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Amino tmntf2012 team~
January 22,2018
Hello fans or new arrivals,
First off some honorable mentions!
Two others leaders! For making this possible! Jess and lucy!
Faith the sneek and liz! Thank you for being so active!
Working on clubs and public chats being more active!
I will some community members head members but i will stay art club leader.
There will be an rp plot once a week!
More members?
We need at least 15 active members to have our amino advertised like tmnt 2012!
(challenge whoever can be the most active within 48 hours i will think about opening up a curator position. )

Current tmnt community news!
Your origin stories are due this week! Thank you all who entered!
Next contest will be posted next month! :)
Ones who entered the january challenge the winners will be announced on the 25th! Also there will be honorable mentions if there are more than three that entered so no one gets left out who worked super hard!

New ideas
A new art collab to make character raffles will be done this february for valentines day. So comment down below if your willing.
I’m thinking of introducing a community fanfic introducing everyone's character in a big fanfic. It will be posted on the amino so don’t be scared of not accessing. (group effort)
New rule…..I know it sucks.
I noticed there have been some super offtopic public chats. I’m sure you have noticed that too. I feel there needs to be some moderation here. So here’s what i will do so there things aren’t so confusing.
If its off topic please notify if you can post the public chat. (either one leader or a curator)
If you make it make sure it does not get spammed which is a rule in the guidelines.which says no spam. Memes can count as spam.
It's that simple. If you read… say grandmother hubbard lets kick her out her cupboard! Lol leo quote.
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