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Kio sees in only one shade - the shade he can't see at all.

Category: Loveless - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Kio, Soubi - Published: 2006-09-16 - Updated: 2006-09-17 - 165 words - Complete

It was what attracted Kio to Soubi. He could feel[SEEHEARTASTE] them, and when he touched Soubi for the first time they fluttered across his mind like so many butterflies.

He has no memory of how they met, or even where. Soubi has always been there, hasn't he? Kio's never been one for remembrance anyway. Kio knows he was there when Seimei was there, but he doesn't know if he was there before because he found out about Seimei on accident. On Soubi's accident.

Soubi used to say "Seimei is the only one I need." But... weren't (they) darker when Seimei was around? Not that he was around much.

Kio's still here even though Soubi has Ritsuka - and man, that brat is everywhere Soubi is.

It's all too ridiculous, Kio thinks as he tosses his chupa stick.

As he unwraps another, he wonders if Soubi would feel his like he felt Soubi's if Soubi ever touched him.

Kio imagines his would feel like half-melted chupa.
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