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Golden Sun: The Goddesses of Seasons

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Our heros from both games (Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The lost ages) are naturally living their normals lives when a strange figure appears and soon after the weather begins to change. How will Isaac...

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A nice and peaceful day in the little village of Vale. We start off with Jenna arriving to Isaacs house to start her Psi-energy training.

Jenna: "I hope he's not sleeping in again. That dummy, he really should get to bed earlier."

She then knocks on the door to his house and Isaacs mom answers the door.

(I'm not sure what Isaacs mom's name is but I think it was maria or marie. It doesnt matter)

Maria: "Oh. Jenna, how are you doing?"
Jenna: "Hello. I'm doing fine. Is Isaac home?"
Maria: "Yes...but he's still in bed. He didn't stop working until 1:a.m."

Jenna: "I see. (I knew it. That lunkhead.) Do you mind if I go and wake him up?"
Maria: "Go right ahead. I'm sure he'll wake up if it's you."
(Jenna then goes upstairs to Isaacs door.)

Jenna: "I wonder how his room looks like. Strange how after all these years together, I never once went into his room."

She then knocks on the door and enters his room.

Jenna: "Ah!"

surpised to see his room. She quietly says to herself,

Jenna: "This so..."

Just then Isaac finally awakens and is suprised to see Jenna in the middle of his room.

Isaac: "...Jenna? What are you doing up here?"

Suprised by his voice she quickly comes back to her senses and says to Isacc,

Jenna: "I...I was just coming to wake you up."
Issac: "???. Well you didn't really have to. I mean...not that you did."
Jenna: "What was that!" (she then does a karate chop to his head)

Isaac: "Ow! Hey don't get so mad. I was just kidding."
Jenna: "Hmph. Cmon! Get up. We were supposed to go training 15 minutes ago."
Isaac: "Ok ok. Just meet me downstairs and I'll be ready in a second ok?"

Unable to say anything else, she agrees to wait with his mother.

Maria: "So? Did you get a good look at his room?"
Jenna: "Y..yes I did."
Maria: "What did you think?"
Jenna: "I think it's really, really pretty.
Maria: "Pretty? More like a universe strange."
Jenna: "That's because his hobbie was star gazing isn't it?"

Maria: "Yes. He always did say he wanted to watch the stars with someone other than himself. Personally I don't have time to watch stars."
Jenna: "I see."

After a few minutes Isaac comes down the stairs with his basic equipment. A cutting knife, a handmade telescope, and a his newest weapon...The Dragon Fang Staff (from suikoden 1)

Jenna: "About time you got down here."
Isaac lets out a big yawn and looks at Jenna with watery eyes saying,

Isaac: "...yeah, yeah. Well then. Shall we?"
He reaches out for her hand and she reaches out to be pulled to his side.

Isaac: "Later mom. I'll be late."
Maria: "Just don't let Jenna get hurt ok?"
Jenna: "We'll be fine."

With that they leave the house.

Jenna: (since when did he start doing things like giving me a hand?"
Isaac: "Jenna?"
Jenna: "Hmm?"
Isaac: "Umm..where...exactly are we going again?"
Jenna: "Dummy...were going to go to the Silix cave remember?"

Isaac: "Oh yeah. To go training. Right!"
Jenna: "(sigh) Dummy."

they then walk along the dirt road past several houses and greeting the other villagers as they pass by.

Man 1: "Those two seem awfully close these days."
Woman 1: "Yes. It would be nice if they got married wouldn't it?"
Woman 2: "I agree."

Just then Garet comes around a corner in time to bump into Isaac.

Garet & Isaac: "AHH!"

(Crash! too late.)

Garet: "Ah...Dammit. Isaac what the hell are you doing? Why don't you say something when I'm running around that corner!"
Isaac: "Hey don't look at me. I'm not the one who magically runs around a corner and bumps into somebody."
Jenna: "Ha ha ha. You should be more careful Garet. Isaac hasn't been getting enough sleep lately."
Garet: "Oh..h..hey Jenna. Didn't...see you there."
Isaac and Jenna look at each other and then at Garet.

Jenna: "I'm always here. How could you not see me here?"
Isaac: "Always here? You me."
Jenna: "No dummy! I meant...argh...Isaac!"

She then hits him on the head several times.

Isaac: "Ha ha. Hey I'm only kidding. Don't get so mad."
Jenna: "Hmph. Dummy."
Isaac: "(sigh) Ok. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. How does that sound?
Jenna: "Oh? In that case"

Unable to stand the situation, Garet then changes the subject.

Garet: "Hey, um..Isaac?"
Isaac: "hmm?"
Garet: "Where are you two headed?"
Isaac: ""
Jenna: "(whisper Isaac! It's a secret)
Isaac: "(whisper) Oh...ok. then. Uh it's a secret.

Garet then gets suspicious and says,

Garet" You two aren't dating secretly are you?!"
Jenna: "wh..what!? No. Were not dating secretly. We were just going to go and walk somewhere that's all."
Isaac: "We are?"

She hits Isaac in the head again.

Isaac: "Ow. Well...anyways...we should get going."
Jenna: "Right. See you around Garet."

She then smiles and waves goodbye along with Isaac and too shy to look at Jenna, Garet then turns around and waves goodbye with his back to them.

Jenna: "He sure is acting weird."
Isaac: "Well...I can understand why."
Jenna: "really? How?"
Isaac: "It's...a guy thing...heh."
Jenna: "Hmph! Fine I don't want to hear it anyways."
Isaac: "(well I wasn't really going to tell her anyways)"

They then approach the cave entrance. The cave can be seen from the village to but it's not to the point where monsters can do a suprise attack on them.

Isaac: "so? Ready to go?"
Jenna: "Y..yeah."
Isaac: "??? You're not scared are you?"
Jenna: "W..well. Your mother did say something about a lost soul in here."
Isaac: "Heh...don't worry. I'm here remember. If anything goes wrong, just tell me ok? I wouldn't let you do anything dangerous even if you wanted to."

Probably taken in by his words or reassured by his words she then accepts it.

Jenna: "Ok then. I'm ready"
Isaac: "Alright. It's time"

To be continued
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