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Thunderbolt was the only way to describe what Beta was witnessing between the girl who had fled New York and the man who had been through entirely too much pain. Trigger Warnings: Past/Implied abu...

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Authors Note: Hey guys, sorry if this chapter doesn’t flow all that great it’s been a while since I’ve written any sort of fanfiction! The future chapters will be better, I promise! Please leave a review and tell me what you think?

The cast in my mind is as follows for the Scott Family:
1. Martin Scott- Dermot Mulroney
2. Leah Scott- Kelly Rutherford
3. Thomas Scott- Cillian Murphy
4. Camille Scott- Holland Roden
5. Stella Scott- Katherine McNamara

Chapter One: Thunderbolt
Stella Scott and her siblings had lived a privileged and luxurious life thanks to the efforts of their father, Martin. While not much was asked about what the man did for work while at the dinner table, Stella had always assumed her father was a high up in one of the many major companies that called New York City its headquarters. Growing up on the Upper East Side, the Scott children enjoyed various social events, receiving education at one of the top private schools in the United States, and various luxury vacations. Everyone adored the Scott family, envied them even. They were the perfect family in every sense of the word.
Martin was a handsome man in the brutish sense, his dark hair often kept cut short, clean shaven, but his broad shoulders and scowl caused him to look far more intimidating than Stella ever felt he was especially with how gentle and quiet he was towards his wife, Leah. Leah was your typical social climber trophy wife with beautiful blonde hair and delicate features that held a certain sternness about them and a voice that carried through the room as proper yet authoritative.
Their three children were exactly what any parent would hope their child to be. Thomas, the eldest and only boy aged twenty-five, was absolutely stunning with dark hair, blue eyes that could pierce right through the heart of any girl or boy he chose, his jawline was sharp causing a great contrast to his nearly feminine features. Much to his father’s disapproval, Thomas found happiness in painting and in the company of other men. He was enrolled at Columbia due to his father’s insistence and despite his dismay.
Camille Scott was the former It Girl of Westwood High, the private school Stella currently attended. Camille was twenty and was small with delicate features like her mother and a soft voice that rarely had to be raised as this was seen as completely improper according to her mother. Camille was engaged to a man of her father’s choice, not that she minded, and was due to be married in the spring before Stella’s graduation from Westwood.
And finally, there was Stella, the youngest at only seventeen. Her features were delicate like her siblings’ and her mother’s; unlike her sister, Stella tried to prevent drawing attention to herself in school, remaining perfectly invisible and out of the way. She enjoyed spending time alone as it gave her plenty of time to write her poetry and short stories that allowed her to escape the world she lived in. While she enjoyed the gifts her father gave her and the vacations he paid for, she wished she could bond with her father on something more than a material level.
While the Scott children had grown up with both parents, there was a certain lack of familiarity and too much formality between the children and their parents. The children had all been raised by nannies and housekeepers and had never found themselves to have anything in common with their parents. But nonetheless, all was well within the family as far as their day to day lives went. Or at least all was well until Stella received a phone call during lunch at school.
“Stella, whatever you do, do not come home! Do you understand me? I’m sending a driver now, tell him to take you to the airport.” It was her mother, she was frantic. Stella’s stomach dropped at the urgency in her mother’s tear laced voice.
“Mother? What’s happened?” Stella asked unable to get the final word out before her mother hung up the phone.
“Stella Scott, report to the office.” The school’s intercom announced.
And off Stella went to the driver waiting for her in the office to walk her to the car. Not knowing what lay ahead of her nor where the flight ahead of her would land. It was only after she was off the plane that her mother had informed her of the true nature of her father’s business…The don of the mafia.
Axl sighed softly, exhaling the smoke from his cigarette, as he sat in the windowsill of his mansion as he watched the sun sparkle on the water in distance. He couldn’t help but scoff at the way the outside world looked so happy and bright when his own world had become so dark and depressing. Life for Axl Rose was not all he had hoped it would be, it was far lonelier than he could have ever imagined it would be. His large home, once full of laughter and happiness, was now just a horrible reminder of what could have been. He could have had a wife, a family, a happy life but his selfish need for the approval of the world had ripped that dream away from him.
“Mr. Rose, I just received a call from a former employer of mine and I need to ask a favor of you.” Beta said as she bit her lip, not normally one to ask favors from the man.
“Anything for you, Beta.” Axl smiled at the woman who had come to be his confidant during the years when things had gotten dark and seemed hopeless.
“I need a place for a girl to stay, somewhere safe. Her father has gotten mixed up into some awful trouble and she is in danger. I was wondering if you might be willing to open your home to her.” Beta questioned, a hopeful look filling her eyes.
“I need more information about this girl before I just open my home up to her, especially if her father is mixed up in some sort of trouble.” Axl stated, a hand running through his long hair.
“Her name is Stella Scott. She’s a girl from New York, very quiet. She attends a private school there and is seventeen, her birthday is in a week. I promise you, she is in no way a threat to you.” Beta assured, a gentle smile coming to her features when Axl offered a nod.
“She may stay here. When does she arrive?” Axl questioned as he moved from his seat and put out his cigarette.
“She will arrive in an hour, I was going to have her stay with me…But then I decided your home would probably be much more secure for her.” Beta explained.
“See to it that she is picked up in one of my driver’s cars? Very dark windows and very discreet…I can’t have people talking, not now.” Axl instructed before moving to his piano where his sheet music was laid out and watched as Beta took her cue to leave him to his sulking.
‘I’m getting to old for this.’ Axl thought as he stared at the sheet music, his thoughts on this girl coming to stay with him. Long gone were the days of his striking good looks and charismatic nature, how was he supposed to make this girl feel welcome when he could hardly engage in a conversation with those he’d known for years? He couldn’t have her thinking he was some old man who had agreed to let her stay only in hopes of bedding her because that wasn’t his intention in the slightest and he didn’t want this awful lie to develop and find its way to the internet and media sites. Because, if he was honest with himself, he wasn’t sure that he could even tolerate the presence of another human being in his home when he’d fought so long to keep everyone away from him. Tearing himself away from his delusional, worried thought process he tried to focus on his sheet music.
The hour passed quickly and soon there was a knock on his bedroom door.
“It’s open.” He called as he played his piano, eyes closed as he tried to listen for the bit of the song he couldn’t seem to perfect.
“Mr. Rose, I would like you to meet Stella Scott.” Beta said as she and the girl entered the room causing Axl to stop his composing.
Axl stood from his piano and turned, stopping in his tracks when he saw the brilliant red-haired girl who was staring at him with wide green eyes that held a certain fear to them that pulled the strings in Axl’s heart, causing his chest to ache.
“Call me Axl, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Axl said once he could find his voice again, shifting awkwardly at the piercing stare of his new house guest. “I’d like you to make yourself at home, just…Stay out of the room in the basement, that’s my studio.”
“Yes sir.” Stella said softly as Beta left the room to ensure that Stella’s things were being placed into the proper room. “I-I should go.” Stella said, but unable to take her eyes of the mysterious man before her.
“Would you like me to show you the home? It’s actually very easy to get lost…Believe me, I did when I first moved in.” Axl admitted, earning a small and musical laugh from the quiet girl.
“I’d like that. I’d rather not get lost.” Stella smiled as she tucked a strand of her red hair behind her ear, stepping aside for Axl to take the lead.
“So, this is my room…Obviously.” Axl said, instantly feeling like a total idiot and mentally slapping himself as he led the girl out of his room and into the hall.
“The end of the hall is a library with a nice view, if you’re into that...Um, these two rooms are bedrooms.” He said as he pointed to the rooms. “Each bedroom has its own bathroom, so you’ll have plenty of room for your things and plenty of privacy.” He said before leading her down the hall and down the grand staircase and through the living area, kitchen, and various dens.
“Outside is a tennis court, a pool, basketball hoop, and a gym is located in the pool house.” Axl said as he concluded his tour, walking her up to her room.
“This is your room.” He said as he led her into the large ocean view room with large windows that gave no obstruction to the beautiful view of the water.
“Thank you, Axl.” Stella said softly unable to tear her eyes away from the man still.
Beta watched the pair from the bathroom as she put the girl’s things away. She had seen plenty of people absolutely awestruck over Axl, but not once had she seen the look Axl had on his features and in his eyes. Beta decided she needed to intervene before Axl got hurt.
“Stella, would you like to join me in the kitchen for a snack? I’m sure you’re hungry.” Beta said as she walked from the bathroom causing the two to rip their gazes from one another and to look at Beta.
“I-I would love to.” Stella smiled and glanced to Axl again.
“Meet me down in the kitchen, dear. I’ll be right down.” Beta said and watched for Stella to leave and begin her descent down the stairs before turning to Axl. “Be careful, she’s too young.” Was all she said before turning around to follow the girl.
Axl’s brows furrowed at Beta’s words, what did she mean? He’d only tried to be polite and make the girl feel welcome in his home. How dare she insinuate that any sort of inappropriate thought was entering his mind. With a huff, he moved back into his room to work on the song he was composing. It was within the first moments of studying the sheet music that he found what he was missing from his song.
Downstairs, Stella couldn’t help but smile as the sound of Axl’s piano filled the house. She had always loved the piano and fondly thought of when her mother paid for private lessons from one of the most elite professors at Julliard.
“He’s a wonderful musician.” Stella said, breaking the silence as she picked of the crust of her sandwich and looked up to Beta who smiled in return and nodded. “I remember listening to Guns N’ Roses with my older brother, Thomas…My father hated their music, but I could never get enough of it. My favorite songs were always those in which Axl played the piano, it added an extra softness to their slower love songs.” Stella decided and bit her lip when she heard an obvious mistake being made in the composition followed by an abrupt stop.
“He’s been having a lot of trouble with this newest song. But he’ll get it right, he always does.” Beta said as she threw away what was left of their food. “Now, I need to ask you to do something for me.”
“Anything.” Stella said, Beta had done so much for her the least she could do was return the favor.
“Keep your distance from Axl...You’re a very beautiful girl and the last thing he needs right now is to be distracted from his work no matter what your intentions may be. You are still underage and Axl does not need his employees talking to the press and spreading rumors about the two of you.” Beta stated, earning a nod from the young girl.
“I understand…But please know that while I’m a fan of his music, I in no way wish to be a groupie to him.” Stella made a face at the thought. “It goes against everything I believe in.”
Beta smiled and placed her hand on Stella’s, patting it gently. “I’m glad to hear that.”
“If you don’t mind, I’d like to go to my room and rest….I need some time to process all that has happened today.” Stella could feel a panic attack rising in her chest as the entire situation began to set in and become a reality.
“Of course.” Beta said and frowned as she watched Stella run up the stairs, closing the door to her room so it echoed through the large home.
Beta knew it would take some time, but she knew it would all work itself out. She just hoped Axl wouldn’t get hurt in the process of it all.
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