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This is the tale of the Straw Hat Pirates and their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, as they experience everything this world has to offer, both the good and the vile. Follow them on an epic adventure tha...

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Alright I've been planning to write this story for a long time now, and I've finally gotten to it. Now allow me to explain the premise of it. I plan on taking all the Strawhats through my version of the One Piece story, in other words this is going to be an absolutely giant AU story. However instead of just one big change, there will be multiple tiny and giant alterations to all the plot lines within the story, as well as a few things created entirely by me thrown in for the mix. Pairings will consist of Luffy X Nami and Usopp X Kaya. I have yet to decide on any other pairings, I am open to suggestions however.

And as you are about to find out, the first big change is how early three particular Straw Hats meet each other...

Also this is going to be a very, very long story, so I've got a lot of writing to do, however I've also got a tendency to get sidetracked, so updates will be quite infrequent. All I can truly promise is that I love One Piece to death, and that no matter what, I won't ever abandon this story.

Anyway, time for the disclaimer...

I do not own the rights to any characters or ideas from the Anime/Manga known as One Piece. They are the sole property of their creator Eiichro Oda and no attempt will be made to obtain any profit from the use of said property. So with that said please read, enjoy and review.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the above was what I wrote down as the beginning note when I posted this on three years and some change ago. Seeing as this was the first chapter, it doesn't represent the level of writing I am capable of today. With that said, I am uploading the story here as well, piece by piece, in my free time. Why not all at once? First, because I have to edit it some as there's no line insertion like there is on, so I have to put my own line-breaks in there. Second, because this place seems like a ghost town. No one is really going to take notice of my story or care about it in the slightest, so there's really no rush to get the rest uploaded right away. In fact, I don't even know why I'm giving this spiel, since I doubt anyone is even reading. So, I'll stop here.

Two boys stood mere inches apart from each other, inside a cabin in a small marine vessel, as they bickered with each other.

The first one, who stood three inches shorter than the second, wore simple blue jean shorts and a white short sleeved shirt along with brown sandals.

The second wore khaki shorts and a dark black mid sleeve shirt, as well as black sandals.

"Why do you have to be so mean to me!?"

"I'm not being mean you little brat, I'm toughening you up!"

"You sound just like Grandpa, you big jerk!"

"I do not! Say that again and I'll- what, hey let go of me!"

"Put me down Grandpa!"

Garp couldn't help but sigh as he hoisted both of his grandchildren up by the collars of their shirts, this was the third time that the two had gotten into an argument in the past hour. They fought like cats and dogs, and that was not an overestimate. However the vice admiral couldn't exactly blame the two, they had been stuck together on the same boat and in the same room for the past two weeks, and they didn't get along too well to begin with, so with that added it was no wonder they fought so much.

As the two young boys continued to try and wiggle their way out of his grasp, Garp decided that enough was enough. So he exited their room, and once they were out on the ship's deck instead of being inside the cabin, he brought one of them to his left side in mid air, doing the same with the other one on his right, and then before either of the two rambunctious kids knew what was happening, he slammed them into each other head first. When the two boys heads collided there was a resounding clunk, as well as a cry of pain from both of them. Garp then proceeded to unceremoniously drop both young boys onto the ground, causing both to fall to the deck of the boat, landing on their butts as they did.

The aging man then looked down at the two, and sure enough they were looking back up at him, tears threatening to start spilling from their eyes, as they nursed the large lumps on their heads. "That's enough! You two need to learn to get along, your brothers for Christs sake! Besides learning to get along with others is an important lesson to learn if you ever want to become a marine."

Both Luffy and Ace were scowling at this point, they had both decided a year ago that they weren't going to be marines, they were going to be pirates so they could live freely. However unlike his older brother Ace, Luffy wasn't going to keep quiet about it... not that he hadn't already spoke up about it, because he had. "But I already told you, I don't wanna be a marine, I wanna be a pirate! Just like Shanks!"

That's when a scowl formed on Garp's face, "Why you little punk! How many times have I already told you, no Grandson of mine is going to become a pirate!"

Garp added emphasis to this point by punching Luffy on the top of his head, causing the five year old boy to cry out in pain once more. With a smaller lump growing on top of the bigger one, Luffy decided there was no point in trying to argue any further on this topic of conversation. So he simply grumbled to himself, "I don't care what you say, I'll be a pirate someday, just you watch..."

Garp pretended not to hear the boy as he walked away from him and Ace. "Now then, the reason I even came to your room in the first place is because we'll be docking back at Fusha village any minute now."

At these words Luffy perked up, and proceeded to look out over the ocean towards Dawn island as they continued to close in on it. "Your right! This is great, I can't wait!"

Ace however made it quite obvious that he didn't care, as he stood up and made his way back to the room he and Luffy shared.
Bellemere couldn't help but smile at her two daughters, Nami and Nojiko, as the two ran about on the small ship they were on. This is only the second time they had been on the sea, and Nami being too young to remember the first time, was very excited when she found out they were going on a trip for a while. That's not to say that Nojiko wasn't, because she was, almost as excited as her younger sister. And those two were currently caught up in that excitement as they played together. It was slowly becoming a rare sight, with Nojiko being two years older then Nami she was beginning to insist that she help out with the tangerine orchard, which left her less time to play. And not wanting to be left out, Nami was also trying to help pick tangerines every now and then, so she can spend time with her sister. Nevertheless they liked doing it, and as long as it made them happy Bellemere refused to deny them.

Her smile soon faded though as thoughts of why they were on the boat in the first place came back into her mind. But the twenty seven year old woman quickly banished those thoughts when out of the corner of her sight, she saw an island, the same island they were going to. So as the smile came back to her face, she called out to her daughters, "Nojiko, Nami, look we're almost there."

Both young girls quickly turned to see what their Mother was talking about, and the smiles on their faces grew even bigger as they realized they were about to go ashore.

Bellemere then said, "Yep, in less than twenty minutes we'll be docking at Dawn island, in Fusha village."
Koshiro's face was adorned with a small smile as he watched Zoro's and Kuina's duel come to a close, with the former as the loser and the latter as the victor. The dark haired man couldn't help but wonder, "How many times have they dueled now? Three hundred and seventy five? Or was it three hundred and eighty? No, the exact number is three hundred and eighty two I believe. Yes that's the correct number."

Zoro had believed he would win within the confined space of the small ship they were travelling on, however Kuina proved once again that no matter how hard he tried he would never beat her. Or at least that was what she told him every time he lost.

Koshiro's smile remained as he turned to look at the island they were nearing, judging from the distance they were at, he guessed it would take around half an hour for them to arrive at their destination, Dawn island, more specifically Fusha village. Koshiro planned on opening a temporary dojo there for a few years. However he wouldn't leave his students unattended, which was why Zoro, Kuina, as well as all of his other students were on the boat with him, at least the ones that had gotten the consent of their parents that is.
As soon as they were docked, Luffy was off the boat and racing toward Partys Bar, where he knew he'd find Shanks's crew. While Ace on the other hand wandered off in the opposite direction. Garp did nothing to stop either of the boys, he had somewhere he needed to be, he would deal with those two later. This task was of such great importance to the old marine, that he didn't even spare a second of thought to trying to take the red hair pirates into custody, even though he knew of their presence here.

So he made his way past Partys bar, towards an empty two bedroom house. It was in that house that he would meet with who he needed to. Which really was the only reason he wasn't taking care of the red hair pirates, because this was a time sensitive matter and required his attention first.
Once the ship had docked, and the other passengers had gotten off, that's when Bellemere and her two girls got off. She held both girls's hands, as she looked around for where the meeting place was supposed to be. Not seeing it, she began to make her way farther into the town. She made small talk with both Nami and Nojiko as she did this.

It didn't take very long for her to find said meeting place, considering this was the first time she had ever been on the island she was glad she was able to recognize it when she saw it. She led both her daughters inside the house, before closing the door behind her. That's when someone spoke up, "There you are Bellemere."

The red haired woman's eyes were immediately drawn to the person who said these words, and he looked exactly like she remembered him, well there was just a tiny twinge of grey in his hair now, but nevertheless there was no mistaking who she was looking at, Garp the Fist. "It's nice to see you again and all, but I don't think my girls wanna hear us talk about our time in the marines, so is there anywhere they can go while we talk?"

A smile found its way onto Garp's face at that point, "Sure is, have them head over to Partys bar, they'll be looked after."

Bellemere quirked an eyebrow at that statement, "You want me to send my little girls to a bar?"

Garp couldn't help but laugh at that, "Don't worry about it Bell, the bartender there is really sweet. Her name is Makino, and she'll watch out for them."

Bellemere couldn't help but close her eyes and grit her teeth in frustration, "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

This just caused Garp to laugh once more.

Knowing she wouldn't be able to get her point across, Bellemere merely sighed, before opening her eyes and saying, "Alright then, I'll trust your judgement."

The red haired woman then crouched down so as to look the girls in their eyes, "Nami, Nojiko, I want both of you to do as he said, go to Partys Bar and ask for Makino, tell her Garp sent you, okay?"

Both young girls nodded and replied in unison with, "Okay Bellemere."

With that the two left the house, and since that was done Bellemere got to her feet, and turned towards Garp once more. "Now...let's get down to business."

Garp's smile disappeared and he nodded as he replied, "Alright then, if that's what you want. As I told you in my letter, the Marines are close to finding you, and you know they show no mercy to deserters. I know you had a good reason for going AWOL, but no one up top would care about that."

Silence reigned after that for several moments, before Bellemere responded with, "Then where do we go from here?"

"I think I might be able to fix this, but it's going to take time, and a lot of it. Even with the best case scenario, where everything went perfectly, I'd need a year at the very least."

Bellemere remained silent.

"But while I'm doing this you can't be in Cocoyashi, so I need you and your two girls to remain here in Fusha village until I've finished doing all I can. I can provide you with this house, but I'm afraid that's all I'll be able to do. You'll have to find a way to support them and yourself without your tangerines...I'm sorry that I have to put you in such a difficult position, but it's the best I can do."

A scowl finally managed to etch its way onto Bellemere's face at that point. "Is that so? But what about my tangerine orchard back home? Who will take care of it and harvest them when their ripe? And the villagers, what about them? I told them I'd be gone for two months maximum, what happens when I don't come back? Finally what about Genzo? If we're more than a day late he'll be forming search parties quicker than you can knock someone out, and he's not one to give up either, everyone will be busy searching for us for months. We can't have that happening."

Garp nodded his head in agreement with what Bellemere said, "I understand your worries, but don't let them get to you now. Focus on providing for your family here, while I make arrangements to take care of all those problems for you. I promise you, I'll get it done."

Bellemere sighed at these words, but nevertheless agreed. "Alright."
Koshiro led Kuina, Zoro and the rest of his students along, as he made his way to the building he would begin preparing to become a dojo. They had docked less than five minutes ago, so they hadn't been walking long. Nevertheless Zoro was already bored, so instead of keeping his eyes on everyone else, he let them wander as he walked. It took less than thirty seconds for something to catch his interest, and what did that was a boy with dark hair, who had just been tossed out the doors of a building no more than twenty feet away from the young green haired boy's position. This event had Zoro halt in following everyone else, as he continued to watch the dark haired boy, who held back tears as he got back to his feet, having landed on his ass when he was thrown, and reenter the establishment, that with a quick glance up Zoro found was named Partys Bar.

However less than twenty seconds later the same boy was once again thrown out of the bar, almost landing flat on his face, this time though the sound of rowdy laughter could be heard coming from the bar in mass. But that didn't stop the black haired boy from getting to his feet once more, before rushing in again. And yet again he was thrown outside, causing all the laughter to grow in volume.

The young green haired boy didn't know exactly what was going on, but that didn't stop him from heading over to the younger boy with black hair. But just as he was close enough to speak to him, he rushed inside the building again. Zoro just followed.

The young swordsman trainee wasn't expecting what he saw, instead of a bunch of cruel jerks tossing a young boy about for fun, he saw a bunch of friendly looking men, drinking, eating and laughing, having a great time. That's when Zoro's eyes found the young black haired boy, as he stared down who appeared to be the leader of the group.

"I'll show you how strong I am! And then you'll have to let me join your crew Shanks!"

The red haired man who was known as Shanks just laughed harder at that statement, "Like I'd ever let a five year old join my crew! Your far too weak, you'd wind up dead in a day! You don't have what it takes to be a pirate Luffy!"

None of the words Shanks spoke had any malice behind them, but they still angered the young boy, "I do too! And I'm not weak, my punch is stronger than a pistol!"

As he shouted these words, the young boy known as Luffy charged forward towards Shanks. However just as he was close enough to actually touch the much older man, he was snatched up by the collar by said man, who continued to laugh as he chucked Luffy in the opposite direction, which would have sent him outside the building, however with Zoro standing in the way...

It took the young green haired boy two seconds too long to figure out Luffy was on a collision course with him, so even as he tried to get out of the way, he still failed.

"Oh cra-"

The swordsman trainee didn't even get to finish his sentence as the black haired boy hit him, knocking him back several feet and right over onto the ground, putting both of them outside, although just barely.

Zoro had cushioned the impact for Luffy a bit, so it only took a second for him to realize he had hit something besides the ground and get up because of it. As he got to his feet he saw who he had been thrown into, it was a boy with green hair, wearing a cobalt blue training Gi and some black sandals. He had sat up at this point, and was rubbing the back of his head as that was one of the two places, along with his torso, that took most of the impact.

Before the other boy could speak, Luffy offered his hand to help him up, wiping away the tears that had wanted to come out not even a minute ago. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Now normally Luffy wouldn't really care if he got in trouble for something, or made someone angry, however this kid had nothing to with the current situation and had ended up taking some of the impact that was meant for him. Plus he didn't have any friends, and he wouldn't go making any by getting upset at everyone for any little thing they did.

Zoro stopped rubbing his head and looked up at Luffy, which if he was standing up wouldn't need to be done, and spoke, "It doesn't matter, something stupid like that isn't gonna hurt me anyway."

Once he finished saying this he took Luffy's hand and let the younger boy help him to his feet. Now that they were both standing, Zoro shook the black haired boy's hand and said, "Well since we crashed into each other, guess we'd best introduce ourselves huh? My name is Roronoa Zoro."

Luffy couldn't help but give a large smile as he responded, "My name's Monkey D. Luffy, glad to meet ya!"

Zoro couldn't help but smile in return, though not as large as Luffy's. "So...your punch is stronger than a pistol huh? Care to prove it?"

This slight mirth filled question and challenge just made Luffy's big smile grow even larger. He wasn't sure why, but Zoro had a feeling he was going to like this kid.

"Want me to show you?"

"Bring it."
It only took two minutes for Nami and Nojiko to get to Partys Bar, however before they could enter the establishment two boys hit the ground in front of them. It looked as if they had been thrown, which one of them had been, not that they knew that.

Both girls were taken off guard for a moment, so both remained silent even as both boys got to their feet and introduced themselves, not that either girl heard their names, not really paying attention to what they were saying.

Neither boy seemed to notice the two girls, even as they continued to speak to each other. Which was weird, since if they just turned their heads a few centimeters they'd be quite capable of seeing the girls.

Nojiko was shocked that they didn't seem to notice them, more so than Nami was, who was more curious over the fact that these two seemed to be very different from the boys from back in her village. However they were here for a reason, so they past the boys, neither of the two noticing them still, and entered the bar.

All eyes were drawn to the two young girls, most of the patrons expecting it to be Luffy again, but seeing them raised curiosity nevertheless. Nami and Nojiko seemed to shrink under the gaze of all the men in the bar, and yet they still managed to not show any hesitation as they made their way over to the bar itself. Nojiko was the one to speak, "Excuse us, we're here to see Makino, Garp sent us."

The dark green haired woman who had just served the red haired man just a few feet away perked up at those words. "Is that so? You two must be the daughters of one of his friends, right?"

Both young children nodded their heads.

The woman smiled in return, "Well it's nice to meet you, I'm Makino. Please take a seat girls."

The two children complied and climbed up onto two of the stools, as they did Makino got two glasses and filled them up with orange juice, which both girls gladly accepted. But before they could even take a sip, their eyes, as well as everyone else's, were drawn to the entrance of the building as both of the green haired boy and the black haired boy entered the establishment. What really stood out was the fact that the one with green hair had a red bruise on the left side of his face, and it was no coincidence that it was the same size as Luffy's hand when it's balled up into a fist.

Now no one in the bar knew why Luffy hit the kid, but that didn't stop everyone but Nami, Nojiko and Makino from bursting into rowdy laughter once more.

Zoro didn't even seem upset either, then again only he and Luffy knew that he was the one that asked for it...literally.

Though they entered together, Zoro stayed back as Luffy approached Shanks once more. He climbed up onto the stool beside him before speaking once more, "Listen up Shanks, I'm not going to stop until you make me a member of your crew, and that's that."

Even as Shanks's laughter died down, a wide grin filled with mirth remained. "Is that so?"

Shanks motioned for Makino to pour him a drink and pointed towards the orange juice, even as he continued to talk with Luffy. "Well let me reward you for your tenacity then, here have a drink on me."

He passed the now full glass to Luffy, which the young boy proceeded to thank him for and take a large gulp, which caused Shanks and the rest of his crew to burst out into laughter once again, Makino joining in this time. In reaction to this the dark haired boy put his glass down and asked grumpily, "What is it this time!?"

"Pirates don't drink orange juice you little fool!"

This served to just anger the young boy, "You big jerk! Why'd you trick me like that!?"

"Sorry little buddy, but you're just far too easy a mark!"

Even Nami and Nojiko were laughing at this point, finding the situation quite funny.

Zoro couldn't help but chuckle a bit himself, even if he could personally relate to his new friend's frustration, it was still funny to see.

Luffy huffed in frustration, before crossing his arms in defiance and turning away from Shanks. The young black haired boy then proceeded to get off the stool and head toward the entrance of the establishment. "Come on Zoro, let's go."

Both boys then exited the building.

Nami's eyes followed the boys as they left, which was noticed by only Shanks and Makino, the latter of which said something about it, "I'm not sure who that green haired kid is, however I know the other one pretty well, his name is Luffy, and he's stubborn, but also sweet. If you want to follow after him I'm sure he won't mind."

Nami smiled at those words, and just as Nojiko was going to say that they weren't going to do so, her younger sister did just that as she hopped off the stool and went after them. "Nami wait!"

She didn't though, so Nojiko got off her stool as well and tried to catch up.

Luffy and Zoro didn't get too far from Partys Bar before someone called out to them, "Hey, wait up!"

Both boys turned back to see who was calling out to them, and they saw a girl with orange hair that neither of them had ever seen before. She wore a yellow and green casual dress and beige sandals.

Zoro spoke at a low volume so you could only hear him if you were close, "I have no idea who she is, do you know her Luffy?"

The young swordsman trainee looked at his new friend as he asked this, however Luffy didn't respond, he didn't even seem to notice the fact that he had been spoken to, his eyes only focused on the girl who was getting so close to them.

Nami had now closed the distance between them, but before she could speak, Luffy said something first, not really realizing what he said until after he said it. "You're really pretty..."

This caused the young girl to blush madly, and Zoro to do a double take at the young black haired boy, now looking at him as if he was nuts. "Are you crazy? She's not pretty at all!"

And just like that the red hue on Nami's face went from being from embarrassment to being that way because of pure rage. "What did you just say!?"

Zoro didn't seem affected by the younger girl's anger, as he merely replied with, "You heard me."

This comment seemed to have quite effect on the young girl, as sharp, shark like teeth suddenly filled her mouth and she proceeded to say, "How would you like me to give you another bruise to match the one already on your big ugly face!?"

The young green haired boy was quite taken back by her now more feral appearance, however he did not back down. So with a condescending tone he said, "You don't scare me little girl."

That was it, Nami quickly lashed out with her left fist and hit the right side of Zoro's face as hard as she could, which knocked him flat on his backside. What Zoro then thought to himself was, "Crap! That hurt almost as much as Luffy's punch did!"

Luffy felt the need to cower away, he couldn't help but think, "She's scary..."

As the young orange haired girl realized that she had just done that in front of a boy who had just gotten done complimenting her, the red hue on her face went back to being from embarrassment, and just like that her sharp teeth were gone, as if they had been illusion, and she went back to looking shy. As Luffy realized this, he sweat dropped.

Nojiko had seen most of this from afar as she had been closing in, but she did not know about Luffy's words. She took a few steps closer so that she could help the green haired kid to his feet, and as she did she asked, "Exactly what did you do to get hit like that? You really must have made her mad."

The blue haired girl had on an amused smirk as she said this. She wore a jean casual dress, over a dark blue shirt and red sandals.

Zoro scoffed before replying with, "I just told her the truth, she isn't pretty, not even in the slightest."

Nojiko sighed at that, "Yep, that'd do it. You brought that one on yourself."

Zoro however just turned away, scoffing once more, causing Nojiko to sigh once more. "Anyway, since we're here, might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Nojiko, and this is my little sister Nami."

This brought the smile back to Luffy's face, as he replied with, "I'm Monkey D. Luffy, and that there is my friend Zoro. It's good to meet you guys! It's always great to make new friends!"

His smile seemed to be infectious, as Nami and Nojiko cracked small smiles of their own at his words. Even Zoro couldn't help but smirk at Luffy's words, even though you couldn't see it with his back turned.
Koshiro, Kuina and the rest of the students had finally reached the soon to be new dojo, however once they were inside it didn't take long at all for everyone of them to realize Zoro was nowhere to be found.

When they did come to the conclusion that he wasn't inside the building with them, Kuina face palmed, saying, "I knew his sense of direction was bad, but this is just ridiculous..."

Koshiro merely shook his head slowly, barely believing Zoro got himself lost when all he had to do was follow them.
The atmosphere in Partys Bar was even more joyful than usual, and this was because Shanks and his whole crew, and Makino as well, were celebrating the fact that Luffy had finally made some friends.
Ace was no longer even in Fusha village, he was instead wandering the forest outside of said village. He hadn't even run into any wild life yet, which was strange, but the eight year old brushed it off. He was sure he wouldn't find anyone else out here, and yet when he came upon a small clearing with a large rock in the middle, he saw a blonde kid sitting upon it. Which basically proved him wrong.

This boy's clothes were quite unique, he wore a large, fancy black hat with goggles on it, and a fancy blue and black outfit to match, Ace hadn't really seen anything like them. So, his curiosity piqued, he approached the boy. As he got closer, he spoke, "Hey you, what are you doing out here?"
To Be Continued...
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