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Frank's Arrival to LA

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Frank arrives in LA and Saige is happy. They reunite and spend some much needed time together before they need to head to New Jersey.

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Chapter 2

Saige’s POV

Frank called me late last night to let me know he made his connections and what time he would be arriving at LAX. It was so nice to hear his voice and to know he would be home before I know. I had to keep my nerves at bay since I had to drive to the airport and so I put on a mixed playlist on my Spotify and drove to the airport.

I pulled into the arrivals area at the airport and got out of the car and within 10 minutes I saw Frank’s face and I ran over to him. “Welcome home baby.” He dropped his bags and wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him.

“It’s so nice to be back.” I looked into his eyes and I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Frank wiped my tears away and connected our lips in a simple, loving kiss. I could not wait to get home and touch my boyfriend all over.

“I missed you so much. Let’s go home.” I smiled and helped him load the bags into the car. Once we both in the car we snuck in a few more kisses and damn I missed those lips. We caught up as I drove back to Huntington Beach.

I pulled into the driveway and parked I got out of the car and Frank followed suit.

He pulled me into another hug and kissed me a little more heated this time.

“Fuck, Frank let’s get inside. We can get your stuff later.”

“Sounds good, baby.” He smirked and grabbed my hand and I gave him the keys. He opened the door and I was right behind him. He threw keys in the bowl I had for the keys by the entrance.

He pressed me against the wall and I kissed him hard on the lips and I pulled him closer to me. “Missed you so fucking much.”

“You have no idea how much I missed touching you, baby.” He ran his hands along my waist and up towards to my chest and I let out a soft moan and I felt like my body was on fire. It never took much for Frank to turn me on when he arrived back from touring.

“Bedroom. Now.” I kissed him one more time and we walked towards our room and our clothes came off along the way. By the time we got up the stairs Frank had no shirt on and his jeans were already hanging low on his hips. I just had on my shorts by the time we made it to our room.

He quickly stripped his pants and boxers off and I did the same with the rest of my clothes. I laid back on the bed and looked at my boyfriend with lust filled eyes. “I need you so bad Frank.” I could feel that my core was so wet.

“God, you look so hot right now, Saige,” He smirked at me and joined me on the bed. He connected our lips again and my heads ran through his now short dark locks. My hands explored his heavily tattooed body and I moaned into the kiss. I felt Frank’s hand exploring my body as well and he ran his hand lower to my heated core.

I moaned as I felt his fingers run along my delicate folds and he looked up at me. “So fucking wet for me.” He ran his finger up until he reached my clit and I moaned. I knew it would take long to have my first orgasm. He started moving his kisses along my neck, down my chest. He ran his tongue along my nipples and I moaned again, and I watched as he kissed lower.

He entered two fingers inside me and quickly found my g-spot and then leaned down and worked his tongue over my clit.

My hands went back to his hair and I moaned loudly as Frank went down on me. “Frank fuck so good. I’m close…” I moaned loudly as I felt the pleasure building up and before I knew it my climax hit me and I arched off the bed as waves of pleasure went all the through my body.

Frank licked up my juices and looked up at me. “Fuck, I definitely missed doing that.” He licked his fingers and I moaned at that because damn anything my boyfriend does in bed is sexy. He looked especially sexy when he looked at me with lustful eyes that also showed his love for me.

“I need you inside me so bad, baby.” I ran my hands down his back as moved his body up and spread my legs further apart and entered his cock in my wet entrance. I moaned and I quickly adjust to his thick cock and he started to thrust hard and fast inside me. Right now we just needed to get out lust for each other out of the way. I knew later we would take things slower, but right now I just wanted him to fuck me into the mattress.

Hearing his moans drove me crazy and I loved hearing them so much. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I didn’t hold back with my own moans as they filled the room along with the sound of our bodies moving together.

“Fuck me into the mattress, Frank!” I ran my hands down his back and squeezed his ass.
“Shit, Saige I’m not going to last much longer..” Frank looked down and I connected our lips in another heated kiss.

“Mm, cum for me baby.” I then reached between our bodies but Frank moved my hand away. He ran one finger over my clit as he continued moving and before I knew it we were both climaxing.

Frank thrusted a few more times as he rode out his orgasm and slowly pulled out before he collapsed beside me on the bed. We both stayed silent for a few minutes as we regained our normal breathing and came down from our sex high.

I ran my hand along his chest and looked over at Frank. “That was the best welcome home I could have ever asked for.”

I grinned. “My pleasure, sweetheart.” I connected our lips in a simple kiss and cuddled into Frank’s side. “Love you.”

“Love you too, Saige.” He kissed me again and all I could do was smile.

“I’m happy you’re back home with me,” I tried not to be selfish because I knew he wanted to see his girls too but for right now I had him all to myself.

“I’m glad to be home too, baby.” We laid in bed for awhile before getting a shower which led to another round of steamy sex which I could not complain about at all. I could not get my hands off my boyfriend and he wasn't complaining.

Once we were all showered I put on one of Frank t-shirts and a pair of shorts. I let my hair air dry since we were not going anywhere. I decided to attempt to make us some food while Frank laid down for a nap.

I made a simple meal and put the coffee machine on since I could drink coffee at any point in the day. I picked up this habit when I hung around MCR when I first started dating Frank and I realized how much I actually loved coffee.

As I finished up getting our coffees ready and food, I felt Frank’s arms around my waist and I leaned into his touch. “You are so good to me.” I grinned at that and turned around in Frank’s arms.

“Well, it’s the least I could do since you just got back from tour. Plus, this is as good as it’s going to get for food.” I giggled and Frank grinned because he knew my cooking ability completely sucked.

“Aww, baby give yourself a bit more credit.” He chuckled and kissed me softly on the lips. I ran my hands over his naked chest and waist.

I slowly pulled away from the kiss. “Zack, tried to show me some recipes but I failed miserably so you can go ahead and cook until your heart is content while you’re home.”

“I have no problem with that, darling,” We shared a few more kisses and took our coffee and food to the living room and flicked on the TV. For the rest of the day we relaxed and made up for lost time. Not only with our intimacy but also simple things everyday things. I enjoyed every minute of this time. Once we get back to Jersey and have the girls our couple time will be more limited.

I was going to miss California but going to New Jersey was important and I was used to going there. I know how much Frank wanted to see his girls and I couldn't wait to see them either.

It was hard at first to bond with them but over time they warmed up to me and everything seems to be going well. Frank’s custody of the girls was staggered but he worked things out with Jamia and I stayed out that since it was not my place. I was just happy that Jamia was nice to me and has never rude to me, at least not to my face anyways.

I doubled checked my bags to make sure I had everything but I knew if I forgot anything I would be able to get it in Jersey. As I finished packing Frank walked into our room and I smiled over at him.

“You good to go babe?”

“Yeah I think I have everything,” Frank walked closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to his body.

“I want to us to have a great time in Jersey. I’m happy we can finally spend more than just a couple weeks together this time around. I want to start focusing more on us and the girls from here on out. Touring can wait because I need some serious relaxation at this point, considering I’ve been touring since I was 19.” He grinned and I completely agreed.

“I’m happy you decided to make that decision, darling. It will be nice to have you around more,” I was going to bring up the possibility of us trying for a baby of our own but that can wait along with the discussion of marriage. I ran my hands along Frank’s cheeks and kissed him softly. He returned the kiss and slowly pulled away.

“I love you so fucking much, Saige and I don’t think I tell you that enough.”

“I love you too, Frank always. I am just lucky to have you in my life.” I smiled and seeing my boyfriend smile always made my stomach do flip flops especially when he tells me those three special words.

“The plane leaves in a couple hours so you want to call Zack and I’ll bring the bags downstairs.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” We pulled out of our embrace and I went to get my phone off the bed. I dialled Zack’s number.

“Hey Saige.”

“Hey Zack. Are you still able to drive Frank and I to the airport today?”

“Yeah, sure thing. I’ll be over in a few.”

“Thanks, we really appreciate it.”

“No problem, sis.”

We then hung up and did one last check in our room to make sure everything was unplugged and all the lights were off. I was happy that Zack’s wife offered to look after the house while we are in Jersey.

I headed downstairs and Frank was having a cigarette on the deck and I walked outside to join him. “Hey, babe. Zack will be in here in a few minutes to pick us up.” I walked closer to him and pecked his lips.

“Ok, sounds good.” We shared the last bit of his smoke and waited for Zack to arrive.

Zack arrived about 10 minutes later and we loaded our bags into his car. Frank sat up front with my brother and I didn’t mind sitting in the back. I was going to miss being so close to my family but I needed to be with Frank.

I watched the scenery of Huntington Beach disappear as we drove onto the freeway towards LA. I felt a few tears come to my eyes but I quickly wiped them away. I didn’t want Zack or Frank to notice me crying.

Once we arrived at the airport I got out of the backseat and Zack and Frank got our bags out of the car. I had to contain my emotions but I always got emotional when I leave my family but at least this time I’m not saying goodbye to Frank.

Zack pulled me into a hug and I kissed his cheek. “Have fun in Jersey and let me know when you guys arrive there ok?” I nodded and gave my brother a smile and pulled away from his hug.

“I will and I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Saige.” Frank and Zack also hugged and then we said our final goodbyes. We got a cart and put all our bags on it and I took one of Frank’s free tattooed hands in mine.

Frank looked over at me with a smile and I knew he was trying to keep the mood light knowing I was emotional. “You did good babe keeping it together back there. I’m really proud of you Saige, but I know how it is to leave your family behind.” He gave my hand a squeeze and we shared a small kiss.

“I’m trying my best to get better at this.” I smiled and we walked towards the check-in area before we had to wait to board the plane to New Jersey.

(Time skip to when they arrive in New Jersey)

Frank and I were exhausted by the time we arrived in Jersey and we went straight to our house. Frank insisted that the house was also mine but I didn’t want to protest so I started calling the house ours as well.

We slept for the reminder of the day and both of us were exhausted from the travelling.

The next morning, I worked on getting our stuff all unpacked. Simple domestic stuff always made me feel calm and happy. I felt like Frank’s wife even though we were not even engaged yet.

I loved the house in Jersey it was so open and spacious. It had four bedrooms which was nice when we had the girls over or when we had guests over. It would be big enough if we decide to have a baby together. Our room was on one side of the top floor and had a beautiful spacious ensuite bathroom with an amazing shower. Cherry and Lily still shared a room which was directly down the hall from our room.

I spent a good chunk of the day getting our stuff organized and I let Frank relax because I knew he was exhausted from touring and all the travelling in the last few days. I headed downstairs once I was done and Frank was hanging out in the living room flicking through the channels on the TV. I joined him on the couch and cuddled into his side and he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer.

“I got most of the unpacking done and the girls room is good to go.” I smiled and I hoped the girls would happy to see me as well when Jamia brings them over to the house.

“You’re the best.” Frank smiled at me and ran his hand along my waist.

“Aww, well I like doing anything for you and for your daughters.” I ran my hand along Franks chest and connected our lips in a soft kiss. I know how much we both wanted more but I knew we wouldn’t have time before the girls would arrive.

“Jamia, is bringing the girls over at five.”

“Sounds good. Should we just order in for supper tonight? I’ll go to the grocery store first thing in the morning.”

“Sure thing, babe. You know what I like and the girls aren’t picky so just order the same thing for them.”

“Ok.” I kissed his lips again and grinned before getting off the couch. He playfully smacked my ass and I looked back over to him. I loved when he got playful with me and we always had so much fun when we are together. “Watch it mister.”

“I’ll show you more later, baby.” Seeing Frank smirk was incredibly sexy and when he talked about sexual things it never took much to get me going. I must admit my sex life with Frank was nothing like my past relationships, and I valued how well he knew everything about me and what I liked and didn't like, especially in regards to sex.

I grinned at Frank words and walked into the kitchen where the take-out menus were located. I ordered from the amazing Vegan restaurant that was not too far from the house. I then rejoined Frank on the couch as we waited for the girls to arrive.

The front door bell brought us out of our relaxing moment together. Frank stood up and I stayed on the couch. I smiled when I heard the Cherry and Lily getting excited about seeing their dad. I wanted to give them a few minutes of space and let Frank talk to Jamia.

When we first got together I got jealous sometimes when they talked and were in the same room, but I got over it when Frank and I got more serious.

The sound of feet running on the floor drew me out of my thoughts and I smiled as Cherry and Lily came running towards me. They were so much like Frank it was adorable to watch them grow up in the last 3 years that I have been with him.

“Saige!” Both Lily and Cherry cheer as they jumped around in front of me. I looked over at Frank who had a smile on his face.

I got off the couch and kneeled in front of the girls and hugged them. “I missed both of you so much. How are my two favorite girls?” They both smiled at me hugged me back which made me feel pretty damn happy.

I wasn’t sure they would be this excited to see me but I think they are becoming more accepting of me and my relationship with Frank.

“We missed you, too,” Cherry spoke for both her and sister and it was cute how they communicated with each other.

“Aww, your daddy and I missed you two a lot.” Frank joined us on the couch and the food arrived shortly after we got the girls all settled down. We watched a kid-friendly movie and the girls started to get sleepy.

“Let’s get these two to bed,” Frank was such a great dad and it always makes me happy. I love seeing how good he is with his kids and how much he does for them.

“It didn’t take them long to fall asleep,” I spoke quietly so I wouldn’t wake them up. Frank nodded and we each picked up one of the girls and carried them to their room.

I changed Cherry into her PJs and tucked her into bed while Frank took care of Lily. As I finished tucking Cherry in she gave me a big hug. That simple action melted my heart and it was hard not feel like a second mom to them. “Goodnight, sweetie.” I laid her back down and gave her a kiss on the head and she smiled up at me. These moments were priceless and I always savor every moment.

Once we got the girls all tucked in and ready for bed I took Frank’s hand and we walked out of the girls’ room and turned off the light and shut the door halfway. We then walked back downstairs and cuddled back on the couch.

We put on another movie but this time we picked a horror movie to watch. Frank fell asleep about halfway through the movie which was also a priceless moment. I took out my phone and snapped a couple pictures and Frank looks so adorable when he sleeps.

I was feeling good surprisingly and I didn't want to wake Frank just yet. I turned off the movie and the TV. I sent Zack a text to let him know things were going and that I would call him in a couple of days. I cleared away all of the mess from supper and I rejoined Frank in the living room.

He was awake when I got walked back into the room and I gave him a smile.

“How long was I out for?” He yawned and stretched his arms above his head.

“A couple of hours, babe. Let’s head upstairs.”

Frank gave me that smirk again and I knew exactly what he was in the mood for. I offered him my hand which he gladly took and we headed up to our room.

I flicked the bedroom light on and Frank closed the door behind us. He came up behind and rested his tattooed hands on my hips.

I moved my body close to Franks and his simple touch was making me feel good all over. Since he has been back in the states I feel like I can’t get enough of his touch.I mean could you blame me? But I have to contain myself since the girls are now around.

“You are so beautiful, babe,” I let out a soft moan when Frank started to kiss along the exposed skin on my neck.

“Mm, Frank,” I slowly turned myself around in my boyfriend’s arms and looked into his eyes, that is so damn beautiful. I connected our lips in a passionate kiss and ran my hands down his body until I reached the front of his pants. He was already sporting a semi-hard on and that turned me on even more. I slowly pulled away from the kiss once we both needed air. I smirked and palmed Frank’s erection through his pants.

“Fuck, Saige,” Hearing Frank moan was incredibly hot and I loved hearing him moan my name. He then moved us closer to the bed and he removed his tee-shirt showing me his sexy tattooed body. “Too many clothes baby.”

He helped me remove my shirt, bra, and leggings and I pulled down his sweatpants and his boxers. I also had tattoos and I had an idea of what my next one might be. I didn't have as many tattoos as my bother or Frank but I knew I wanted more.

“Get over here.” I laid back on the bed and Frank quickly joined me. We had to stay quiet so we don’t wake up the girls and I tried to not worry about it, but it was always an adjustment thing for me.

I lightly pushed Frank on his back and he looked up at me. “You are so sexy when you take control.”

“You know it, baby.” I ran my hands along the tattoos that covered my boyfriend’s legs and started to place kisses on his hips and lower abdomen before reaching his fully hard cock. I ran my tongue around the sensitive head and licked the precum that leaking out. I took more into my mouth and then I knew he was trying to control his moans. I stopped sucking before he would cum too soon.

“Fuck, you are so good at that.” I grinned.

“It’s my pleasure baby.” I didn’t care about foreplay for myself and I quickly positioned myself over Frank’s cock. I let out a few small moans as I took more of Frank’s length inside me and I started to get a rhythm going. I was onto for only a short time and Frank gave me the look that I knew meant he wanted to switch positions.

He flipped us over so we could have harder and rougher sex. I liked when we had rough sex. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands gripped his hips. “Fuck you feel so good around my cock.” Frank leaned down connected our lips in a heated kiss and I squeezed his hips as he thrust hard and fast into me.

I silenced my moans into his shoulder as we got closer to our climaxes. I reached in between our bodies and rubbed my clit and I knew I wouldn’t last long at this pace. “Mm, so close Frank.” I rolled my head back as I felt the warmth build in my core. A couple more thrusts and I came around Frank’s length. I had to hold back my loud moans which are was so difficult at the moment.

“Fuck, Saige.” Frank thrust a couple more times and connected our lips as he came inside me. I ran my hands over his back which was covered with a thin layer of sweat.

“That was so good.” Frank grinned and pulled out of me and laid next to me.

“Yes, it was, baby. I’m surprised we didn’t wake the girls.” I chuckled and ran my hand over Franks' chest.

“That would suck being caught in the act.” I giggled at that and we shared a few more lazy kisses.

“Let’s grab a quick shower and get some sleep.” I slowly got off the bed after Frank and playfully slapped his ass and I let out a small laugh.

He looked over at me with a smirk and we quickly got clean in the shower before we got caught up in the moment again.

I put on a tank top and shorts and it did not take long to fall asleep with Frank cuddled up behind me. Sleep did not take long for both of us once again.
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