill them?" quipped Laura.

"Wrong...I'm only speeding up the inevitable," retorted the master of magnetism, "We mutants are the product of evolution, a change in a species that is on the fast track to destroying itself. Homo sapiens have done a lot for this world, but their time is waning. And on this night, the seeds of war shall be sewn between the strong and the weak. The reign of the human race is at its end. And the reign of Homo superior has just begun."

Looking back into the eyes of the old man before her, Laura saw raw unabated hatred. This man truly did have a hatred of humanity. He was twisted and warped beyond repair. And she knew he was serious. He was really going to do this. He was going to wipe out humanity in any way he could.

"You're crazy," she said in a low, venomous tone, "You're over the edge, in need of medication, crazy!"

"Crazy, you say? You believe advancing mutant kind to its proper place is crazy?" said Magneto with a slight laugh, "You are still young, my dear. I don't expect you to understand. You may no see the beauty of it now, but rest assured generations of the future will remember your sacrifice."

"Sacrifice this!"

Then, in a show of defiance, Laura spit right in his eye, causing his face to contort with anger and annoyance. Even Sabretooth found it a little humorous.

Wiping his eye clean, Magneto bitterly got up and turned his attention towards more important matters at hand. He was through trying to explain such things to an infantile little girl. She didn't understand, but that didn't matter. They wouldn't have to be dealing with her for much longer anyhow.

"Sabretooth, are we set?" said Magneto, determined to proceed to the next step.

"Ready and waiting, boss," he growled.

"Good, then let's get the machine in place. Our moment of triumph awaits!"


Flying low through the clear night sky, the X-jet sped along at supersonic speeds as it approached Liberty Island. Air traffic was extremely tight and the whole area was designated a no fly zone. But with the stealth and speed of the SR-77, no security measures could keep them away from stopping Magneto and saving Laura.

"Hold on! I'm taking her down," said Scott as he skillfully lowered the altitude of the advanced jet so it was only about a hundred feet off the surface of the water.

"Damn, at this rate you'll kill us faster than Magneto!" growled Logan as he held on through the turbulence.

"Will you relax, Logan? I know what I'm doing."

Passing under the George Washington Bridge, Scott continued to slow the speed of the X-jet. They were getting close and they would be reaching the security patrols soon. However, they had planned for this.

"Okay Storm, give us some cover," said Scott.

"You've got it."

The eyes of the African mutant shifted to a white hue as she summoned the power of the winds to aid them. Outside, a thick layer of fog suddenly descended upon the water and the patrol boats were effectively blinded, lending them the opportunity they needed to get close.

"Here we go," said Scott as he hit a few buttons on the console, "I'm switching to infrared."

The screen before him then changed so as to filter out the obstruction of the fog, leaving the path clear for their approach.

"Jean, how are we on radar?" asked Scott as he continued to slow the jet.

"Still invisible," she reported, checking a few scopes.

"Good. I'm going to silent hover."

The engines got very quiet as their airspeed slowed to a standstill. They were still hovering fifty feet off the ground right at the south side of the island. All the activity was currently on the north side and as they had suspected, Magneto had left them with a few holes to exploit.

"Looks like someone already took care of the security," said Storm as she noticed the lack of patrols.

"Lucky for us, I guess," said Scott as he carefully maneuvered the high tech aircraft into position.

"Well that's all fine and dandy, but what if they come to close the gap?" questioned Logan, thinking they were being a bit too optimistic here.

"Hey, if they can find this plane then they deserve to catch us," said Scott confidently, "Now hold on. We're almost in place. Just need a nice soft landing."

The air grew tense as Scott hit a few commands and carefully adjusted the position of the plane. Then suddenly, the vertical engines went cold and the heavy aircraft plummeted the short distance to the water below with a hard thud that would have churned the stomach of anybody who felt it.

"Sorry about that," said Scott, quickly recovering as he put the plane into stealth mode.

"Nice flyin', ace. Where'd you get your wings? A box of cracker jacks?" said Logan in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey, we landed didn't we? Now do you want to spend all night mocking my flight skills or do you want get out there and get your daughter back?"

With a low growl, Logan fell silent as he undid his restraints and followed the others outside. He wasn't one for teamwork, but for Laura he'd make that sacrifice if that's what it took.

Upon exiting through the hatch, the four X-men stepped out onto the loading pier and began scanning the area. Looking over at the pier at the far end of the dock, they noticed one other boat, but it was completely empty.

"Looks like they've already setting up shop," commented Scott, "Jean, can you sense anything?"

Closing her eyes and focusing her telepathy, Jean tried to scan through the clutter of minds to find the Brotherhood. But with so much activity on the island that was an impossibility at best.

"No, there's too much clutter," she said, "Near as I can tell, the summit is about to begin."

"Then we best get going before buckethead makes his move!" growled Logan, "So what are we waiting for?"

"Easy there, Wolverine," said Cyclops, hoping to hold him back from being too rash, "We have to proceed carefully. You don't want a repeat of what happened in the train station, do you?"

Snarling at the bitter memory, Logan conceded to the young man's words. As much as he hated wasting time, he knew this was not something that could be rushed and after the world of hurt Magneto put him in last time, he didn't want to play into any more of his traps.

"Fine!" he grunted, "Lead the way, boy scout."

Rolling his eyes beneath his visor, Scott led the team into the tourist entrance. It was completely deserted, but the locks had been broken, most likely by the Brotherhood. The kept their eyes open for any signs of activity, but so far everything was quiet.

Then, as they stepped into the dimly lit area, they passed through a couple of metal detectors. And as soon as Logan entered the still active scanners, an alarm went off that caused Cyclops, Jean, and Storm to turn around in full battle stance. But instead they were just met with a noticeably irked Logan.

"Not one word," he growled.

Yet still, that didn't keep Scott from grinning somewhat, although it did earn him a middle claw from Logan, his own way of saying 'fuck you.'

As the passed through the main hall, they went by a couple of exhibits and statues. Unknown to them, however, one of them has moving yellow eyes. Then suddenly, Logan got a scent and stopped in mid stride.

"What is it?" said Ororo upon seeing him take a few whiffs of the air.

"Someone's here," he growled, drawing his claws in preparation.

Taking this threat seriously, Scott and Jean scanned the area as well. But unknown to them, they were already being watched from a perch on the ceiling.

"Where's it coming from, Logan?" asked Jean, trying to get a psychic fix on it.

"Not sure," he said, taking a few more whiffs, "I'm gonna check it out."

"Good, we'll cover you," said Scott, keeping an eye on where they had just come.

Logan followed his nose, walking down the right corridor where the main hall diverged into two separate paths. The three other X-men kept their guard, letting Logan scout ahead before they continued moving forward.

Suddenly, they saw him come back from the opposite corridor much sooner than expected.

"Did you find anything?" asked Scott.

"Nah, trail went cold," he replied, "Let's check the east wing. Maybe they..."

Then suddenly, he was cut off by a raging growl that echoed from the other corridor and much to the surprise of his teammates, a second Logan pounced and tackled his counterpart. They tumbled into the central display statue, causing it to fall over and shatter. But once they were back on their feet, a fight soon broke out.

"YOU!" growled one of the Logans.

"Bring it on, bub!" growled the other with a grin.

With their claws drawn, an epic fight ensued. The X-men were quick to recover, but they hesitated in helping.

"Which one is which?!" exclaimed Scott, his hand on his visor, not knowing which one to blast, "Jean?"

"I don't know!" exclaimed the young psychic, "I can't get a..."

But before she could finish, another presence descended from the ceiling and drop kicked her to the floor.

"Surprise, X-rejects!" said Toad as he made his presence known, "Don't tell me you've come here to crash the party too!"

"Toad!" yelled Storm, preparing a wind storm to blow the nimble mutant away.

"Oh no you don't luv!"

Then, using his long tongue to his advantage, he took Ororo by the feet and flung her down the left corridor, sending her crashing into a glass display case.

"One down, two to go!" said Toad with a grin.

The amphibious mutant then took aim at Scott's visor like he had in the train station. But this time, the young mutant was ready for him.

"Over here swamp breath!" said Scott as he jumped off to the side of his tongue and fired an optic blast at his position.

"Bring it on, pretty boy!" quipped Toad as he leaped into the air for another attack.

Then suddenly, just as he was a few inches away from Scott and Jean, he stopped in mid air, restrained by Jean's telekinesis.

"That's enough, Toad!" said Jean, keeping a strong hold on him.

"Wanna bet?"

Then, in a show of his resilience, Toad spat a glob of sticky greenish goo on Jean's face, causing her to fall back and loosen her hold on him.

"Jean!" exclaimed Scott as he saw his fiancè's distress.

However, his momentary lapse allowed Toad to get in a swift kick to the gut, sending him flying.

"Don't you people ever die?!" shot the angry mutant as he picked up a spare metal bar and prepared to move in on Jean for the final blow.

However, before the nimble mutant could even get halfway, he was stopped by a sudden burst of heavy wind coming from back down the corridor where he had knocked Storm. It was so strong that he could barely stand and it was getting stronger by the second.

Then, through the blinding wind, he saw the figure of Ororo Munroe calmly walking down the hall, her eyes a haunting white as she conjured up winds on the scale of a tornado.

"Oh bloody hell!" grunted Toad as he tried to adhere to the floor, but the wind was just too strong.

Finally, his grip gave way and he was flung into the air and out a window. Instinctively, he used his tongue to latch on to one of the rails, but the wind was still blowing and he was trapped in its power.

"You know what happens to a Toad when it's struck by lightning?" said Storm as she watched the hapless mutant flutter through the wind.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled, trying to hold on.

"Can't answer? Then I'll tell you. It's the same thing that happens to everything else."

Then, with the flick of a wrist, Ororo conjured up a powerful bolt of lightning that stuck Toad right at his tongue, causing him to detach and fly helplessly through the air and into the cold waters of the New York harbor.

With Toad now out of the way, Scott ran over to the aid of his fiancé, who was still struggling to get the goop on her face off.

"Jean! Jean, hold on," he said to her in a calm tone, "Stay still, I'll get it off."

Trying hard to get a good grip on the slimy cover, Scott frantically peeled away until he got the disgusting goop off his lover's face. Once it was gone, Jean gasped for air and clung to her fiancé as he helped her up.

"Ugh, I'll NEVER get that taste out of my mouth," she said, wiping her face clean of the sticky substance.

"I'll get you a premium facial when all this is over," promised Scott.

"Thanks hun, but where's Logan?" she asked.

"I don't know, but he can handle himself."


Down the hall in the museum section of the building, Logan was still tangoing with his counterpart. He was in full berserker mode, but this evil twin was nimble and quick. Already, they had crashed into numerous glass displays and the floor was littered with broken shards. But neither of them showed any signs of letting up.

"Raahhhhhh! Hold still!" growled Logan.

"Now where's the fun in that?" grinned his counterpart.

Then, with a swift spin move, Logan got in a good swipe with his claws, making solid contact with the 'claws' of his counterpart. And as soon as solid adamantium made contact with the imposture, it sliced through like a hot knife through butter.

"Ahh!" gasped his counterpart, "Now that wasn't very nice."

"What can I say? I'm a bad little boy!" growled Logan, ready to deliver more.

"Is that any way to treat a lady?"

Suddenly, the eyes of his counterpart flashed yellow and the image of Logan disappeared and was replaced by the blue skinned, feminine frame of Mystique.

"You're too late, Wolverine!" she taunted, "You can't stop us now!"

"Then I'll just have to take my anger out on you!" he roared as he tore into her.

The fight resumed, only this time Mystique kept her true form. She was even more nimble now than when she was impersonating Logan. Yet the feral mutant didn't let up. This woman deceived him and his daughter and he was going to make her pay.

He tried to hit her with a few horizontal slashes, but her flexibility allowed her to dip under them like a limbo bar and give him a swift kick in the groin. While this momentarily stunned him, she leaped behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to choke him into submission.

"Ack! You...Crazy...Bitch!" yelled Logan.

But Mystique didn't let up, so Logan had to improvise. Using his weight to his advantage, he ran backwards until he crashed her into the wall. This got her to loosen her grip, but she managed to slip away before he could strike her again. He motioned to try another stab, but she responded by hitting him with a sweep kick, knocking him off his balance and sending him falling to the floor.

"Catch me if you can, big boy!" she said in a sultry, almost playful tone.

Before Logan could get up, she disappeared back into the corridors. This woman was fast, but not fast enough. He'd chase her down like a rat if he had to, but as soon as he was up and ready to pursue, she was already gone.

"Damn it!" he cursed, hitting his fists against the wall.

Then suddenly, a familiar voice sounded from behind.

"Logan! Logan are you okay?"

Turning around, he saw that it was Ororo.

"Ro? Where are the others?" he asked.

"We split up," she told him, "They heading towards the observation deck. We should catch up."

"Wait," he told her before she turned to walk back down to where she had come, "There's something else I have to take care of."

"Logan, there's no time!" she exclaimed, "We have to..."

"No...This can't wait!"

Then suddenly, with one swift stab, Logan impaled her with his claws. Immediately, her face turned to one of horror and pain, but it didn't faze Logan in the slightest. He knew who this was and what she was trying to do. And this time, he didn't fall for it.

"Logan...How did you..." she gasped.

"The nose doesn't lie, darlin'," he grunted as he withdrew his claws, "This is for tricking my daughter!"

Then, with the wound in her gut still throbbing, Logan delivered one last punch to the head, knocking her out cold as her entire body went limp.

Once she hit the ground, her true form returned. It was Mystique and apparently, she had made her final deception.

"Time to get moving," he said, cracking his neck as his healing kicked in.

Making his way back down the corridors, he met up with Cyclops, Jean, and the real Storm in the main hall. But not wanting to fall for the same trick as before, Scott put his hand on his visor as a show of caution.

"Relax, it's me," he said.

"Prove it," said Scott.

"You're a dick."


"Now let's get a move on!" he said with a determined grunt, "Laura's time is running out! I gotta save her!"


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