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The Diva's Championship Picture

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AJ Lee may be on top, but there are challengers everywhere.

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AJ Lee held up the Divas Championship with tears streaming down her face. She was finally a champion, her dream. She skipped to the back and kissed her title, as she posed. She then walked back and went to her hotel alone. She was on top, but she had ruined every relationship in her life and was alone, and there were challengers everywhere.

Over the next week she stewed, people called it a fluke, telling her former best friend who she beat for the title she'd get it back soon. She then found out she'd need to find a partner to team up with against Kaitlyn and Layla. She didn't have many options, but found Natalya, a submission expert and second generation diva. She didn't get many opportunities, so she jumped on AJ's offer.

"Alright listen Nat," AJ says, a bit annoyed, "I know you're the veteran, but I'm the champion so here are a few rules, one, don't steal my spotlight," AJ Lee says, a bit crazy and possessive, "Two, you listen to me and my strategies," AJ says, "And three, if you fart anywhere near me, I will absolutely kill you." AJ says, as Natalya looks mad at this.

"I don't control it." Nattie wines, referencing her condition.

"Well you better, because I'm not working with a fat gas box." AJ says as she skips out.

The match comes about, with Natalya wearing her long pink pants and short sleeve shirt, and AJ wearing her love bites shirt and jean shorts. Layla wears her blue attire and Kaitlyn wears her camo gear.

AJ starts with her former friend Kaitlyn, and mockingly offers a handshake. She swats her hand away and ties up, easily overpowering AJ and shoving her into a corner. She then starts raining down fists to her face as Lee grabs the ropes.

"Hey, Not my Face!" AJ screams, covering her face. "Don't you dare mess up my perfect face." AJ says, as she hides in the ropes, forcing Kaitlyn away. She then quickly crawls and tags in Natalya.

The Queen of Hearts steps in and gets overpowered by Kaitlyn as well. She gets shoved down, and Kaitlyn tags in the bubbly Layla. The former Dancer spanks Natalya, and hits her with a booty bump, shoving her toned rear end into her face. Nattie holds her cheek as Layla dances, annoying AJ. Natalya then charges Layla but misses, and gets spanked again. Layla then hits a Thez Press and starts raining down blows. Natalya crawls to the ropes. Layla tries to Alley-Oop her, but she lands on her feet and slaps Layla. She then hits a Snap Suplex, and poses. She drags her to the corner and tags in AJ. The Unpredictable diva steps in and slaps Layla, before hitting a stiff kick to her spine. She then mocks Layla and hits a Booty Bump of her own, and poses.

"You think it's funny to try and mess up my face now?" AJ says, as she bends Layla's back over her knee. She then tags in Natalya, who steps in and hits a dropkick. She sits on Layla, but gets pushed off at two. She then grabs Layla by her shorts and drags her back, and locks in a Half Crab. Layla screams, and barely makes it to the ropes. Natalya then drags her and tags in AJ, who hits stomps to Layla's knees. She then covers for two. The Diva's Champ then picks up Layla by her hair.

"You think this is a fluke, I will be Champion forever." AJ brags, as Layla shockingly hits a roundhouse. She then tags in Kaitlyn as AJ tags Natalya. Kaitlyn hits a shoulder, and follows with a Press Slam. She then forearms AJ off the apron, and takes Nattie down with a scoop slam. She covers for two. She then wants Natalya up for a Spear, but AJ gets back up and gets caught with a tackle off the apron by Layla. Natalya then hits Kaitlyn with Nattie By Nature, and grabs her, and locks in a Sharpshooter.

Kaitlyn screams, and finally taps as Natalya picks up the win.

AJ enters with her belt and shoves Nattie aside and takes the spotlight for herself, posing. She shoves Natalya aside and poses again, as Natalya looks confused.

"What's wrong?" Natalya asks confused.

"No honey, I won, you're just the co-star, now out of my spotlight." AJ says, as she raises her belt. Natalya then slaps her, earning a gasp from AJ. "What did I say about hitting me in the face?" AJ says angrily.

Natalya then hits Nattie-By-Nature on AJ and sends her down into the corner. Natalya poses and starts to leave, before Kaitlyn stops her. She points at AJ down and points at Nattie's butt, as The Queen of Hearts smiles at the idea.

"Hey AJ honey," Natalya says, as she positions her fat ass above AJ's face, "I think I'm about to break rule three." Nattie says, as she feels her ass and rubs it, spanking herself. AJ comes to and sees Nattie's butt above her face.

"Natalya, don't you fucking dare do that on my perfect face." AJ says angrily. Natalya doesn't listen, and lowers her big booty onto AJ's face and starts grinding it in a funky Stinkface. She then lets out a horrid fart on her face, and laughs, as AJ squirms in humiliation under Natalya's buttox. After a minute, Natalya steps off and laughs as AJ rolls out screaming and holding her nose.

"You fucking bitch, how dare you try to mess up my face." AJ says, clutching her nose and coughing. "Hey, give me my title." AJ says, as The Queen of Hearts holds her title. She looks at her with hatred as Nattie uses it to wipe her butt before tossing it at her.
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