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My take on some various fairy tales and myths, as told by Yun Long. WARNING: These are not Disney tales! Some stories maybe a little darker than you expect them to be.

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Tales from Near and Far

By Angel Meiru

NOTE: Theses stories (other than the prologue and epilogue) were actually based off familiar fairy tales and myths told by people many ages ago. This is just my take on it.

However, just to let you know, these are NOT Disney styled tales. A lot of them are somewhat darker than you expect them to be. These are based off the original stories and may contain mature themes as well.

Now on to the stories......



A long time ago, in the far east, there was a benevolent bandit named Yun Long. He loved to collect things from many parts of the world. He and his friends from various regions of the world have been traveling to places as near as east Asia to far away places like Europe. Some of his friends have said to go as far as the Americas. They all collected stories from many parts of the globe.

Yun Long was also told of many magical creatures and lands that dwell within this world. The world was a lot bigger than he thought it would be. He and his friends were all curious on what foreigners knew about and what they experienced.

One day, there was a region in China that was in crisis. In this region, male children are more valuable than female children. A lot of people were either abandoning their daughters or selling them into slavery and other seedy jobs. So Yun Long and his band of men had an idea. They disguised themselves as traders and snuck off into the middle of the night and fetch these unfortunate girls. They would take these girls to a temple which also function as an orphanage. It was considered a safe place for them.

"Who are you guys?" one girl asked.

Yun Long started to whisper in the girl's ear. "I'm not really a slave trader, I sent you here to be safe from things like slavery and prostitution."

"Yeah, if any real slave traders show up here, we are going to find a way to punish them." one of his friends said.

As everyone in the orphanage and temple made themselves at home, Yun Long and his friends started to pull out some books and scrolls of various stories and legends. "You girls want to hear about some places near and far?"

"Yes please!" all the girls said in unison.

"Okay then we shall tell you these stories from near and far....."

At these words, Yun Long called out the names of his men and each had a story to tell...the girls got themselves comfortable and listened to these tales from near and far.
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