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Heart of Glass

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Scene:Shinogu's apartment. Hatsumi and Shinogu(sister and brother) just got off work, it's 2:00 am. So Hatsumi spent the night...Could things go wrong? Let's see!

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+:K-Chank+ (Shinogu unlocks the door to his apartment)
XHatsumiX:I'm really nervous, i mean, i know i did this before with Azusa and Shinogu,but, this is ONLY with Shinogu,this time, i don't-
+Gasp+ can take a bath now...i got it ready for you so...
*Hatsumi:Oh! uh...thanks Shinogu...
(Hatsumi closed the door behind her, got undressed,and stepped into the bathtub)

XHatsumiX:I wonder what Ryoki is doing right now...Ryoki..
*Ryoki:Where the HELL is Hatsumi!?! She was suppose to meet me hours ago!!!
*Mariko:Master Ryoki? It's getting late, you should come in
XRyokiX:that's it..i'm going to find her right now!!
(Back at Shinogu's apartment..)
XHatsumiX:(face underwater)I'm so tired, work was a drag...ugh..i need more sleep,but i also need the i just need to stay strong...
+EEE!+(Hatsumi turned the nob off)
+Creek!+(Hatsumi opened the bathroom door,in her bathrobe. She heard Shinogu yelling at some one)
*Shinogu:Why should i let Hatsumi go with someone who ALWAYS makes her upset??!!
(That someone was Ryoki)
*Ryoki: Because she's my girlfriend and you shouldn't be around her like this!, i know you secret Shinogu!
+Gasp+ (Shinogu was shocked by Ryoki's words)
*Ryoki:Let me see her NOW! or i'll tell her your secret!!
(Hatsumi, still in her bathrobe, was around the corner,listening to Ryoki and Shinogu's fighting,suddenly,Ryoki spotted Hatsumi around the corner)
*Ryoki:Hatsumi! Come'ere, your coming with me!
(Ryoki grabbed Hatsumi's wrist and dragged her to the car)
+SLAM!,Click+ (Ryoki through Hatsumi into the car and slammed the door shut.)
XHatsuimX:What did i do now? It was late that's why i was with Shinogu, why is Ryoki-
*Ryoki:Why were you at Shinogu's?(Ryoki was annoyed)
*Hatsumi:What're you talking about?
*Ryoki:Don't try to act dumb..even if you already are...Why were you with Shinogu and not me?!I told you to meet me as soon as you got off work..and you didn't..why?
*Hatsumi:Well,urm,it was late when work ended,2am actually,and Shinogu offered me a ride and i ended up staying the night.
*Ryoki:You know how i feel about your brother!Why do you go against my orders Hatsumi?!
XHatsumiX:Why is Ryoki acting like this? I didn't do anything for him to be yelling at me!
(Hatsumi started to cry)
*Hatsumi:I'm sorry Ryoki,i really am, it's just the i was tired from work and Shinogu just took me to his apartment because i fell asleep in the car.I'm...just..really...sorry for not doing what you told me...(Hatsumi put her arms around Ryoki, and Ryoki put his arms around Hatsumi to comfort her)
*Ryoki:ok, i forgive you lets just wait until we get to my place...
(Ryoki stared out the window, looking at the streetlights and the road,then realizing that Hatsumi has fallen asleep in his arms, her honey brown hair sprawled across his chest,eyes closed slightly,her mouth opened barely,and breathing lightly on his shirt.Ryoki glancing at her cute,innocent face..he lifted up her chin, and kissed her. For a moment Ryoki had no reaction, but then Hatsumi,opened her eyes slowly,as Ryoki was kissing her,and and she kissed back. Ryoki opened his eyes fast, and noticed that she was kissing him back and he started to kiss her..hard,they stopped,looked at each other and kissed again,then, the car stopped.
*Driver:We're here sir.
*Ryoki:oh, thanks, come on Hatsumi
(Ryoki was walking aside Hatsumi and saw her shivering,so he picked her up and carried her)
*Hatsumi:Wha'? Hey, Ryoki!? What are you doing?
*Ryoki:Carrying you, what's it look like i'm doing?
*Hatsumi:Well, i can walk-
*Ryoki:Nope. i'm carrying you i don't want your feet to get dirty..
XHatsumiX:Wow, I've never seen this side of Ryoki before...i kinda like it..
(Soon they were in Ryoki's apartment,standing in his living room,Hatsumi turned around)
(He cut her off with another kiss backing her up against the wall,Hatsumi was to weak to push Ryoki away,she slid down to the floor,knees weakend...Ryoki holding her wrists, his eyes shut tight,they stopped,she looked at him and he looked at her,Ryoki helped her up and lead Hatsumi to the bedroom.)
*Hatsumi:Ryoki i-
(He put his index finger on her lips and kissed her lightly)
*Ryoki:Just go into my room, i'll be right there..use the shower if you need to,and there are extra shirts and boxers in the bathroom.
(He started to walk away)
(He turned around)
*Hatsumi:I'm glad i'm here with you...
(Ryoki was shocked by what Hatsumi said,She turned and started walking away,Ryoki,still staring at her as she walked away,ran to her and put his arms around her shoulders)
(She put her hands on his arms, he began to whisper in her ear)
*Ryoki:Hatsumi, i never want to be apart,stay with me forever,i want to spend the rest of my life with you...
(Hatsumi was so touched,she started crying...tears of joy..)
*Hatsumi:Ryoki,me too,i want to spend the rest of my life with you,i never want to be apart from you....
(Ryoki and Hatsumi layed down on the bed,Hatsumi still in Ryoki's arms,Ryoki started to kiss her neck, Hatsumi giggle a little)
*Hatsumi:i love you Ryoki...
*Ryoki:i love you way too much to let you go..Hatsumi
XHatsumiX:i want to stay like this forever...
(The next morning...)
(Ryoki opened his eyes,and checked the clock..{10:00am}and then kissed Hatsumi on the forehead,then Hatsumi opened her eyes to the half-awake Ryoki)
*Hatsumi:Good morning...
(Hatsumi cuddled her head under Ryoki's chin.Breathing slightly on his{shirt-less}chest,Ryoki kissed the top of her head a few times)
*Ryoki:What do ya say we spend the day together?
(Hatsumi looked up at Ryoki for a moment,then put her head under his chin again, he stared at her head waiting for an answer)
*Hatsumi:That sounds perfect, i would spent any day with you...
(Ryoki put one of his arms around Hatsumi and she kissed kissed his fingers,as he played with her hair...)
XHatsumiX:(little giggle) i like it when Ryoki plays with my hair, it makes me feel comfortable around him...
(Back at Shinogu's place)
*Shinogu:Ryoki better not have hurt Hatsumi!!!
*Azusa:Don't worry about her, i talked to Hatsumi the other day and she said that she's happy with him..ok?
*Shinogu:She better be happy with him.Because if he trys anything funny...i will personally kill him with my bare hands!
*Azusa:Yea, but then Hatsumi would hurt you!Hahaha!!And you know it! Don't be so overprotective of her...she's a big girl,she knows what shes doi'n...
*Shinogu:I hope your right Azusa.She tells me to take care of myself,but whose going to take care of her?
*Azusa:You wanna know who? Here..i'll spell it out for you:R-Y-O-K-I!! that's who! Sheesh, you still haven't told her about how you feel huh?
*Shinogu:If i tell her,it would just make her life more miserable...and things wouldn't feel i told you before, i'm happy just to be able to see Hatsumi everyday...that's all i need....

(And...what Hatsumi didn't know...was that Shinogu was suffering.....from a "Heart of Glass"....)
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