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Substance Addiction Grows Gradually And Usually Begins With Misuse

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Hi there and welcome. ´╗┐Addiction forms over time and usually b

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´╗┐Addiction forms over time and usually begins with misuse, moves toward abuse and resulting in addiction.

• Misuse
To alleviate physical or emotional distress, someone could experiment with drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, one may make use of drugs or alcohol in a social setting, and decide to try them again just to have fun. Relieved of feelings of discomfort, the person will continue to use drugs or alcohol again, and again, and so on.
• Abuse
Before long the individual boosts use to sustain the yearned for effects of bliss and escape from reality. The original problems remain unattended and/or unresolved. Problems will be created because of the use if the individual did not have problems at the onset of usage. Continuous efforts to meet the physical body's cravings for the substance or alcohol develop into the individual's new reality.
• Addiction

Tremendous time and effort is wasted acquiring the alcohol or substances. When the addict or alcoholic is totally entrenched in the cycle of addiction, the health, economic, social and emotional consequences appear. The addict could simply feel that they have been unlucky, or blame the consequences on others as opposed to their addiction.
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