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Chapter 2

by akgreer


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Well, that class was really boring...what do you expect, though..? It's Geometry. At least Gabe's in that class, so maybe it won't entirely suck..? Maybe? Also, it's, Oh, God I really don't want to--No, I can't eat food right now. God, no...I hope no one says anything. Well, let me rephrase that. I hope Jamie doesn't say anything...he's the only one whose opinion matters anyway. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he said something, at least I would know that he actually cared...maybe. I seriously doubt ut, though.
I'm just gonna go find Jamie now...maybe it will help me sort out all of these fucked-up feeling...?
So...I finally find where Jamie's at..he's actually sitting by himself. That's kind of sad...oh well, I'm not one to judge.
"Hey Jamie" I say, sitting down at the table beside him.
"Hey gorgeous" he replies, just now looking up from his plate at me for teh first time--too occupied with eating to do so before now. Blushing slightly, I smile at him.
" is just us?" I ask Jamie.
"Ummm..for now. A friend of mine--Gabe, have you met him, yet?-is actually going to sit with us at some point...maybe.If that's okay with you?"
"Yeah, of course it's okay. And I know Gabe, he's cool. Anyway, I wouldn't object, he's your friends and I have no right to tell you who you can and can't sit beside..."
"Actually, you have every right, beautiful. I just want to make sure you enjoy yourself" he replies, winking and throwing his arm around my waist...and I tense...again. Slowly, he starts to move his arm away. Before he can move too far away, I grab his hand back and put it back around my waist, putting my hand over his, squeezing slightly, and staring at him in the eye, letting him know that it is okay.
"It's okay." I say
"What's wrong?" he questions
"I'll tell you someday...just not right now..."
"Okay, ummm...let's eat?" I ask cautiously, staring down at my 'food' as if it's going to bite me.
"Yeah, okay."
I pick up my piece of bread and slowly take a bite out of it, nibbling on it until I deemd it to be enough. Putting the piece of bread back down on the plate, I glance at Jamie, who happened to be scarfing down his own food as if there was no tomorrow. Hod how I wished that I could actually eat like that...oh how long it's been...How I wish to be at least slightly normal...I don't even understand how he can eat so much. I'mhaving trouble keeping down a few bites of bread...speaking of which, I better go fix that...
"Hey, umm...Jamie?" I ask hesitantly. "I'm going to teh bathroom. Be back in a minute."


Croutched over the toilet, I empty myself of the day's meal. God, I hate the smell of puke...and the word, come to think of it...oh well. It wasn't meant to be pleasa--
"Come on bitch. Get your ass up" i har a guy behind me say, picking me up from underneath my arms, slamming me against the bathroom wall.
Oh God, how the fuck did he even get in here?...No, not this again...I can't take anymore abuse. No more bullies, no more bruises...olease.
"Bitch, I'm talking to you. Answer me, you good-for-nothin shit bag"
Ouch. That hurt. Goodness, you think humanly would give a guy a break...guess nit.
I look up at this huy, the one who for some unknown reason is ramming me up against a wall, just in time to see Jamie walk into teh bathroom, a split second after his fist connected with my face.
I slowly crumple to the floor...kind of like a bunch of rocks? I don't know. I feel kind of weird actually. And my nose hurts like hell. and they explode everywhere. Don't just mind either, and trust me, I am NOT the stranger to blood, but goodness. I think Jamie punched the guy. Good, bitch deserved it.
“Why the fuck are you hitting my Mikey” he yells. ‘His Mikey’…. I like the sound of that...
“He was...fucking... puking his guts out and I... just... tried to stop...him.” the guy says.
“ Still that's no reason you should punch him. Now get your ass out of here before I have to kick it again.” Jamie yells.
“ okay Jamie” he says, running out of the room.
“Jamie?” I asked.
“ Shh... it's going to be okay, Mike. I'll make sure everything's okay. No one's going to hurt you. Ever.” he says. I swore I saw his eyes go to dark for a second, but I was probably just imagining it. After all, I did just get punched in the fucking face...probably suffering from blood loss or some shit..and about that….WHAT THE FUCK?!?
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