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NiGHTS X Reala : Dreams Can Come True

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A NiGHTS X Reala story. This is my first NiGHTS story, and I hope that whoever is reading this enjoys the story! A note to readers: In this story NiGHTS, Reala, and the other characters that appear...

Category: NiGHTS into Dreams - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Characters: NiGHTS,Reala - Published: 2018-02-15 - Updated: 2018-02-15 - 561 words

NiGHTS sat at the fountain in the center of the Dream Gates; the Ideya of people from the real world floating around, finding the gate they belong to, and going off to have happy dreams. NiGHTS watched the Ideya around her, her dazzling blue eyes gleaming with joy. With the Ideya all over the area, the night sky gleamed brightly with dreams and stars. As NiGHTS silently watched, one of the Ideya came close to her, floating into her hands. The Ideya seemed to be lost, unsure which gate it was to go to. NiGHTS smiled, she was always happy to help. NiGHTS got up from her place on the fountain, and went to the Gate on the far right. She held out the Ideya, and the small sphere went through the gate, off to have a special enchanting dream. NiGHTS felt something nudge her, another dream that asked her to help find the right gate. NiGHTS giggled. She led the Ideya to its proper gate, and soon enough, all the Ideya that night had found their gate, leaving the Dream Gates empty for the moment. NiGHTs went back to her place at the fountain. She looked up to the sky, the stars glowing brightly. Suddenly Nights heard something; the sound of someone landing on the grass. NiGHTS got up,curious. Who or what could be at the Dream Gates at this time? NiGHTS looked behind one of the Gates,hoping to find that one of the Nightopians were there, either looking to talk to a friend or just to play a game. But what NiGHTS found was not a Nightopian, instead she came face to face with Reala.
"Reala?!" Nights exclaimed. Reala's deep blue eyes pierced NiGHTS heart with fear.
"Hello NiGHTS," Reala answered, a sly grin across his face. NiGHTS backed away, not sure what to do.
"Why are you here?" NiGHTS asked, ignoring her fear. NiGHTS stood silent, waiting for Reala's answer. Instead of an answer, Reala attacked! NiGHTS leaped into the air, Reala missing her by about an inch. NiGHTS sped off, Reala chasing her. NiGHTS flew faster, trying to put distance between her and the red jester so she could figure out what to do. Each time Reala and NiGHTS have battled, NiGHTS has either been defeated and imprisoned, or what happened last time, when two strange visitors, a two tailed flying fox and a flying robot came to recruit her and Reala to fight a giant bald villain and save the world. That was the only time Reala and NiGHTS hadn't won or lost a battle. Maybe Reala was here to finish the previous battle when the fox and robot enlisted their help. NiGHTS was so busy thinking, she didn't notice the Dream Gate in front of her! She collided with the door, falling to the ground. Reala landed next to NiGHTS, ready to finish her. He lifted his fist, and NiGHTS looked up, unable to do a thing. NiGHTS covered her face, bracing herself, but nothing happened. Nights lowered her arms a little, just enough to see Reala. He seemed still as a statue. His blue eyes were staring into Night's eyes. Suddenly, Reala backed away from NiGHTS, and flew into the night sky, flying too fast to keep up with. NiGHTS sat where she was, confused. What in the world just happened?
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