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The Freaks

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Great. First day of school in this shit-hole of a town. All of these stupid fucked-up teenagers prancing around with their hands down each other's pants. Lord, I just got here and I already can't wait for my junior year to be over.

"Hey, I'm Jamie Scott and welcome to your own personal hell- Jefferson High" a guy says.

I look up at him to see a really tall guy (probably like 6'1) with black medim length shaggy hair with red tips at the end. Hew was wearing a 'Pierce the Veil' t-shirt that stretched over his taunt muscles and is wearing these black skinny jeans that seemed to fit him just right. I slowly let my eyes wander back to his face, which only resulted in me seeing him chewing on his lip, smirking seductively, openly letting his eyes roam over my body.

"Care to introduce yourself, or are you just gonna keep starinb at me, beautiful?" Jamie asked, smirk evident on his face.

"Oh, ummm....I'm Mikey, well Micheal actually, Micheal Toro, but you can call me Mikey. If you want, that is. Oh my God, shut up...

"Okay 'Mikey', it was nice meeting you." he says with that shit-eating smirk of his, that was just so hot that I felt little butterflies fluttering around my stomach.

Great. It's literally the first day and I'm already head-over-heels for this emo bitch. Can't say I'm much better myself, with my 'Misfits' shirt, maroon skinny jeans, black jelled up hair and lip-ring dangling loosely from my lip (spider bites piercing are awesome btw). Oh, anyway...if you haven't already realized-I am gay. As fuck. Of course. Gays' are awesome. Alsom the reason I had to switch from one shitty school to the next. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.

"Hello, anyone home?" Jamie asks while waving his hand over my face, bringing me out of my thoughts. "I asked you a question, dude...?"

"Huh, oh umm...what was it?" I ask, blushing slightly.

"I asked if you wanted to sit with me at lunch?" chuckling openly.

"Oh, um.. sure" OH MY GO! Jamie just asked me to sit at his table! 'Okay, Mikey calm down' I sound like a chick... wow. Probably look like one, too, because, obviously Im a fucking midget. For all you dipshits out there, and dont act like you don't know what im talking about, I am 5'1. YAY! Short people rule. Not! No, being short sucks hard actually... all it means is that you can be put into lockers easily (Which happens often when you're a gay as fuck mother fucker- just saying)

"Hey, umm...let me see your schedule." Jamie says gent;y, while leaving no room for arguments.


"Hey, most of our classes are the same. Cool, dude."

"Awesome" I say dreamily.

Apparently Jamie catches this because he decided to wink at me, thus causing my heart to melt.

"Come on, gorgeous, let's get to class" he says, throwing his arm around my shoulders. I tense. I can't help it.

"Oh, ummm..okay" he says, sowly removing his arm.

"No, it's okay, really..I just wasn't expecting it. That's all" I say, trying to tell myself that really was the only reason. That has to be the only reason. I can't let anyone else think any different.

" 'kay then Mikes. Just...nevermind. It's fine..."

"No-what were you going to say?" I demand.

"Ummm...well, I was going to say that I know we just met, but I want you to know that you shouldn't feel nervous around me. I would never hurt you."

I blink quickly, feeling tears well up in my eyes." He has no idea how much this means to me... "Promise?" I ask.

"Promise". he retorts, grabbing my hand before leading us to our first period of the day-music.


Okay, class was...interesting, to say the least. The whole time I kept sneaking glances at him (or at least trying to sneak- he kept seeming to catch me . I think..he couldn't have been looking at me, could he?...No. That's not possible.) I feel bad for Lucielle (that's y guitar btw). I mean, I kind of abandoned her today. I didn'y really play her much- Instead I chose to stare at a cute dude for two hours. Nice. Well, the bell just rang and now Jamie's walking me to 2nd period. Which is fucking Geometry. Of course-my least favorite class of the day, Well, at least I have lunch afterwards. Too bad Jamie's not in this class, I might have actually enjoyed it, but no-he has some science class to go to. Oh well, I'll see him at lunch, I even get to sit by him. I can't wait. Great, now the anticipation is gonna kill me. Anticipation is a bitch. Fuck, wow-look at me, getting mad because I have to wait for an hour or so before i can see Jami again...God, I'm such a priss. Oh well. We-re at my class now, Room 205, and some bitchy white lady is staring me down. What the fuck is her problem? It's then that I realize that it's not me she is staring at, but Jamie's arm that lays draped across my shoulder. Of course, just my luck. This bitch much be homophobic. Asshole. I hate her already. Great way to start out the year. Oh well.

"Okay we have a new student. His name is...?" she asks, looking over at me.

"Ummm...Micheal Toro..."

"Okay, 'Micheal Toro', go sit in the sit behing Gabe. Gabe your hand, please."

A guy with crimson red hair raises his hand. And it's not just the fact that his hair is bright red, no, it's that half of it is shaved off and the other half lazily flops in front of his eye. Cool. Wait...what is that? Oh my gosh, he has a nose ring, of those septum piercings...that's like...fucking awesome.

"Dude, I fucking love your nose ring." I say when I make my way past him to my seat.

"Thanks, hot lip ring. Also, nice shirt." It was then that I realized that he was wearing a 'My Chemical Romance' sweatshirt. Good Lord, this guy just keeps getting better.

"Thanks, you too. I love MCR man..."

"Yeah? What's your favorite song by them?"

"Probably 'Mama', if I'm being honest."

"Really, me too. Closely followed by 'Helena'."

"And 'Famous Last Words'." we both say at the same time.

"Gabe, Micheal- Pay attention, please." the teacher commands.

"Hey, umm...Gabe?" I ask


"What's Mrs. Bitch's name?" I ask.

"Oh, umm...Mrs. Rogers?" he replies, looking at me questioningly.

"What?" I ask, very confused.

"Didn't you read the sign?"

"What sign?"

"The one on her door....goodness Micheal."

"Oh, no, I didn't read the sign, can call me Mikey."

"Well, Mikey...I think we'll be good friends."

"Yeah, I think so, too."


"Goodness." I mutter under my breath.

"Yeah, I know. For someone who wants everyone to be quiet, she sure seems to make a lo of noise."

"Wow...true enough."

[*AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am already finished with the second chapter...I just have to type it. It should be up withing the next couple days. Also, please review. I love you all.
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