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Murtagh's Cage 4

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Murtagh meets an unexpected punishment

Category: Eragon - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Fantasy - Characters: Morzan, Murtagh, Other - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-09-16 - Updated: 2006-09-17 - 518 words

Chapter 3
Murtagh turned over in bed and thought of the next day which now was 8 years ago.
Murtagh got up early and ran down the many stairs and many corridors and bent over panting by the great doors of the Throne room. The Towering Gold and Black Onyx doors opened and Morzan strode out, placing a hand onto Murtagh's shoulder he led Murtagh to what Murtagh was sure was his doom. Morzan pushed Murtagh down some stone steps that appeared after his Father had shouted some incoherant words at the floor. Murtagh stumbled and fell, he picked himself up and walked further into the Darkness, he looked back at his Father, Morzan grinned and the door in the ceiling closed. The Stairs disappeared and Darkness filled everything Light in. Murtagh staggered forward and felt an increasing heat come over him.
Fire flashed momentarily, and Murtagh realised where he was. Fear gripped him, but he kept on moving forward, tripping over a step, Murtagh looked up and the cave lit up.
A massive black Dragon, looked down at him, haughtily. Murtagh watched as the black scales shimmered and sparkled in the glow of the orange ball of fire that hung in the high in the air.
'What brings a small human such as yourself, down here?' The Dragon that Murtagh recognised as Shruikan asked him through Murtagh's head.
Murtagh thought his reply carefully, 'My Father sent me here for my punishment.'
Shruikan looked at him seemingly more interested, 'So I am to eat you, well you're not much of a meal, I'll tell you that.'
Murtagh tried not to show fear and answered huriedly, 'No, no, don't eat me. Maybe I could just entertain you or something?'
Shruikan bared his teeth into what Murtagh recognised as a amile, 'I have no need for entertainment, you will polish my scales until you can see the pores of your dirty skin in them!' Shruikan replied, putting his large head very close to Murtagh's face.
Murtagh nodded and gulped, 'How will I reach, as you can see I am only small?'
Shruikan continued to smile and said, 'You will climb onto my head and work downwards.'
Murtagh nodded once more and climbed onto Shruikans head, not before picking up a shred of cloth from what seemed to be part of what used to be a piece of clothing. Murtagh began to polish, round and round the cloth went making the already shining scales, shine all the more brightly.
Murtagh spoke to Shruikan as he worked and talked to him about a range of subjects. Shruikan answered when he flet ready to give Murtagh an answer which sometimes took hours and others only took seconds.
Murtagh had never forgotten the way Shruikan had been so Regal and secretive, not like he was these days, these days he was full of laughter and openess and always welcomed Murtagh down into his Cave. Murtagh had gone to Shruikans cave every day since that first meeting and every day, Murtagh had always enjoyed talking to Shruikan. Murtagh got out of bed and headed towards Shruikan's Cave.
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