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A Wastlander's Code

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Two Wastlanders stuck in Haven city must learn to keep away from the wrong people.

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    "The corpse reeks of death. Thoughts and dreadnought nightmares are active in the brain. Faint rising and falling of the chest, yet heart beat is steady and working just fine. Trying to play dead are we? Very typical of subjects in your sort of state." There was a brief pause of the chastising voice and a few light taps of a pen against a clipboard before the footsteps echoed around against the steel platform. "Gashes on the forehead are beginning to turn black around the jagged edges. No longer a local infection, interesting. Caked blood over the eye lids, so that's why you won't look at your superiors." The talking stopped for a moment, following with the scribbling of a pen on a piece of paper. A small hum escape the lips of the officer circling the half dead subject displayed in front of him.  

A cruel smirk crept up on his face as he paused at the head of the subject, tapping her scarred up forehead. "It's a shame you aren't responding to your treatments. The Baron isn't very pleased with you." He drew away from her and continued his walk around the examination table, humming.

After logging his report in, he stood behind the terminal where the scientist often messed with to control the amount of experimental drugs pumped into her veins. Resting his hand on his chin and twisted a nob that made a soft squeal noise as the machine the prisoner was hooked up to released steam and pressure. Another nob was twisted; containers posted at four different sections filled with luminescent liquid steadily, the port still closed to release it into the tubes plunged through her pale skin. 

Well, the Baron wouldn't mind if he tortured her a little bit. After all he was the one that said she was useless to him after many trials and errors. The smirk never left his face, instead it turned into a savage and unforgiving grin as he reached down and firmly pressed the teal colored button linked to the experimental drug the scientists labeled as E3-18673. There was a soft whining groan of the valve releasing the liquid as it tumbled down through the vein and breached the intertwining blood vessels. The areas of the skin touching the tube it's self thus begun to turn a rather purplish color and the officer swore that he saw bits of frost form around the strange colored wounds. 

"How very interesting," he mused, leaning back a little on his left leg. As expected, she didn't respond at first. For quite a few minutes. Flicking his gaze down, the officer grabbed his clipboard and flipped through the notes he wrote down. He swore he saw the heart monitor read that she was still alive. Doubting himself in that way, a gurgled shriek slipped out from the lips of the prisoner. Eyes wide and flicking about like a prey trying to escape the claws of a predator; muscles tensed up so much that they would have ripped through the thin layer of skin that covered them; Lips cracked and bleeding as well as stained teeth revealed with the gurgling of her scream.

There's the response he was looking for, a snicker escape his throat and he twisted the nobs back to their original positions, and pressed the button once more. The machine hissed and sighed as the valve was once more closed and the trailing liquid finished it's course into her vein. Retrieving his clipboard, the officer once more circled around her trembling and twitching body. Her head and back slumped back against the cold steel and desperate breaths were being drawn in. 

"Seems these drugs are torturous to you," he inquired lightly, moving to her left side. He leaned forward, his breath hot on her chin as she opened her eyes slightly to glare at him. "Now now. There's no need to be so hostile. I'm doing you a favor you little brat. You should be grateful to me really." He drew away and crossed his arms.

"Commander Erol," a lower voice full of unspoken disappointment sounded off through the empty room. "That is enough." Heavy set steps rang out against the metal of the platform that the Commander was, the officer quickly backing off. "We may still need this one alive. She seems to have promise."

"Of course, Baron," Erol replied in a smooth tone, smirking a little. "My report on her current state is logged into the system."

"Good," The Baron rumbled. "Perhaps we will have better results with this one than that Dark Eco freak. Put a mask over her and set the gas to fifteen minutes to get her fully unconscious."

The commander bowed his head. "Yes Baron Praxus." He moved to the machine he mentioned and grabbed a hold of the mask and strapped to her mouth and nose. Flipping the switch on, he cranked the timer to 15 minutes. 

As she begun to choke on the gas, he snickered. "Have a nice nap." 
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