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mermaid-merman potion

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my story about mermaids n merman

Category: Mystery - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Published: 2018-02-13 - 259 words

in a different timeline a different damnation on planet OCEANIA the home of
mermaid n merman people the underwater tropical kingdom
in the ancient shrine a ocean sea blue rain drop shape master emerald
you see the rain drop master emerald keeps planet OCEANIA hidden from human n evil
you see the planet movies from damnation to damnation never staying in the
same damnation more then once in the ancient shrine a ocean sea blue
rain drop drink machine full of ice blue mermaid n merman potion with
ocean sea blue rain drop shape mini drink bottles ready to fill as gifts with
ocean sea blue rain drop shape tablet pad full of different deign of
mermaid n merman costume to pick sent with each potion but with the chosen once the queen as chosen 1 was sent to the ninja damnation to Naruto -UZUMAKI age 12
he was the last of the royal UZUMAKI clan n last of the royal NAMIKAZE clan hair to both clans but he didn't know till the day he was exile from his home village KONOHA
the alders add exile Naruto permeant with the stamp of the 5th HOKAGE TSUNADE-SENJU who
the godmother of Naruto n JIRAIYA his godfather sign it as well but what shock them
Naruto somehow sent a SCROLL to each clan head telling them that he comes from
2 royal clans n he knows who his mom n dad was n that he don't wish to marry into any clan
from his home village or any village at all
end of
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