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Sonic X Chelsea: My Hero

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Romance Romance and More Romance lolz

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Amy Rose,Charmy,Knuckles,Metal Sonic,Shadow,Sonic - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2016-08-29 - 1127 words - Complete

My P.o.v
"C'mon Dad! Mom!!! Please! can Uncle Silver Tell Us About when you guys met?" Our Kids said We kept warning them About the Sexual Stuff "Ugh Hun why don't you Tell them" Sonic sighed "Ok" i replied

-Times skips Back Years before-
I was a normal Kid living next to Sonic we met During my big move in "Hello I am Sonic the hedgehog A Part of Freedom Fighters" Sonic gestures his hand towards me i looked at it and began to shake it but Faked "Sike!" i laughed "Oh man i over did that one" He smiles And Went inside "C'mon Cupcake are you gonna Stand all day and dream about your Boyfriend? Or help me?!" my father Shadow replied "Yeah Daddy" I replied Since my mother Maria died we left the space Colony Ark in peace Thus Moving to new Mobuitroplis. i Was going to a new School with a bunch of Kids that were from Freedom Fighters, Chaotix and other Kids such as bad guys. Since i've been a very good kid at my last school they bullied me. At least i know Sonic will save me. I smiled.

Sonic's P.o.v
I met a lovely girl her name was Nightmoon. What a nice girl i thought My mother walked in. "Son The princess called Saying she wants to invite you to her Playhouse You could bring 1 Friend!" Berenette (Thats how you spell it or...) I smiled "Yeah I'll bring Nightmoon" I said My mother was Surprised "What about Tails?" My mother said "Nah Hes over at some Stupid family Tradition!" I said Not Caring In the world. "Oh... Well have fun at School tomorrow! Remember No-" My mother said "-Running Down the halls got it!" I said "good" She said Kissing me on the Cheek.

Tomorrow at School (Elementary School)

My P.o.v
I Sat alone. Every one Was Ignoring me. Until some certain Hedgehog sat next to me. "Hello Nightmoon!" Sonic laughed "S-sonic? you want to Sit next to me?" i asked his Laughter Ceased "Of course not?" He cuddled up to me I blushed a Deep Red "So Uh Nightmoon wanna come to My Friends Playroom?" He said "Sure!" I smiled

At the Playroom after School
"Hello Sonic... And whos this girl?" asked a brown Squirrel "Uh Nightmoon. She just moved here" Sonic said the Squirrel Scoffed and glared Before Yanking Sonic's arm away Sonic looked Pissed i sat Down The Squirrel Came up and said "Also Sonic's my Boyfriend. Stay away from him" She Shoved me Causing me to cry and run out of the Playhouse and go home.

Sonic's P.o.v.
I Sat down near my Girlfriend and scoffed i got up and looked for my new Best friend. But she was nowhere in sight i sighed and eventually went home i realized Nightmoon Left And Never gave a warning

Time Skips towards Middle School

My P.o.v
I sat down next to my new Friend. Evil Sonic He was the total opposite of Sonic getting in trouble. I Still Remember That Playhouse Night and never Went near Sonic. Eve Was Talking About Some random Shit about Crazy Stuff when i Left the lunch room to Go to the Bathroom And leap into someones Hands.

??? P.o.v
I saw a Cute Hedgehog girl i Rubbed the hims of my Glasses and Pushed them on my Eyes so she won't see my eyes. I Shoved her into the wall. "Hey cut it!" She yelped "No Way Girly~" I smirked And Squeezing her Thorns She Moaned

Sonic's P.o.v
I felt bad About Nightmoon. I haven't heard from her in ages all i know Shes not next-door to me. Shes Probably Moved cause the research on the house said She moved after Two days after I invited her to Sally's Playhouse. That was In Kindergarten. Anyways i heard Yelps of "Hey Cut It!" From a Familiar Voice and "No Way Girly~" Another Familiar Voice and Followed by Moans and Screams. Since nobodys Nearby i peeked "Get away You Perve!" Nightmoon Said Sqealing Moving out of Scourge's? Grasp ;Looks like i found myself a new Girlfriend~" He chuckles And Tried to kiss Her she cried For hours And i finally Took Matters into my Hands and said "Leave her Alone Scourge!" I yelled Scourge Stabbed Nightmoon in Her Side Causing her to Callapes. "Well Well well looky what we had here Blue? You here to save your Girlfriend?~" Scourge Teased i blushed "No shes a Long Time Friend." I replied in a Aggressive Tone "Yeah right Blue... It Starts off at it. Soon Sex and then Pregnancy... Blah Blah Blah. I want To have MY own Happy Ending! Starting with this Chick and Make her my Bitch! Since Fiona Left me for One of your members! That two-tailed Dickhead!~" (Sorry for the Strong words) Scourge Hissed Nightmoon Was Moaning Painfully I gritted my Teeth And Attacked Scourge. Bad move Since he had a wepon I Failed Easily and got hurt In the Progress. Soon on one Occasion a Teacher Saw Scourge And took him To The principals Office and got Expelled and hauled to Jail Juvenile. On the Bright side Nightmoon Was Okay and She Thanked Me Coldly Before Going With ol Evil. I sighed

Time Skip towards High School.

My P.o.v
I sobbed Evil Cheated on me with a Evil Version of Sally I sobbed Running Away I Saw it with my own 2 Eyes.

I was Going home to visit Evil Sonic Cause he won't Believe I'm Going To Be Pregnant! I giggled Softly with the Test in hand and Walked to his House. I Rung his Doorbell Nobody Answered. So i Picked The Key. And Said A Hello? And Walked in on Evil Sonic Kissing Sally with A Pain Look on "Sonic?" I sqeaked "Oh! Sorry!" Evil Sally Ceased and Ran away "Hun... Babe its not what it looks like!" Evil Said Placing his Gloved hands on my Face i Sobbed and Ran away "It's Through! You Could Not See Our Kid! Or at least I am Having and Abortion!" I wailed Running away

Flashback Ends

I sat on The cliff Sobbing Sonic Was here "Hey Nightmoon? Whats Up?" He asked "Evil Cheated on me! I was Going to tell him I was P-Pregnant" I sobbed Sonic looked At me And Said "Lets Go out!" He hugged me "Really?" I sniffled "Yeah!" He smiled

"...And thats It..." Silver closed the book about The Meeting Evil Jr Was Looking Weird. "My dad isn't Sonic?" He asked "Up to you to decide" Silver said

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