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Broken Heart

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Marty get hurt badly.

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Broken Heart
By: SeleneTheVampireDeathDealer

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but Jane, and her friends and other non-characters of BTTF, not Calvin he belongs to bttf4444.
Summary: Marty does a list of mistakes and everyone gets mad at him causing him to run away.

Hill Valley, Thursday 11:00pm

Jennifer and Marty have been dating, a year ago, to this day, it is their Anniversary, and Marty forgot it!
Jennifer was waiting at the restaurant for 2 hours since 9:00, when she knew Marty was not coming she blew the candles and left.
-Ring, Ring-
Marty was sleep but woke up: Hello?
Jen: Martin Seamus McFly, I can not believe you forgot our anniversary.
Marty: That was today; oh, I am sorry Jen I forgot?
Jen: Sorry, I had it with you Good-Bye I am not your Girlfriend!
She hanged up and was angry.
Marty: Stupid, how could I forget.
Marty wondered what was wrong now.
Lorraine: I can not believe you got a tardy slip again; I'm banning you from practicing in the band.
Marty: What mom, no wait I can make it up.
Lorraine: No, I am sorry but my word is finale now go to your room, NOW!
Marty: Stomped into his room, and cried.
Marty rushed in the living room.
Calvin: I can not believe you forgot to tape dad's show, now he is pissed and said you are grounded you 2 weeks.
Marty: What! Wait, please can't I get another chance?
Calvin shook his head: No, sorry he said that was final also Linda said to pay her, and Dave is still pissed you burnt his favorite shirt.
Marty, went to his room angry and upset.
Marty: What else can go wrong!

Hill Valley High, Friday 9:00 am
Marty was late for school again.
Mr. Strickland: Well, Mr. McFly I see your late again, if your mother didn't make it clear for you than I will.
Marty, gulped hard awaiting for his punishment.
Mr. S: Well, now I know you have a band, well I am going to ban your from playing until you pull up you school life.
Mr. S: Argue with me Mr. McFly and I will have you suspended for as long as I want!
Marty stayed shocked and silent as Mr. Strickland walked to his office.

Lunch Friday, 12:00pm

The Band and Calvin was sitting with Marty who looked bummed.
JJ: What is wrong Marty, you look bummed.
Marty: Well, I'm sorry guys, but I can't play until I get my grades up.
The band was so pissed.
Rick: Marty, I been saying you need to improve, but no you had to ignore me.
JJ: Leave Marty we do not play with losers.
Marty: But...but I am sorry I'll improve my grades.
Spydo: No way, you been given too many second chances.
Marty: Calvin, what do u have to say to me?
Calvin: Get you life straight, you loser.
Marty was upset as the bell ringed he realized his girl, friends, parents, and twin maybe be more better if he was not here to screw them up.
Hill Valley Friday, 2:15 pm

Marty had just left school, with no one talking to him he felt so upset.
He went to Doc's house to help him with his experiment.
Doc: Ok Marty, I want you to hand me this chemical, be very careful.
Marty: Tried, but failed the glass slipped and shatter and spilled on the floor.
Doc got mad: DARN IT! Marty I told you to be careful can't you do anything right.
Marty had it he had people getting mad at him so he snapped.
Marty: No, I guess I can't and you know what I not going to screw anyone's life again...
Doc: I'm sorry Marty....
Marty: No, I had it!
Hill Valley, Friday 5:00 pm

The McFly's, Jennifer, the Browns, and the Pinheads have not seen Marty and wanted to apologized, but found this in his room.
Dear, anyone who cares
I Martin Seamus McFy am going somewhere I can't screw peoples lives and maybe start a new life I'm amost 18 and I can work so I'll get a job if anyone still care for my worthless life than I'll run away into the Northern Woods maybe I'll be still there.

-Martin Seamus McFly
Lorraine: My baby's gone...ah.
She fainted so did, Jennifer.
George: Doc; me, The Pinheads, Calvin will search the woods, and Clara you and the boys stay here and wait if he come here.
They nodded, and left quickly.
Northern Woods Friday, 10:25pm

Marty was walking to anywhere, but Hill Valley.
-Rustle, rustle-
Marty: Who's there, come out!
-Rustle, rustle-
Marty: Put his hands up in defense, he had taken Martial Arts since seven so he knew how to fight.
A tall figure stepped out of the trees and stood there.
Marty blinked as he saw the face, next was blackness and he welcomed it.

A/N: So, how is it thank you bttf444, for letting me use Calvin and thank you for these ideas, I hope you reviewers enjoy it, oh btw no flames if you flame then I flame simple. I just want you bttf4444 and other Back to the Future Fans to review it then other people to review it if you seen the movie and liked my story of my version of after the movies. Maybe we'll bump into each other in the future, or maybe in the past!
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